Relapse Prevention

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Having knowledge of the three stages of relapse is the best defense for relapse prevention. One of our goals is to educate our clients on the three stages and what they can do to prevent this from happening. The three stages are emotional relapse, mental relapse, and physical relapse.

Relapse Prevention

The first stage of relapse is the emotional relapse. During this phase the individual has not yet picked up drugs or alcohol, and often times has not even thought about using. In this phase the individual will start to show self-destructive behaviors, such as lack of meeting attendance, poor eating habits, and unusual sleep patterns. Another indicator that a person is in the emotional relapse stage is sudden mood swings, anxiety, and anger.

If the emotional relapse is not caught and treated, the individual will start the next phase which is the mental relapse. At this time the individual still has yet to pick up drugs or alcohol. In this stage the individual will start to struggle with the thoughts of picking up. While the individual may want to stay sober they will start to rationalize their usage. Warning signs of this stage are hanging out with their old acquaintances, hanging out at old places, glamorizing their usage, or making plans on how to pick up their drug or alcohol of choice.

The final stage of this three part process is the physical relapse. This occurs after the emotional and mental relapse have gone untreated, and the individual picks up a drug or drink. After experiencing an emotional and mental relapse and not addressing these issues, the usage of drugs or alcohol is unavoidable.

Here at Bright Futures Treatment Center, we incorporate relapse prevention into all our levels of care.  Our clinical team educates our clients on what warning signs to look for such has behavior changes, mood changes, and negative thinking. The clinical team also prepares the clients with prevention skills to work through the phases of relapse while remaining sober. Having this knowledge and skills has been shown to be the best defense from relapsing.

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Benefits of Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is an important part of the program here at Bright Futures Treatment Center. There are many benefits that are associated with the knowledge and tools of relapse prevention. One main benefit is the confidence that relapse prevention instills in someones recovery. Clients will be able to identify high-risk behaviors or situations, and have the tools to cope with them before they complete the program.  This will give the individual the best chance at having long term sobriety.

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