Outpatient Treatment

Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Each recovery should include a clear routine and schedule to ensure its success. The outpatient alcohol and drug treatment at Bright Futures Treatment Center offers unique flexibility crucial for developing sober habits that will last a lifetime. The journey to break free from the shackles of addiction is a long and complex one, as each individual’s needs and circumstances differ. Our years of experience have made us keenly aware of this fact. Located in Boynton Beach, Florida, we offer a range of rehabilitation programs and services that can help you reclaim the life you deserve. If you’re ready to take that first step, give us a call – we’re here to listen and support you.

IOP Boynton Beach comes with a great view - ocean, sky and clouds
Located in Sunshine State less than a mile from the beach, Bright Futures can help you find joy and bliss in sobriety.

Join Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program Florida (IOP) marks a key step on the road to recovery. Through it, patients who have received appropriate clinical treatment may now begin to integrate back into everyday life with our intensive therapy sessions and continued support.

For the duration of the program, you will be attending therapy groups coordinated by licensed therapists while also meeting with your individual therapist for 1-on-1 sessions. Group sessions will take place three to five times a week, depending on each client’s unique needs. At this stage, individual meetings with therapists will take place once a week.

IOP Boynton Beach room
In this level of care, clients will be attending group therapy one to two times a week and meeting with their individual therapists weekly.

At this stage of treatment, clients will focus on:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Psychological Healing & Adjustment
  • Trigger Identification & High-Risk Situation Management

Across all focus points, we strive to go above and beyond to offer you the best Intensive Outpatient Program Florida rehab centers can offer.

Levels of Care

A crop of two people going through an interview.
From therapy to vocation, our Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida will center on your exact needs.

To best suit your needs and ensure successful rehabilitation, our programs’ levels of care span across four distinct types. These are the following:

#1 Partial Hospitalization Program

In cases where it’s necessary, Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a requirement for our Outpatient Program in Florida and subsequent programs. This program entails partial hospitalization and the use of medications to treat the physical and mental effects of addictions to opioids, heroin, and various prescription pain relievers.

The steps of MAT programs are as follows:

  • Qualification
  • Clinical and mental consultation
  • Introduction to medication
  • Medication management to prevent withdrawal
  • Dose evaluations to maintain a healthy day-to-day lifestyle

Once you have successfully concluded your required MAT program, you will then be evaluated for additional program eligibility.  Program.

Our clinical facility will provide a safe and supportive environment for your journey to recovery to begin. Our certified and experienced staff will support you every step of the way, from medication management and trauma therapy to personal and group counseling.

#2 Intensive Outpatient Program

Should you need further support outside of our clinical and residential facilities, our IOP offers the next step on your journey. Through continued care, this next stage on the road to recovery allows our clients to gradually integrate back into everyday life.

A woman talking with a psychologist during a counseling session.
Individual therapy sessions are an integral part of our Intensive Outpatient Program.

Our IOP concludes clinical treatment and supervision and focuses on intensive therapy and medication management. It will guide you through our 12-step program, and offer:

  • Group therapy sessions 3-5 times a week
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Support with medication management and withdrawal symptom management
  • Vocational services

At this stage, our experienced clinical staff will remain by your side and offer consistent counseling and support.

#4 General Outpatient Program

Finally, clients may conclude with general Outpatient Programs in Florida before seeking aftercare. These programs focus on maintaining abstinence, developing coping skills, and achieving long-term sobriety. For this step to recovery, you can expect:

  • Group therapy sessions 1-2 times a week
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Incorporation of 12-step based meetings

At this stage, you will have achieved a thorough understanding of your addictions’ repercussions and impact on your daily life and that of your loved ones. Through therapy and counseling, you will better identify underlying stressors and high-risk situations and will become better equipped to combat them.

At the same time, you may begin to work toward achieving a meaningful life by pursuing academic and other ambitions. To do so, our OP Florida continues to offer medication management and counseling as well as vocational services and educational support.

Steps to Recovery

A silhouette of a man with open arms standing on a beach in front of a sunset.
Every journey to recovery and freedom will be challenging, but it will be worth it.

The path to recovery we offer spans three distinct phases. Your exact needs will certainly be unique to you, so it is for this reason that we will work with you every step of the way to tailor your journey to those needs. These phases come in the following key steps:

Step One – MAT

The first step entails MAT, where necessary, and begins the journey with partial hospitalization These programs come with the strictest supervision and the most intensive care, as the first steps are always the hardest.

Through them, our clinical staff will offer medical treatment to begin detox and rehabilitation. As they do, they will offer diligent medication management to prevent withdrawals, alongside consistent consultation and physical and mental therapy.

Step Two – Outpatient Program

Depending on your needs and progress, outpatient programs may vary across:

  • Florida model programs. A hybrid model between inpatient and outpatient programs, relocating from clinical facilities to residential ones.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs. Traditional Outpatient programs with intensive care and regular therapy sessions.
  • Outpatient Programs. More lenient Outpatient programs, where you may begin to return to healthy everyday life.

Across all three, you will enjoy continued, intensive support, including regular weekly group sessions. At this stage, you will work with our diligent staff toward establishing a clear route to self-improvement and a new life.

IOP Boynton Beach helps you reconnect with your friends in the field
“Once a member of the Bright Futures family, always family”

Step Three – Aftercare

Finally, before completing an OP in Boynton Beach, clients and their therapist will work together toward an Aftercare Treatment Plan. Doing so will allow them to craft an aftercare program that best fits their needs for continued care toward stabilization. Aftercare and Alumni programs seek to extend a helping hand post-recovery; “Once a member of the Bright Futures family, always family”.

Our Aftercare and Alumni programs encourage our clients to remain connected. They expand to Facebook engagement, calls, texts, and other communication methods established before. At this stage, recovered clients can expect:

  • Weekly Alumni program meetings to maintain connections and share support
  • Monthly extended Alumni meetings, where friends, family, and outside speakers attend meetings
  • Monthly and annual outings, where clients, alumni, and guests engage in fun recreational activities

Throughout this continuous process, all our current and past clients are treated like family and encouraged to continue on their journey to a better life.

What Sets Our IOP from Rehab In Other Centers

Florida offers an abundance of options for individuals seeking help with substance abuse and addiction. Still, our Intensive Outpatient Program Florida residents trust offers unique benefits that set it apart from the rest.

Brighter Side of the 12-Step Program

While in IOP clients will be encouraged to choose a sponsor in the 12 step-based fellowships of their choosing. Clients will also pick a group to make their home group at this time. A homegroup is important for clients to start to build an additional support network outside of Bright Futures Treatment Center.

A close-up of a group of people holding hands outdoors.
Across all 12 steps to recovery, support groups are essential and unquestionably helpful.

Unlike rehabilitation in other centers, our Intensive Outpatient Program introduces clients to 12-step programs. Those are aligned with those of AA and other substance abuse leaders, walking clients through the following recovery sequence:

  1. Admission of the substance abuse issues at hand
  2. Acceptance of a possible road to recovery
  3. Willingness to embark on a journey to recovery and self-improvement
  4. Fearless introspection
  5. Admission of the exact nature to others
  6. Readiness to rectify and overcome
  7. Willingness to rise above shortcomings
  8. Willingness to make amends to all who were harmed
  9. Direct amends to those harmed whenever possible
  10. Continued introspection and admission of wrongdoing
  11. Continued efforts toward self-improvement and self-actualization
  12. A conscious effort to share this road to recovery with others

Those 12 steps will at all times cater to the unique needs of each of our IOP clients, as our trained staff will account for each unique journey to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

As our clients embark on their journey to recovery, our staff will remain vigilant on the challenges that lie ahead for each case. For this reason, our Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment will keep a close eye on our clients’ needs.

As far as drug addiction goes, most individuals struggling with substance abuse will experience Post-Actuate Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) within the first few months of recovery. Symptoms of PAWS will typically include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Hostility

Similarly, alcohol withdrawal will often come with its own symptoms, typically including:

  • Headaches
  • Restlessness
  • Shaking
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Seizures, albeit more rarely
Two people struggling with alcoholism sitting in the woods.
Alcohol addiction is among the most devastating substance abuse issues today.

To address these challenges, our IOP Palm Beach initially requires medical detox before clients enter. Then, our substance abuse specialists continue to monitor and counsel our clients to ensure their needs are being met every step of the way.

Professional Medication Management

On the subject of medication management, our IOP Boynton Beach is keenly aware of these natural obstacles. To account for them, it offers constant access to our psychiatric doctor for close cooperation and supervision. This meaningful relationship will allow clients to manage their medication according to their needs and journey stages.

Bright Futures IOP Vocational Services

Finally, our Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida offers extensive vocational services to help clients step into their new lives.

Initially, our case managers will help clients build their resumes and job search. As they do, they will also help clients prepare for interviews through:

  • Conducting mock interviews
  • Counseling on verbal skills, appearance, and time management
  • Assistance with paperwork and general preparedness

Moreover, our IOP Palm Beach will continue to support our clients after they do find employment. Our professional vocational team will maintain open communication and ensure our clients have the necessary paperwork to begin their training.

How to Recover & Reclaim Your Life

In addition, our Outpatient Program Florida expands to additional offerings to best serve each and every client’s journey toward reclaiming a healthy life.

Medication Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

Starting with MAT and continuing throughout all of our programs, we at Bright Futures Treatment Center take medication treatment extremely seriously. From initial medications to aftercare counseling, we will tailor medication treatment to meet your exact needs.

Treatments use any among the three medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

  • Suboxone
  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine and Naloxone, combinations of Suboxone and Naltrexone

Naturally, these medications do not constitute a complete treatment by themselves. They serve to block the effects of opioids and help suppress the cravings addicted individuals face. However, especially in cases like heroin addiction, these only serve as a starting point. From there, patients can expect to receive consistent counseling, emotional support, and psychiatric care throughout our Outpatient Program in Florida.

Holistic Therapy – Techniques & Efficacy

As an integral part of all programs, from our IOP Florida to aftercare, we at Bright Futures Treatment Center truly believe in holistic therapy. We believe that mind and body should be attuned and in sync, so as to ensure a complete treatment and a successful recovery.

White pebbles stacked on top of a rock on the beach.
Treating addiction holistically, across mind and body, is central to our treatment programs.

Toward this end, our holistic therapy treatment options include:

  • Biofeedback. A combination of BioSound Healing Therapy and our Biolounge, consisting of Biofeedback, Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, and Guided Imagery.
  • Physical therapy. A therapy seeking to combat the deterioration of the body’s muscle tissue after extensive substance abuse.
  • Nutrition. Programs carried out by our registered dietician to create individualized nutritional plans and help clients learn to prepare balanced meals while on a tight budget.
  • Yoga. Optional Yoga classes, taught by a certified Yoga instructor, offer spiritual healing and enhance recovery journeys.
  • Meditation. Complimentary guided Meditation groups, run by certified clinicians, offer our clients peace of mind and mental healing.

All of the above techniques serve to augment our clinical therapeutic environment, offering a uniquely personal, holistic experience. Over the years, this approach has been extremely beneficial to our clients – the ultimate proof of their efficacy in action.

Individualized vs Group Therapy

Moreover, as each individual’s journey differs, our programs offer both individualized and group therapy. From our Intensive Outpatient Program Florida residents recommend, clients will receive both individual, personalized support and participate in group sessions. While both are crucial components of a successful treatment, each has its own merits.

In individualized therapy, clients get the privacy they may need to continue their introspection and voice their thoughts. These one-on-one sessions allow our experienced staff to better evaluate each client and form meaningful relationships with them, catering to their medical and psychological needs.

In group therapy sessions, clients receive peer support and reclaim their social skills. They receive affirmation and reassurance that they’re not alone, and best walk through the 12 steps our programs rely on. On the way to a healthy social life, group sessions serve as a controlled environment where clients can reintegrate into social groups and share their challenges and victories.

Family Therapy

IOP Palm Beach includes family therapy with mother and daughter on the couch crying
Family therapy is a key component of recovery.

Similarly, our programs offer family therapy whenever needed. This key component of therapy also allows clients to walk their 12 steps, making amends with their close family members who may have been burdened by their addictions.

During this process, especially from our OP Florida onward, both our clients and their families renegotiate and repair their relationships. Family members acquire experience to both manage and assist their loved ones on their journey, from offering support toward relapse prevention to managing risky situations. Bolstered by our Alumni programs, families become actively involved in their loved ones’ rehabilitation and recovery.

Oceanside Serenity

Finally, our location perfectly complements our Intensive Outpatient Program in Palm Beach for maximum effectiveness. Through its idyllic scenery and soothing environment, it offers ample benefits of its own to help our clients complete their journey. Just staring at the ocean can change your brain waves, and put you into a mild meditative state. The color blue has been found by an overwhelming amount of people to be associated with feelings of peace and calm. According to many studies, the negative ions in the air that you’re breathing in contribute to your soothed state and help your physical and mental recovery. An oceanic climate, characterized by intense ultraviolet radiation and strong ventilation all year long, is particularly good for rehabilitation.

The simple act of touching the sand and the sensation of putting your feet in warm sand causes people to relax and feel comfortable. Moreover, the white noise of waves breaking on the rocks stimulates the production of feel-good chemicals in our body, including serotonin and dopamine, and relaxes our brains.

Red lounge chairs on a brown boardwalk next to a body of water.
Our location’s proximity to the ocean will complement your journey on the road to recovery every day.

Florida is the capital of rehabilitation centers, so options for treatment abound. However, our luxury facility located in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County offers a unique experience; our clients will start every day by the ocean, which will calm their spirits and heal their minds. In tandem with our excellent accommodations, our IOP in Boynton Beach will satisfy like no other.

Who Should Choose This Program?

Having covered our Intensive Outpatient Program Palm Beach residents trust, we may say it’s suitable for everyone who consciously seeks help with addiction and substance abuse. If you’re located in Florida and wish to break free, our Bright Futures Treatment Center will welcome you and help you reclaim your life.

An illustration of two people having a dispute with a mask between them.
Turmoil and tension in personal relationships are among the most common signs you may need help with substance abuse.

You may consider this program if you have seen any of the early signs it’s time to get help, including:

  • Suggestions by your physician, friends, or family
  • Considerable friction within your family due to substance abuse
  • Underperformance in school or at work because of addiction
  • Incarceration due to activities while under the influence of mind-altering substances
  • Awareness of a substance abuse problem you cannot deal with alone

Insurance and Options For Those Without It

As regards costs, Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts the following Health Insurance:

  • AETNA Insurance
  • Ambetter of Arkansas
  • Ambetter of Peach State Georgia
  • Amerigroup
  • AmeriHealth Insurance
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Rehab Centers
  • Cigna Insurance
  • ComPsych Insurance
  • CoreSource Insurance
  • Concentric Health Care
  • First Choice Health Insurance
  • Harvard Pilgrim Insurance
  • Medical Mutual
  • Qualcare Insurance
  • Qual Choice of Arkansas
  • UnitedHealthcare Group Insurance

Depending on your insurance plan and other factors, your health insurance may cover up to your full treatment cost. If you do not see yours listed here, or do not have health insurance, please contact one of our Addiction Specialists at (844) SOBER00 to explore your billing options.

Showing Up is Half the Battle

In closing, as with all quests for recovery and self-growth, remember that the first step is always half the battle. Once you have mustered the will to seek help, you will have already started your journey to a better life. You and your loved ones will embark on a new chapter, free of substance addictions that hold you back.

Find Your Own Bright Future

If you believe the time is right for you and our IOP Florida can meet your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced staff will welcome all of your questions and advise you on which of our programs will best help you find the bright future you deserve.


Should you have additional questions, in this final section we have gathered the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you still do not see your concerns or questions covered here, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

How do I get to Bright Futures Treatment Center?

Our treatment center is located in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida. Its idyllic location is less than a mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, right in the heart of downtown Delray Beach. Our full NAP information is:

Bright Futures Treatment Center

2320 South Seacrest Blvd.

Suite #300

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435


Showing Up is Half the Battle

Shine a light on the road ahead and chart your own path to recovery with Bright Futures Treatment Center.

Are your treatment providers certified?

Yes, all of our staff and treatment providers are LegitScript-certified. All of our nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, and other treatment providers are licensed, experienced, and diligently assessed. Our clinicians and therapists who guide our clients through their initial clinical steps are all Master’s level, as you may ascertain yourself if you choose us to accompany you on your quest.

If you’d like to find out more about our staff you may visit our “Meet the Staff” page, which outlines our executive team, clinical team, and operations team along with their qualifications.

What are your accreditations?

As regards accreditations, Bright Futures Treatment adheres to the highest industry standards. We have been accredited by and associated with:

  • The Joint Commission NPO
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR)
  • The Florida Department of Children and Families
  • National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies (NCADD)
  • NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

How flexible is the recovery program?

We do follow a core structure, as outlined above, which will begin with a thorough assessment and medical treatment, if necessary, and progress through appropriate Outpatient, and Aftercare programs. However, each and every journey will be as flexible as it needs to be to facilitate your recovery and ensure long-term success.

In brief, every recovery program we offer is uniquely tailored to each client’s exact needs and life circumstances. You may, for example, struggle with an OP and require an IOP, or relapse post-aftercare. Such occurrences are far from uncommon for journeys to recovery, and we will offer all the flexibility we can to account for that.

What happens if I relapse?

It’s completely normal for relapses to occur, and they should never discourage you. Despite our best efforts, we have seen ample clients relapse, due to challenging life circumstances, moments of weakness, and other completely human factors.

Relapsing does not constitute a failure, but only another obstacle to overcome. If it happens to you, we will admit you anew and reassess your therapeutic treatment. This process will start back in partial hospitalization programs, and will again develop according to your needs and progress.

How long does treatment last?

Exactly because of our programs’ flexibility, we at Bright Futures Treatment do not assign specific time frames to treatment. There is no set treatment duration, as each journey to recovery and a better life is unique.

Instead, each of our programs is individualized to meet each client’s exact needs. Treatment may be brief or take months, depending on the client’s progress and our clinical teams’ evaluations. You and your loved ones will of course be informed every step of the way, so that you can have a clear overview of the treatment’s progress and expected time to completion.

How successful have your programs been with others struggling with addiction and substance abuse?

Working in the recovery field for years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to help many struggling individuals attain a better life. Relapses have been an unfortunate, natural part of our work as well, but most of our clients over the years have achieved long-term recovery and self-growth.

Two of our most memorable success stories were those of Nick H. and Darius K. Nick came to us with 20-year drug addiction and was successfully supported and tutored to not only overcome his addiction but also find himself thriving spiritually and vocationally. Darius approached us with alcohol abuse, and through our specialists’ care and support managed to get and stay sober for good on his first attempt. Both will forever be part of our Bright Futures family, and their stories will fill us with pride and serve as testimonials to our work ethic and dedication.

What can I expect post-rehabilitation?

Once you have completed your rehabilitation, you too can expect to remain part of our family if you choose to. Our Alumni programs will strive to keep us connected, so you may continue to reach out when you need to, stay in touch with our activities, and socialize with your peers and friends. You may even attend meetings and group sessions as a speaker yourself, letting your story help others who are now going through similar journeys to your own.

Should you find yourself in need, whether you need additional support or are fearing a relapse, you will always be welcome to join us again. Our mission statement will always dictate that we help every individual struggling with addiction, especially those we have helped before.

Does my insurance cover your treatment?

Bright Futures Treatment accepts health insurance of many types, as highlighted above. However, there’s no universal answer to how much of your treatment may be covered by insurance; it will strictly depend on your own insurance plan.

Still, most insurance health plan providers will cover a minimum of your treatment, with the exact amount depending on an array of factors. Stipulations in this regard will often include:

  • The exact type of addiction
  • Treatment type and duration
  • Past rehabilitation treatments
  • The need for detox prior to treatment

So to answer this question you will first need to consult your insurance provider. Then, should you have additional questions or need to explore billing options, you may contact our team at

(844) SOBER-00

Are my family and friends allowed to participate in therapy sessions?

Yes, families and friends are allowed and encouraged to participate in some therapy sessions. Doing so helps our clients process through their 12 steps, which include vocalizing their problems and making amends with their loved ones. It also allows their loved ones to be informed about addiction and its challenges, letting them deescalate risky situations more effectively and offer better support throughout the journey to recovery.

However, this doesn’t include all therapy sessions. Both group sessions and individual sessions are equally crucial toward helping our clients recover, and have their own dynamics and boundaries.

What is your admissions process?

Our admissions process is swift, discreet, and always geared toward offering you a pleasant experience. It entails four steps:

  • Contact: On initial contact, we will collect essential information, answer any questions you may have, and address your concerns.
  • Insurance review: Before making arrangements, we will review your insurance together and discuss your benefits and treatment costs.
  • Travel arrangements: We will then help you make travel arrangements from your initial location to our facilities. Please note that we do not pay for travel expenses.
  • Arrival: Finally, a designated staff member will pick you up and bring you to our treatment center.

What should I bring?

There are a few items you should bring, many you can bring if you wish, and a few you are not allowed to bring.

You should bring:

  • Any forms of identification you have
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Additional medical information, such as allergies
  • Writing materials, such as notebooks
  • Alcohol-free toiletries, such as shampoos and toothpaste
  • Clothes and shoes, including outfits for special occasions

In addition, you may want to bring items like:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Spiritual or religious items
  • Photos and memorabilia
  • An alarm clock
  • Small amounts of cash for vending machines etc

However, you must also not bring any of the following:

  • Any mind-altering substances, including alcohol, cannabis, and others
  • Electronic devices that have a camera or WiFi capabilities, like smartphones, tablets, etc
  • Weapons of any kind, including guns, knives, and brass knuckles

If you do bring any such items they will have to be confiscated by our staff. Electronic devices will of course be kept safe and secure for the duration of your stay and will be returned to you once your treatment concludes.

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