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At Bright Futures Treatment Center we offer trauma based group and individual therapy. We have licensed, masters level clinicians who specialize in trauma based therapy.

Trauma Therapy

A number of individuals who deal with substance abuse have suffered from some form of trauma in their life. Sometimes those who suffer from traumatic experiences tend to disconnect, do not acknowledge, or understand the magnitude or the impact their trauma has had on their lives. Often those who suffer from trauma as well as substance abuse, choose to ignore and escape the issue any way possible. Avoiding feelings and emotions through using mind altering substances is one of the most common ways for those who suffer from some form of trauma. Individuals numb themselves, detaching their emotions from their thoughts, memories and behaviors. The comfortable therapeutic environment we have created at Bright Futures Treatment Center, provides a considerable sensitivity to our clients who suffer from trauma and substance abuse. Often those who have co-occurring symptoms of both substance abuse, and trauma, have extenuating circumstance that caused the trauma before their substance abuse addiction developed. Addicts and alcoholics use mind altering substances in order to suppress emotional turmoil of their trauma. Though, it is not uncommon for substance abuse addiction to lead to trauma. Regardless of the type of trauma, and the way in which it developed, those who suffer from trauma do not have to suffer alone.

Our clinical team assists our clients in how to recognize and internalize their trauma. This will include learning what triggers them, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation skills. An important component to working with trauma survivors is to ensure our clients are in a protected, kind, and sympathetic environment. This helps clients to feel comfortable to open up and discuss their experiences thoroughly, instead of continuing to suppress them. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we concentrate on treating our clients who suffer from the substance abuse and trauma, with a traditional safe therapeutic environment. The clinical team, work with our clients who are trauma survivors to help them repair their self-esteem, and learn how to make a conscious connection with their inner self.

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How Does Trauma Effect Our Loved Ones?

One of the most important parts to successful recovery, from both trauma and substance abuse, is to create, or rebuild a active system of family and friends. There are twelve step fellowships that can be an additional support system in addition to those close to you. Trauma frequently effects interpersonal relationships. The same way addiction has a tremendous impact on family, friends, and loved ones of those who struggle with substance abuse, those who suffer with trauma can have an enormous impact on their loved ones. Families, friends, and loved ones often experience many of the same physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences as the one who has been directly affected. Similarly to the disease of addiction, and those who struggle with substance abuse, trauma causes significant turmoil for those closest to the addict or alcoholic. Although making the first step towards recovery from addiction of mind altering substances and trauma, can be terrifying, there is a solution. With strong efforts to seek treatment for substance abuse and trauma, the family system, friends and loved ones can build a healthy foundation of trust, communication, and happiness.

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