Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab?

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Individuals who are suffering from substance use disorders have the highest chance for a successful recovery if they sign in to a treatment center. Unfortunately, the road to recovery can be long and it can cause disruptions in your life and work. A common worry for patients is how they will cover the costs of treatment. Thankfully, there are several financing options available, and you can use insurance to cover up to 100% of your treatment costs at Bright Futures Treatment Center. To help you understand which benefits you are entitled to, we are going to explain how to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment.

Things you should know about Blue Cross Blue Shield

One of the most pressing questions you probably have right now is: does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab? The short answer is yes, Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, you should keep in mind that there are different levels of coverage, which will be discussed later.

BCBS is one of the best known and largest national insurance providers, and many addiction treatments accept their patients. Specific coverage can vary based on your plan, and you can find out more information at the BCBS website. They offer plenty of resources on their site, and they can help you locate treatment facilities.

Blue Cross Blue Shield was founded in 1929 and they provide personalized healthcare coverage nationwide. However, due to their commitment to providing a wide range of healthcare solutions, many are left wondering does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab. There are 34 independent companies that operate within BCBS, which work under state regulations. This means that the coverage and benefits provided can be different from state to state. In our Florida treatment center in Boynton Beach, you can use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment.

Keep in mind that we offer various treatment programs that are custom-tailored to fit your needs. There are several stages of treatment based on the severity of your substance abuse. This means that treatment can last for prolonged periods of time. Since every patient is going through their own journey, it is almost impossible to give a universal timeframe for recovery. Certain insurance providers will limit the maximum duration of your coverage, and provide benefits for a set amount of time.

Woman on phone checking if insurance can cover substance use disorder.
Our admissions staff can verify your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab?

Drinking alcohol is a legal activity worldwide, and many consider it socially acceptable. This kind of mindset has led to a stigma regarding addiction to alcohol. It took a long time for alcohol abuse to be recognized as a medical condition. However, patients who are suffering from alcohol abuse need to seek help from professional facilities that specialize in alcohol treatment. Understandably, many are still left wondering if Blue Cross Blue Shield covers alcohol rehab.

Health insurance provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield can cover your alcohol rehab. Bright Futures Treatment Center will require you to go through medical withdrawal before you are able to enter our treatment program. Thankfully, BCBS insurance covers alcohol rehab which can include detoxification. Our Residential Level 5, or Day/Night Treatment begins immediately after completing your detox. You might want to contact your detox facility to get a confirmation: does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab in their withdrawal clinic.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab?

Bright Futures Treatment Facility has experience in dealing with patients suffering from substance use disorder for illegal drugs. Such patients typically require an individualized treatment program, and it’s logical to wonder does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab. We realize that recovering from substance addiction can be a long and expensive process, and we accept many insurance providers so that we could extend our high level of care to a large number of patients.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is on our list of accepted health insurance providers. Depending on your insurance plan, up to 100% of your treatment can be covered. We can help you check your insurance and explain the services that will be covered. What’s important is that you can relax, knowing that BCBS can cover your drug rehab.

Family members hugging rehab patient.
Your loved ones can verify your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance on your behalf.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab – how to check

  1. Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield

Generally, the BCBS insurance plans fall into one of the following categories: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Bronze plans have the lowest associated cost, but also provide you with fewer coverage benefits. On the other hand, platinum plans have the highest monthly cost but will grant you the best coverage. An important thing to note is that the platinum plan is not available in all states.

Typically, health insurance covers some of the costs of your rehabilitation that are associated with the following:

  • Detox and residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Acute inpatient hospitalization
  • Outpatient treatment programs

If you are wondering how to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment, you can simply check your BCBS member card. The reverse side will have your member ID, and you can use that to check your benefits on their website. They can provide you with estimates on how much your care will cost, as well as what benefits and services will be covered.

  1. Talk to your admission specialists

Our highly trained admissions staff can help you review your insurance as part of the admissions process. They will start by asking you general questions regarding your substance use disorder. Don’t worry, this information is confidential, and you will be greeted by counselors that are compassionate and understanding. The information is required, so they can get a better sense of what kind of treatment will best suit your needs.

The admission specialists will collect your insurance information and verify it for you. Then they will discuss the benefits with you, and explain how everything works. The initial assessment is free of charge, so you can feel free to just call to get informed without any obligations. Additionally, if you were wondering does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab, it can be reassuring to know that up to 100% of your treatment costs can be covered by insurance. The exact level of coverage will be explained to you by our team. They can help you figure out which treatment is best suited to your needs and what your financing options are.

Admissions staff checking Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment.
It can be hard to understand your insurance policy.

What to do when you don’t have enough information about your insurance?

Insurance policies are often written in a way that is hard to understand. It’s normal if you feel confused and don’t know how to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment. Additional information about your insurance can be hard to find. What’s worse, even when you do have the information right in front of you, it’s usually hard to interpret. Insurance holders can be left wondering does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab, as well as the exact level of coverage.

If you are unsure whether your insurance is accepted at Bright Futures Treatment Center, you can visit our FAQ section. There you will find a list of providers whose health insurance is accepted. As you will be able to see, BCBS insurance is accepted at Bright Futures. We also have other general information there to help you better understand how our admission process functions.

When you want additional information on your insurance, and when you need to know does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab, you can also contact your insurance provider. However, they often recommend talking to the treatment center where you plan to go for rehab. That’s because the insurance provider won’t have all the exact details of your treatment program. Unfortunately, they might not be able to give you an accurate answer.

We recommend that you talk to our admissions staff if you have any questions. They can explain whether Blue Cross Blue Shield covers drug rehab, and to what extent. If you don’t have enough information about your insurance, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to explain what coverage you are eligible for. We have experience in dealing with BCBS insurance holders and we’ll explain your benefits in a way that is easy to understand.

A step by step by step guide through the Bright Futures admission process

If you are dealing with substance abuse disorder, we know that asking for help requires a lot of strength. For this reason, we have tried to make our admissions process as easy and effortless as possible. You can even have a loved one contact us on your behalf. We have separated the admission to Bright Futures Treatment Center into 4 steps:

  1. Contact us

We suggest that you call us by phone so that we can directly answer any questions you may have.

However, we have several ways of contacting us, so you can even fill out a form on our website. You will be greeted by our admissions coordinators who will offer you guidance and assistance throughout your admissions process. They will ask you a series of questions and collect your personal information. This is done in order to better understand you and the struggle you are currently going through.

Our admissions staff will perform a free assessment, and any information you give them will be strictly confidential. The purpose of the initial assessment is to determine if our treatment facility is a good fit for you. The staff at Bright Futures is fully trained to deal with patients suffering from substance use disorder. You will be met with compassion and understanding.

  1. Insurance review

After we have collected your personal information and answered any questions you may have had, we will then review your insurance. Bright Futures works with numerous insurance providers, and our staff can explain how to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment. Due to the differences in the level of coverage provided by various insurance plans, our benefits team will discuss the level of benefits and services which are covered by your insurance.

  1. Making travel arrangements

Our outreach staff can assist you in making travel arrangements, and organizing your itinerary. If you are arriving by airplane we can help you book your flight. Do keep in mind that your travel costs are not covered by us, and are not considered to be part of your treatment.

  1. Arrival at our facility

We can help you coordinate your transportation from the airport to your facility in Boynton Beach. A staff member can pick you up at the airport or at detox and bring you to our treatment center. There you will be greeted by trained professionals, and your treatment can begin. We pride ourselves on highly qualified staff that adheres to the highest standards in addiction treatment.

Woman walking on Boynton Beach.
Visits to Florida beaches can be a calming part of your recovery.

Reasons to choose Bright Futures for your recovery

The Bright Futures Treatment Center is a small facility located in Boynton Beach. Our mission is to help those who are struggling with addiction. We believe that with the proper treatment, anyone can find purpose and lead a fulfilling, sober life. However, we also believe that it is much easier to go through the process of recovery in a pleasant and soothing environment. For this reason, we decided to locate our treatment facility in beautiful, sunny Florida.

In order to make your stay with us more comfortable, we guarantee a high standard of living. Our luxurious residential housing will provide a fully furnished and clean environment where you can feel at home. A positive living environment will help you feel relaxed, and you will develop the right mindset needed for recovery.

When it comes to patient treatment, we combine the twelve-step principles with modern and clinically proven approaches. Additionally, our treatment program will keep you occupied with plenty of sober therapeutic activities. Keeping your body and brain in a balanced, yet engaged state is the key to recovery. You will get to explore fun activities while learning that sobriety can be both entertaining and relaxing.

Much of our therapy is also focused on group sessions where you will be able to open up and relate to others who are going through a similar recovery. You will learn the necessary social skill which will help you cope with complex situations outside of therapy. Group therapy is also an excellent opportunity to form bonds with other patients, who can give you emotional support. You will be able to speak about your emotions within a group that is full of understanding and will help you focus on personal growth and recovery.

The differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs

Most alcohol or drug treatment programs will fall into two general categories: a residential (inpatient) program or outpatient rehab. The Bright Futures Treatment Center offers both types of programs, and we will talk to you during our initial assessment to determine the best level of care that is suited to your needs.

Inpatient programs are usually necessary when treating substance use disorders for illegal drugs such as heroin addiction. Withdrawal can have a severe impact on the body and mind, and patients are advised to enter a residential program. However, inpatient programs are also common for patients suffering from alcohol addiction. Residential care typically follows immediately after detoxification, while patients may still be dealing with the shock of withdrawal.

After a patient has completed a program, the next step in their recovery is taking part in intensive outpatient treatment. In this type of program, patients will attend group sessions three to five times a week; however, they are not required to stay in our facility full time. In this part of your recovery, most of the focus will be on relapse prevention and teaching you to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Over time, as their recovery progresses, patients usually reduce the number of weekly group sessions to one to two. This level of recovery is called outpatient care, and you will be encouraged to seek employment. You will have a sponsor and take part in 12 step meetings.

Group of people celebrating recovery.
Group therapy is a part of both inpatient and outpatient care.

To summarize

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight on how to use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for substance use disorder treatment. If you are still unsure if Blue Cross Blue Shield covers rehab, or if you have any further questions regarding your insurance – do not hesitate to contact us. Admission specialists at Bright Futures Treatment Center will gladly explain everything you need to know. Reach out to someone who can help you instead of hesitating and living in fear.


1.  What is Bright Futures Treatment Center’s location?

We have a desirable location that is close to the ocean. You can find us at:

2320 South Seacrest Blvd.

Suite #300

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435


2. What accreditations does Bright Futures have?

We take no chances when it comes to your safety. We hold all the important accreditations for this industry, including:

  • The Joint Commission NPO
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR)
  • The Florida Department of Children and Families
  • National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies (NCADD)
  • NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

3. What is the duration of the programs?

Every program will last as long as you need it to. This is something we tailor according to the circumstances of our client’s life and addiction.

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