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At Bright Futures holistic drug rehab, we provide our clients with individualized substance abuse treatment. Our clinical team creates customized treatment plans according to our client’s individualized needs. In addition to our clinical therapeutic environment, we also focus on a Holistic approach. We engage our clients, treating them and encouraging them to use both their mind and body, a holistic approach to treating substance abuse.

Holistic Drug & Alcohol Therapy

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, in addition to our clinical therapeutic environment, we incorporate various forms of Therapy at our holistic drug rehab. This is to further assist our clients through their recovery process to life-long sobriety. Bright Futures engages in a mind-and-body approach to treating addiction. As part of the recovery process, it is imperative to aid the brain in healing to reduce symptoms significant insomnia, confusion, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and elements of brain fog are common. Restoring an equilibrium of essential brain chemicals requires a balance of healthy nutrition and physical exercise regimens. Biofeedback and other alternative strategies significantly help those who suffer from long-term substance abuse and are in early recovery.


At Bright Futures Treatment Center, one of the more contemporary and rapidly advancing forms of holistic treatment is our Biofeedback approach, using BioSound Healing Therapy and our Biolounge. Our BioSound Therapy is executed using our Biolounge, which is a combination of Biofeedback, Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, and Guided Imagery. BioSound Healing Therapy helps our clients at several different stages of their journey to recovery.

There are several beneficial components to using BioSound Therapy with clients who are suffering from substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, or even post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). BioSound Therapy assists our clients who may be experiencing racing thoughts, and irritability, to maintain a calm and meditative state. BioSound Therapy and Biofeedback have an increasingly positive effect on our clients who suffer from the afflictions of substance abuse and are beginning their journey to lifelong recovery.

Physical Therapy

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, as part of our Holistic drug rehab, we emphasize the importance of healing the body as well as the mind to our clients. Although not required, we highly suggest they participate in Physical therapy. One of the most immediate effects of extensive substance abuse is the deterioration of the body’s muscle tissue. Physical Therapy is intended to assist our clients in repairing damaged body muscle, in addition to regaining the ability to participate in daily life activities. Our Physical Therapists will assess each client with a physical examination and prepare an individualized treatment plan for their specific physical needs.


Clients engage in weekly nutrition and life skills groups geared towards learning how to prepare balanced meals while on a tight budget. Under the guidance of a registered dietician, clients learn the benefits of preparing and eating balanced meals that provide the necessary nutrients and proteins to live a healthy life. While in active addiction, more often than not, individuals do not consume the necessary dietary nutrients and proteins. Our registered dietician works closely with our clients to create individualized nutritional plans and assists them in understanding the critical elements of how to manage necessary nutritional meals.


At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we provide optional Yoga classes taught by a certified Yoga instructor. Yoga is another form of our Holistic drug rehab philosophy. When individuals are in a state of active addiction, they, more often than not, tend to disengage from themselves, their loved ones, their surroundings, and even spirituality. Yoga is a Holistic way for our clients to be present while addressing a spiritual, mental, and physical state of mind.

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Shine a light on the road ahead and chart your own path to recovery with Bright Futures Treatment Center.


At Bright Futures Treatment Center, in addition to our optional Yoga class, we also offer optional Meditation groups. Our guided Meditation groups are run by one of our Master’s level clinicians. Similarly, our Yoga class, and our Meditation group, focus on a Holistic approach to assisting our clients to achieve a calm meditative state. Often, while in early recovery, clients are irritable, easily agitated, discontented, and fidgety. Our guided Meditation helps our clients to calm their racing thoughts and bring them to the present moment.

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Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we believe incorporating a Holistic approach into our substance abuse program has been extremely beneficial to our clients. Our clients attend our program all with specific individualized needs. Our Master’s level clinical team creates treatment plans specifically addressing each client’s needs and goals. Combining a Holistic approach with our substance abuse clinical curriculum proposes an expansive assortment of techniques in order for our clinical team to continuously treat each client to their specific needs and offer them the individualized care they require.

Our caring and compassionate clinical team has created an environment for our clients where they feel comfortable to open up and expand themselves on many levels, using their minds, body, and spirituality to heal from the affiliations of substance abuse. Using a Holistic approach within our therapeutic clinical environment has proven to be effective for our clients by assisting them to be more present and connect on personal levels that were absent while in their active addiction. We have created a healthy balance of therapeutic clinical groups in addition to incorporating Holistic care as well.

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