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Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Bright Futures Treatment Center recognizes the importance of wellness, nutrition, and physical activities. Our mission is to show our clients that fun in recovery while being sober is possible. Bright Futures Treatment Center embraces all that South Florida has to offer, and we proudly participate in exciting activities. Some of these activities include going to beautiful beaches, snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, meditation, fitness, chiropractic care, yoga, paintball, movies, go-carting, and much more!

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Beach Visits

Bright Futures Treatment Center is located 3.5 miles from the beach. Our clients have the option to go to the beach weekly. We want our clients to enjoy wholesome fun activities that will inspire them to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is an activity the clients can choose to take part in. During this experience, they will encounter different types of sea life and landscapes. Not only is it a great activity for the mind and spirit, but it’s also a great, healthy way to get active.


Fishing is a great way to practice patience. Since our location is tropical, many of our clients catch fish they have never seen before.


Kayaking is a great way to get out and enjoy the scenery. Being close to the beach and Everglades, there are many unique kayaking locations.


Our center goes to play paintball at least one to two times a month. During this activity, many clients from different levels of care join in. Our clients are able to meet and create a team with fellow clients they might have not met previously. Paintball requires a lot of teamwork and focus, just like one does in the journey toward recovery.

Meditation & Yoga

Bright Futures Treatment Center offers yoga and meditation groups and activities. We encourage clients to participate since this is something they may have never experienced. Many clients enjoy these groups, as they feel grounded, calm, and have a clear mind afterward.

Plus More

We often take a vote on activities that the current community is interested in doing. We have done water parks, snorkeling, Go Carts, and so much more. At Bright Futures, we truly believe that having fun is vital in the recovery process.

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Shine a light on the road ahead and chart your own path to recovery with Bright Futures Treatment Center.

Our Care Coordinators Are Here To Help You

If you are unsure about an item, have a question, or require more information on what to bring or not to bring, just give us a call, and we will be happy to answer! We will ensure that your treatment experience is pleasurable and rewarding yet therapeutic and healing. Our goal is for you to maintain sobriety after the completion of our program.

For family members, you can send your loved one money securely through our website, and it will be deposited directly into his personal spending account. During their stay, clients will never have direct access to any funds in that account. These funds may be used for any purchases, such as special toiletries, tobacco products, co-pays, etc.

The fear of the unknown is not uncommon during this time. Once in contact with our care coordinators, they will be able to answer any questions and hopefully ease one’s nerves. Are you ready to recover and heal from the disease of addiction?

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