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We have helped thousands of individuals and families through the battle of addiction to regain their lives and identity.  Our intensive extended care program breaks through the barriers to change lives forever.  We provide a comprehensive continuum of care, with services from intervention to detox and residential to outpatient.  Our program facilities provide a safe, structured environment in which individuals learn how to thrive while maintaining sobriety.

What sets us apart from the rest, is how we do it…

At Bright Futures Treatment Center individualized care is our priority.  Everyone is different; everyone has a different past.  We understand that and we form our treatment plans based on the individual.  Everyone’s needs are addressed, coupled with their strengths and weaknesses.

Intervention Process

Giving family and friends the help they need to get a loved one into a safe treatment program is the foundation of the intervention process.  We work with the family members in selecting a safe and appropriate program, making all arrangements for treatment.  We take care of all practical objectives, assist in packing belongings and coordinate all travel arrangements, and of course ensuring your loved one arrives at the selected program on the day of intervention.

our highly trained addiction specialists will tell you about our long term substance abuse treatment program. residential treatment is the first step in the substance abuse recovery process once we guide you into the right treatment setting the first step is drug and alcohol detoxification

Standing out among the rest, Bright Futures Treatment Center has grown to become South Florida’s premier all male treatment provider.

Start your journey to recovery today at Bright Futures Treatment Center: (844) 207-7772

living in a residential treatment center isn't always easy, but it gets easy as you recover. These two men are enjoying the residence at bright futures treatment center and focusing on their group homework drug and alcohol detoxification can be the pits so we have mixed things up by providing an environment to thrive while detoxifying yourself

Men’s Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment

Consequently, based upon individuals; daily schedules are customized to include individual counseling by Master’s level clinicians. Bright Futures provides group therapy, educational group lectures, health and wellness education, 12-step groups and recreational activities. Therefore, therapists will begin to rebuild family connections and work with both individuals and loved ones through the recovery process.


Especially relevant, our program is evidence-based, using a collection of tried and true methods that break the cycle of addiction.

Comprehensive Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment

First of all, access to our Psychiatrist and medical staff, nutritionist and other ancillary disciplines are part of the treatment plan. Most of all our comprehensive, complete approach designed to meet the physical, mental and emotional components of recovery and healing.

Furthermore, health & wellness is an integral part of recovery.  In addition, learning to listen to your body and treat it well are foundations to a successful recovery. Finally personal fitness, yoga, meditation, massage and mindfulness activities promote lasting behavioral change.

one on one assessments are done frequently to oversee a clients stay at our long term substance abuse treatment program. Our staff are highly trained in mastery level addiction treatment

Meeting all their needs… providing all the cornerstones of healing, health and recovery. This is our primary purpose…

Start your journey to recovery today at Bright Futures Treatment Center: (844) 207-7772

Start your journey to recovery today at Bright Futures Treatment Center: (844) 207-7772

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