Bright Futures of boynton beach florida specializes in the residential treatment for the rehabbing od coocurring disorders pertaining to substance abuse and addiction. We strive to support all of the men in our rehab program with the best care humanly possible and we never give up on them.

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Bright Futures Treatment Center has helped many individuals and families through the battle of addiction to regain their lives and identity.  Our intensive extended care program breaks through the barriers to change lives forever.  We provide a comprehensive continuum of care, with services from intervention to detox and residential treatment to outpatient and sober living.  Our program facilities provide a safe, structured environment in which individuals learn how to thrive while maintaining recovery.

Bright Futures is a male only program which alleviates some of the distractions a coed drug and alcohol treatment program present. Bright Futures recovery program is located in the south eastern district of Boynton Beach right on the cusp of Delray Beach. We’re very close to 12 step meetings; approximately 1500 12 step meetings throughout the week within a 5 mile radius. This makes recovery in all areas readily accessible for anyone in the area.

What sets us apart from the rest, is how Bright Futures does it…

First and foremost, at Bright Futures Treatment Center individualized care is our priority.  Everyone is different; everyone has a different past.  We understand that and we form our treatment plans based on the individual.  Everyone’s needs are addressed, coupled with their strengths and weaknesses.

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our highly trained addiction specialists will tell you about our long term substance abuse treatment program. residential treatment is the first step in the substance abuse recovery process once we guide you into the right treatment setting the first step is drug and alcohol detoxification

Bright Futures Treatment Center’s Certified & Masters Level Staff

Bright Futures embarked on a journey to help men throughout the United States to recover from the dis-ease of addiction. As a recovery program for men Bright Futures only hope is to bring some kind of reparation to addicts, alcoholics and their families. We understand the effects addiction and alcoholism have on families everywhere. Additionally, Bright Futures of Palm Beach provides services for the families of those affected too. Finally, Bright Futures wishes to bring hope to those who struggle by never giving up on a client while in our care.

Standing out among the rest, Bright Futures Treatment Center has grown to become South Florida’s premier all male treatment provider.

  • During my stay at Bright Futures I worked on my self-esteem issues, anger issues, and my assertiveness. My favorite part was the group with Mike Ross and Patricks group.

  • I spent a total of 59 days at Bright Futures Treatment Center. I am a retired military veteran and I felt a brotherhood that rivaled my experience in the military. In the beginning I was sceptic to an all male treatment center.

  • When I first got to Bright Futures I was a little up and down about going from one treatment to another, but I made the best of it. It was like a roller coaster ride. Somedays I’d be happy and other days sad or angry, but what it comes down to is I made some really cool friends and got to see how fun it is to live sober.

  • My experience of Bright Futures was a successful one. Being in treatment here was a very good experience, it helped me work on a lot of qualities that I lost over the years, and build a very structured schedule. read more

  • As this being my 4th treatment center and going through 5 detox’s. Each one was a stepping stone for this particular one. I can honestly say I finally found my own spirituality in my stay at Bright Futures Treatment Center. read more

living in a residential treatment center isn't always easy, but it gets easy as you recover. These two men are enjoying the residence at bright futures treatment center and focusing on their group homework drug and alcohol detoxification can be the pits so we have mixed things up by providing an environment to thrive while detoxifying yourself

Comprehensive Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment

Meeting with our Psychiatrist, medical staff and nutritionist are part of the treatment plan. Most, if not all our comprehensive and complete approach is designed to meet the physical, mental and emotional components of recovery and healing.

Furthermore, health & wellness is an integral part of recovery.  In addition, learning to listen to your body and treat it well are foundations to a successful recovery. Finally personal fitness, yoga, meditation, massage and mindfulness activities promote lasting behavioral change.

Men’s Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment

Daily schedules are customized based on our clients needs to include individual counseling by master’s level clinicians. Bright Futures provides group therapy, educational group lectures, health and wellness education, 12-step groups and recreational activities. Therefore, therapists will begin to rebuild family connections and work with both individuals and loved ones through the recovery process.

Bright Futures Treatment Center is an evidence-based program, using a collection of tried and true methods that have proven success rates.

one on one assessments are done frequently to oversee a clients stay at our long term substance abuse treatment program. Our staff are highly trained in mastery level addiction treatment
Meeting with qualified addiction professionals is just one piece in the puzzle of our addiction treatment plan. We also provide dietary planning and fun filled activities for our clients like beaches, paintball and other outdoor sober activities.

Bright Futures Treatment Centers Process for Substance Abuse Treatment

Bright Futures Treatment Center offers long term substance abuse treatment, but the first phase of treatment is detox. Typically detox will last 1-2 weeks until the client is admitted into 1-2 month residential inpatient or partial hospitalization program. The goal of the detox is to remove the toxins stored up in the body so the client can function and think properly. Once they are medically cleared they will enter into our residential substance abuse program for 1-2 months. They will be tiered down from our residential program to our sober living community while attending our intensive outpatient program. Once they complete our intensive outpatient program and their one-on-one counseling, clients are free to remain at our sober living facility until comfortable to leave and go on their own.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Rehab Program

Detox is an important part to the recovery process. Before anyone can be completely diagnosed for their substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, the drugs and the alcohol must be completely removed from the system. Bright Futures of Palm Beach works with JAHCO Accredited detox programs for drug detoxification services.

Detox is very hard at first, it doesn’t matter if it’s for Heroin, Alcohol, or any other substance. However, it does get easier by day 2 or 3 of detoxification from opiates or alcohol. This is all the more reason to go through to long term substance abuse treatment though. Most people will not be ready after a two week length of detox.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Residential substance abuse treatment incorporates quite a bit of regimented growth in a person’s recovery. Daily schedules are provided for relapse prevention, group therapy, and individual counseling.  Throughout the treatment process we are getting the recovering individual ready for recovery on the outside.

Residential Treatment for Substance abuse provides many benefits for the treatment process. Most residential programs promote camaraderie among fellows within the treatment facility. Many clients find it more comforting to know that they’re not alone in this fight to save their lives.

Intensive Outpatient Program Services (I.O.P.)

Intensive Outpatient substance abuse treatment is a very important keystone in our tier down process. While attending I.O.P. our clients will be working or actively seeking employment and attending 12 step meetings. To further their growth they will also be attending one-on-one and group counseling while living in our Sober Living facilities.

Many IOP programs function differently, some function as maintenance programs and others as court appointed programs. Bright Futures Treatment Center is a twelve step immersion abstinence based program. We focus on the underlying issues causing you to look towards drugs and alcohol as a solution.

Sober Living Community Environment

Our sober living environment implements policies and procedures to ensure our clients are following the structure provided for them. Members of our halfway are attending groups or have graduated the program and are living at the residences. We provide rules that must be followed for the safety of Bright Futures sober community.

A sober home or halfway house promotes accountability while providing freedom for the recovering addict or alcoholic. Bright Futures Halfway is furnished with all of the typical amenities of a standard sober home or halfway house. We keep a tight community of alumni to come and speak to current residents. 

Our Intervention Process

Giving family and friends the help they need to get a loved one into a safe treatment program is the foundation of the intervention process.  We work with the family members in selecting a safe and appropriate program, making all arrangements for treatment.  We take care of all practical objectives, assist in packing belongings and coordinate all travel arrangements, and of course ensuring your loved one arrives at the selected program on the day of intervention.

bright futures group room provides an easy going atmosphere for the long term substance abuse treatment environment intensive outpatient program room as well as our partial hospitalization and residential group room
Bright Futures substance abuse program requires clients to attend group meeting where our highly trained group therapists work with them to give them a better understanding of the underlying issues causing addiction.

Lasting & Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

In order to be successful treating people for addiction you must have a strategy and the resources to carry out that strategy. Bright Futures utilizes the best of the best when providing care for any individual that comes through our doors seeking treatment for addiction and alcoholism. The key to effective treatment is having  process for dealing with a wide array of addictions and co-occurring disorders.
Master’s Level Clinicians
Family Support Program
Outpatient Continuum of Care
Alumni Services
Sober Living Programs


All information provided is confidential.

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Bright Futures of Palm Beach Supports these Organizations

Bright Futures Treatment Center of Palm Beach supports the organizations listed below. The Department of Children and Family’s governs the addiction treatment providers in the state of Florida. Samhsa provides national governance over the addiction treatment and substance abuse industry. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers provides a code of ethics and standard for addiction treatment providers.

Bright Futures Treatment Center is accredited by The Department of Children and Families and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Bright Futures Men’s Recovery Program for Substance Abuse and Addiction follows all standards policies and procedures to the best of our abilities under their guidelines, policies and procedures.