Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

At Bright Futures Treatment Center we want to give our clients the best chance at having a long, healthy life in recovery. Here our clients will have access to many different resources to ensure this goal is possible.

Bright Futures Treatment Resources

Heroin treatment

Seeking help to recover from heroin can be scary and sometimes stressful. Here at Bright Futures Treatment Center we will help in making the transition into treatment as smooth as possible. We believe that long term treatment is the best way for a successful, long term recovery from heroin. Due to clients having staff present 24/7, all clients physical and psychological needs are met. Being in a substance abuse facility the individual is removed from their environment, where they may have had easy access to their drug of choice.  At Bright Futures Treatment Center clients will take part in a safe, supportive community with others who share many of the same experiences as them.

Alcohol treatment

Alcohol is commonly one of the most misused mind and mood-altering substance. Since alcohol is a legal substance many people will drink in a social setting, this may make it difficult for one to tell if they have a problem or not. Consistently drinking alcohol will start to change the brain’s function, causing the individual to become both mentally and physically dependent on it. Making the decision to stop drinking may have many complications attached to it, physical and mental withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous for an unsupervised individual. At Bright Futures Treatment Center we ensure that the individual will be in a safe and structured environment during this process. While with us, clients will learn about their alcoholism, coping skills for everyday life, and relapse prevention techniques.

Signs its time to get help

There are many signs that can show it is time to get help for yourself or a loved one. Though some signs may vary from person to person, they are all pretty similar for most people. There are some physical signs to look out for as well as behavior by yourself or a loved one. Some of the physical signs are constricted pupils, runny nose, always sleeping. etc. A few behaviors to look out for are driving under the influence, always in needs of money, and frequent unemployment. Our trained admissions team at Bright Futures Treatment Center are here to help answer any questions you  may have about getting  substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Shine a light on the road ahead and chart your own path to recovery with Bright Futures Treatment Center.

Stages of addiction treatment

Bright Futures Treatment Center has four levels of care that a client can take part in during their stay. Most of the time, clients will admit into our Residential Level 5 or Day/ Night with Community Housing program. This is our highest and most structured level of care with 24 hours observation. Clients in Residential Level 5 or Day/ Night with Community Housing will attend groups daily during the week. After a client has completed a Day/ Night program they will enter into our Intensive Outpatient Program. In this stage of treatment clients will attend groups three times per week, this level of care has a little less structure and a little more freedom. The final stage of treatment is our Outpatient Program, during this stage clients will come to group once per week. During all four levels of care clients are required to meet with their therapist at least once per week. While attending groups and therapy sessions, clients will be meeting with their case manager to assist in job searching, to deal with any legal issues, and to ensure clients are being set up to be successful once they complete treatment with Bright Futures Treatment Center.

Relapse prevention

When a person is on the road to a relapse they go through three stages: emotional relapse, mental relapse, and physical relapse. Relapsing can be prevented once the client has the right tools and coping skills. At Bright Futures Treatment Center our clients will learn the early warning signs of the different stages. Once clients are able to identify the signs they will learn coping skills and what to do if they see the signs in themselves. Having the knowledge of the signs of relapsing, and the tools to combat them is the best way to stay sober. These tools and coping techniques will help the individual be confident in the recovery program.

Prescription drug dependency

It has been found that the most commonly abused drugs are prescription medications. This is due to the easy access many people have to these medications. Dependency on these medications happen when the individual takes the medication in a way that were not intended by the attending physician. This can taking to much of the medication, taking someone else’s medication, or taking medications with other substances. This can open an individual up to an accidental over dose. Getting off a medication that the individual has been taking for an extended period of time can be difficult. The clinical team at Bright Futures Treatment Center understands this and is trained in the most recent treatment techniques to help. Clients will be provided with medication management, and given other options for medications that are non-narcotic.

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