At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we improve the lives of individuals and families struggling with addiction, lighting the pathway to community wellness and brighter futures for everyone. Our primary objective is to assist individuals and families to recover from the negative effects of addiction

Bright Futures Men's Rehab

Bright Futures Treatment Center is focused on helping those that struggle with addiction to find a sense of purpose and a meaningful life in recovery. Our Master’s level clinical staff is highly trained to aid clients in identifying an individualized recovery plan that is geared towards healing the client as a whole.  Whether a client needs residential, day and/or night treatment with community housing, intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment, the Bright Futures Treatment Center team is able to provide a continuum of care to see the client through the first year in recovery.

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, each client is supported by a knowledgeable team of highly trained clinicians, medical staff, case managers and supportive, compassionate residential staff to meet their individual needs with the utmost respect, compassion and understanding. Through a myriad of therapeutic approaches each client is partnered with a therapist that will create a solution, focused on their individualized treatment plan.

Our low client to therapist ratio promotes strong rapport and increased individualized success metrics. Our master’s level therapists deliver evidenced based therapy modalities focusing on the disease concept of addiction, cognitive distortions and core issues that lead to substance abuse. In addition, focusing on healthy coping skills, improving self-esteem, anger and stress management, codependency, goal setting and restoring family systems.

The Clinical Philosophy at Bright Futures Treatment Center, requires meeting the client where they are, developing a personalized recovery program and identifying treatment options that will benefit the client in their journey towards recovery. We believe in keeping the structure of the recovery environment intimate so that the needs of each person can be met in a productive and effective way. Clinicians are trained to modify treatment options as the client grows in their recovery program and their individualized needs change.

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