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Attending an Aftercare program is an important part on early recovery. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we aim to stay in touch with all clients who have attended treatment with us. This keeps us connected with former clients who may be struggling, or ones who need additional support.

Aftercare and Longterm Sobriety

Substance abuse is a, cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. Those who suffer from severe substance abuse and choose to seek long term therapeutic treatment, are likely to live a life of long term recovery. Our Aftercare and Alumni program was created to encourage our clients to stay connected with us. This helps our team to continue to assist clients in any way we can. After clients leave us they may be faced with situations they will need extra support with, these programs will give them that extra support. Once a client has attended any level of care, they are always welcome to take part in any alumni activities.

Substance abuse and addition is a, cunning, baffling, powerful and intricate disease. Those who suffer from severe substance abuse, and who choose to seek professional long term therapeutic treatment, are more often than not, likely to live a life of long term recovery. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, our Master’s level clinical team emphasizes on the importance on individualized long-term treatment. Our extensive Aftercare and Alumni program was created in order to encourage our clients who have gradated to stay connected with us, in order to continue to assist them in any way we can while they are integrating themselves back as healthy sober members of the community. Once a member of the Bright Futures family, always family.

Before clients complete the program they will work with their therapist on an Aftercare Treatment Plan. This will help set up clients for success once they are no longer a client. Many times this will include staying in a sober living house, continuing with their sponsor, and attending 12 step based meetings.

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we emphasize the importance of our Aftercare program. Our Alumni program meets once per week. The Alumni group organizes outside activates in order to for our clients to stay connected and know the importance of fellowship. Not only does this keep the clients plugged into Bright Futures Treatment Center’s community, it gives them additional support through their peers. Bright Futures Treatment Center encourages our Alumni to attend activities organized for our clients to show that it works if you work it.

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Aftercare Is An Important Part Of Sobriety

The Bright Futures Treatment Center team values our alumni, and we appreciate their continued connection with us. Our goal for out Aftercare program is to continue to assist our clients with maintaining recovery from substance abuse, and continuing their Relapse Prevention techniques. The Aftercare program also assists client in creating relationships, fellowship and give them a sense of purpose. We believe that Aftercare is an important part of early recovery because the first year of sobriety can be difficult. The changes of being out of treatment and into the community can have different challenges for different people. Our Aftercare program continues to help our clients in building themselves as healthy, sober, strong members of the community.

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