When is The Best Time to Start Your Rehab in Palm Beach Detox Center?

Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Individuals suffering from substance use disorder often put off seeking help because they think that their addiction is under control. Unfortunately, substance use disorder is a progressive disease, and it will only get worse over time. Addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication can have long lasting, detrimental effects on your physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, if you were wondering when is the best time to start your rehab in Palm Beach detox center – the answer is immediately. You can contact us at the Bright Futures Treatment Center, and we can help you get started with your recovery and provide you with the treatment you need.

How to Recognize That You Have a Substance Use Problem

Anyone who is dealing with substance use issues needs to first come to terms with the fact that they have a problem before they can act on their desire to get better. This means that before you can get help, you will first need to realize and accept you have a disorder. Although this may sound obvious, humans are a fallible species, and we are capable of almost infinite rationalization. That rationalization and self deceit only get worse if we are talking about addiction. Most individuals who are abusing drugs or alcohol keep telling themselves that they could stop if they wanted to. Yet, they don’t seem to stop; instead they continue abusing until they no longer have a choice.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are probably aware that you have a problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late and don’t let addiction dictate your life choices. You can get better and you can regain control of your life. The best time to start your rehab is as soon as you gather the strength and courage to ask for help. Recovery is possible, and help is within your reach, you just need to call us. You will be greeted by kind and welcoming staff that can help you enter our detox center in Palm Beach.

It is also possible that you may be inquiring on behalf of a loved one or family member. In this situation, you might need assistance determining if they are ready to accept treatment and professional help. We have a list of questions which you can ask, that will help you determine the signs of addiction. Confronting your loved ones about their addiction is never easy. However it is the necessary step to set them on the path of recovery.

How to Ask For Help and Enter Palm Beach Rehab

Realizing that you have a problem is only part of the equation. The next step is deciding that you actually want to get better, and then asking for help. You shouldn’t use excuses or delay your recovery by wondering when is the best time to start your rehab. There isn’t going to be a better time to seek treatment than right now. Waiting for something to change in the future before you enter Palm Beach rehab will only make things worse.

Some individuals believe that they need to do specific preparations before they enter rehab. They may try to reduce their substance use and try to shake off their addiction on their own. Unfortunately, this approach rarely works, and only represents an excuse to delay actually seeking treatment. What’s worse is that persons suffering from substance use disorder typically build up a tolerance and increase their usage over time. This means that avoiding rehab will only lead to larger problems down the line. Your best chance at achieving long term sobriety is through professional help administered in a Palm Beach rehab center.

We’ve actually made asking for help fairly easy. There are several ways to contact us, and whichever you choose, you will be greeted by our admissions staff which is professional, kind and understanding. The admission coordinators can perform a free initial assessment. At the Bright Futures Palm Beach rehab center, we offer patients personalized treatment programs. Our coordinators can determine what kind of therapy is best suited to your needs. They can also answer any questions you may have and explain how to enter rehab.

Man attending therapy in Palm Beach
One on one time with a therapist is important for recovery.

What Are the Stages of Treatment in the Bright Futures Palm Beach Addiction Center?

Recovering from substance use disorder is a long journey which typically begins by administering patients into our detox center in Palm Beach. Before clinical therapy can begin, we will first need to rid your body of toxins. Many consider the detoxification to be the hardest part of recovery, but it is the necessary first step. Just like with every journey, it gets easier after the initial steps. The detoxification process is overseen by fully trained staff that will help you get through that period. Addiction treatment goes through several stages, and after detox is completed you can move on to the next stage.

Patients are then moved to Day/Night with community housing. During this time, patients will attend Inpatient treatment programs where they can take part in various therapy sessions. In Bright Futures, we have a holistic approach, meaning that we treat a patient’s body and mind. We will help you develop social skill and boost your self esteem and confidence, while at the same time providing you with physical exercise and a healthy nutrition program.

Once patients have completed their inpatient programs, they can move on to Outpatient treatment. Here they will attend group sessions several times a week while also having individual sessions with a therapist. During outpatient treatment, patients will be encouraged to seek employment and again become productive members of society.

What if Your Addiction is ‘Really Bad’

Another excuse we offer hear from individuals is that they delay seeking treatment because they think their level of addiction is beyond help. Some believe that they have missed the window of opportunity and that it is impossible for them to get better. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there is always hope and a chance for recovery. No matter how grim your current circumstances may feel, we can offer you help in our Palm Beach detox center.

You should keep in mind that substance use disorder is qualified as a mental illness. The National Institute on Drug Abuse made this classification due to the behavioral changes and compulsive behaviors associated with addiction. It is also common for persons who are suffering from substance use disorder to be classified with additional mental disorders. This isn’t something that should frighten you or cause you to feel ashamed. We actually have Dual Diagnosis treatment programs which are specifically designed to treat mental health and substance abuse simultaneously. With specialized therapy, we can address your mood, personality or eating disorder and help you overcome anxiety disorder or PTSD.

It is true that some patients have a hard time dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. However, in these cases we apply Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) to ease the symptoms and help you overcome your cravings. Our master’s level clinicians can offer supervised treatments with medicaments such as Suboxone which normalize brain chemistry and body functions. MAT can also help reduce the risk of relapse and give patients a better chance of achieving long term sobriety.

Man holding his head at the beach.
Depression is common for patients suffering from addiction.

Which Addictions are Treated in the Palm Beach Detox Center?

Every patient who enters rehab is facing a unique struggle. Depending on which substance is troubling our clients, we have a team of master’s level clinicians perform a professional assessment. Based on that assessment we create a personalized treatment plan for each of our patients, adapted to their specific needs. That being said, different substances may require specific approaches to treatment. Thankfully, in our Palm Beach addiction center, we can help clients overcome addiction regardless of the substance they are abusing. We most commonly treat the following:

  • Drug addiction. Individuals who are addicted to illegal drugs such as Meth, Heroin or Crack Cocaine can enter our Drug rehab We employ a vast array of treatment methods to help patients achieve a full recovery.
  • Prescription medication addiction. Even though drugs like Oxycodone and Adderall can be prescribed by medical professionals, prolonged use can still lead to addiction. Our Prescription drug rehab offers patients a way to deal with their addiction, and also educates them on the proper use of medicaments. This sort of education can help you prevent future problems with prescription medication.
  • Alcohol addiction. The fact that consuming alcohol is legal and socially accepted doesn’t make addiction to alcohol any less real or dangerous. In our Alcohol rehab program patients will not only recover, but they will also learn necessary coping skills for life outside of rehab.

How Long Does Rehab Last

People are sometimes reluctant to enter rehab because they are afraid of the time investment it requires. You might look to your calendar to try and figure out when is the best time to start your rehab in Palm Beach detox center. From our experience, patients use these types of excuses mostly due to work or family obligations. Unfortunately, if left untreated, addiction can disrupt your personal and your work life. Naturally most of our patients want to know what to expect and how long will their stay in rehab last. However, there is no universal, one-size-fits-all type of answer to that question. You can find more information on how rehab functions on our FAQ page, or by contacting us directly.

The length of stay in our Palm Beach addiction center is mostly determined by the severity of the addiction. You should also keep in mind that patients progress through our programs at their own pace. However, we can give you some rough estimates. The typical stay in our inpatient Day/Night with community housing is 30 days. However, there are some cases where patients are having trouble dealing with their withdrawal. In these situations, the length of stay is prolonged.

Even when patients enter our Intensive Outpatient Program and they begin working again, they still need to addend several weekly sessions. During this time patients require a structured environment and sober living conditions. They might not yet be fully prepared to become productive members of society on their own. Remember that we will offer you support during this time, as well as for however long you require it.

Man watching sunset from Palm Beach balcony.
Palm Beach is blessed with beautiful weather.

How to Get Time Off Work to Enter a Palm Beach Addiction Center

If you are trying to find when is the best time to start your rehab in Palm Beach detox center, because you are afraid of taking time off work – you should know that the law is on your side. Keep in mind that substance use disorder is treated as a disability. This means that the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against employees who are seeking treatment. However, the ADA will not protect you if you are actively using drugs or alcohol in the workplace.

Additionally, you can use the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to get up to 12 weeks off work for treatment. Your privacy will be protected and you will not be required to disclose the reason for leaving. We recommend talking to the HR department at your place of employment to sort out the required paperwork.

You shouldn’t delay going to rehab due to work. Unless you address your addiction and seek treatment, your performance at your job will suffer. If you are caught using drugs or drinking alcohol at work, you will probably lose your job. Therefore it’s much better to get time off from work and enter rehab, than to continue using and risk your job. After you have completed your treatment at our detox center in Palm Beach, your productivity at work should also improve. Additionally, your employer and colleagues will surely be glad to see that you are doing better.

What Happens When You Finish Your Rehab Programs

A large part of attending a Palm Beach rehab center isn’t just about getting a quick solution for your addiction. One of our main goals is to teach patients that they can achieve long term sobriety and lead productive lives. Of course, you will be able to attend our detox center in Palm Beach to deal with the emergent issue of your substance use. However, even during treatment, there will be a strong focus on learning useful skills for coping in real life situations. Having sober fun is a key component of relapse prevention and a way to make the most of your life after rehab.

You’ll learn the importance of physical exercise, as well as how to prepare nutritious meals to power an active lifestyle. We will also teach you how to open up to others in group therapy sessions, and how to collaborate in team exercises. The healthy habits you learn in rehab can be the basis for your sober life. Whenever you find yourself struggling, you will always be able to return to a healthy routine. You can go through the yoga and meditation exercises which can help you feel centered and calm.

Our therapists will work with you to set up an Aftercare treatment plan. This typically includes staying in a sober house, continuing to attend 12 step meetings and continuing with your sponsor. Our master’s level clinical team always emphasizes the importance of individualized long-term treatment. We also try to help our previous clients stay in touch by organizing frequent get-togethers and Alumni meetings. Alumni often attend group sessions to inspire current patients, and they also take part in our social outings. Having sober fun and enjoying life are the best ways to prevent relapse.

Group sitting together next to the water.
We organize regular beach visits for our patients.

How to Enter Rehab in Palm Beach

Because we understand how difficult asking for help can be, we have made entering rehab as simple as possible. You can start your admission process by contacting our coordinators, and they can explain how everything works. They will ask you a few questions to help you determine if Bright Futures is a good fit for your needs. During the free initial assessment, our staff will determine which type of therapy is best suited for your current situation. They can also help verify your insurance information and get your paperwork sorted out.

Unfortunately, insurance if the part of the admissions process where most of our clients get confused. Keep in mind that Bright Futures accepts health insurance from most of the larger providers. You can find a list of the accepted providers here and check to see if yours is listed. However, there are sometimes differences in the coverage provided based on the plan you have. Our staff can check your insurance and discuss the benefits and services with you, and explain what is covered.

Once we take care of the administrative details, we can also help you prepare and organize your travel. The Bright Futures Treatment Center is located in Boynton Beach, in the Palm Beach County in Southern Florida. If you are arriving by plane, we can organize pickup at the airport and welcome you at our facility.

How to Prepare For Rehab

Although you shouldn’t delay entering rehab for your addiction, you can still make some preparations. We have a list of suggested items that you can bring to rehab. Since our Palm Beach addiction center is located near the beach, and the weather in Florida is generally warm year-round, you should definitely bring some beach clothes. Besides that it’s good to know that you can’t bring any electronic devices with WiFi capability. This is because we want you to focus on your recovery. Give yourself an opportunity to heal by getting some time and distance from the outside world. However, this also means that, during the first part of your recovery, you won’t be able to talk to your loved ones.

That brings us to our next point. Another way you can prepare for rehab is by spending time with your family and loved ones. Enjoy your time together and make plans for fun sober activities you can share when you are finished with rehab. Your future plans with family and friends can act like a great motivator when you are feeling down.

Also try to get all of your regular chores and obligations taken care of. If you have pets, you can ask a friend to house sit while you are in rehab. Put your bills on autopay, or have someone you trust pay on your behalf. Cancel or pause all of the subscriptions that you won’t be using during recovery. Once all of your affairs are taken care of, you can calmly enter rehab, knowing that everything will be waiting for you to come back.

Woman doing Yoga in the morning.
Outdoors activities can be incredibly therapeutic.

When to Attend Rehab in Palm Beach?

We’ve already mentioned that the weather in Florida is great during the whole year. However, if you are trying to decide when is the best time to start your rehab in Palm Beach detox center, it’s good to know what to expect. The fact that we are in Florida means that there is no wrong time to enter rehab, so you shouldn’t delay or wait for the summer.

We love organizing fun social outings, and making the most of our close proximity to the beach. However, there are also plenty of exciting activities that you can take part in on dry land. We love asking our patients for recommendations for the next social outing. However, there are a few favorites that never go out of style. We frequently make group visits and enjoy paintball, go-carts or attending sports events. On the other hand, we also love to organize a movie night and relax with some popcorn from time to time.

The natural beauty and warm climate of Florida also allows us to expand our therapeutic activities to outdoor areas. Exercise, meditation and yoga are even more relaxing when performed at the beach or at a park. The bottom line is that Florida is amazing during the whole year. You should enter rehab as soon as you can, instead of waiting for external factors to line up.

Why Palm Beach is a Good Choice For Rehab

The best environment for your recovery is one where you can relax and get comfortable. During therapy you will be required to emotionally open up, and we believe that your surroundings need to make you feel safe. For these reasons, we provide our patients with upscale facilities which are designed for comfortable and stress free living. However, Florida and particularly Palm Beach have a few added benefits.

During your therapy you will take part in weekly 12 step meetings. Palm Beach and its surrounding area has multiple groups with regular meetings which you can attend. You can find a group that you like attending and use that opportunity to connect with others who are going through a struggle that is similar to yours.

We also provide our patients with training and vocational services, and we encourage them to seek employment. Reintegrating into society is an important step in your recovery. We can help you hold on to a regular job and become a productive member of society. Fortunately, Palm Beach has plenty of employment opportunities, and it can be a great place to start building a career.

To Summarize

Dealing with substance use disorder can be a heavy burden to carry. Most individuals who are struggling with addiction have a hard time dealing with their fears and anxieties. We want you to know that you are not alone, and you don’t have to carry that burden by yourself. Recovery is possible, and you have the power to change your current circumstances. Don’t wait for your condition to worsen or try to find the best time to start your rehab in Palm Beach detox center. The sooner you enter rehab and start with treatments, the easier it is to recover. Reach out to us today, and start your journey towards a sober and happy life.



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