What Types of Addiction Can You Treat With Tricare at Bright Futures

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At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we accept various insurance plans. One of them is Tricare insurance coverage. Although it’s one of the major insurance plans, many wonder whether it covers drug and alcohol treatment in its entirety or partially. The thing is that insurance coverage plans work differently in every state. If you happen to be in need of professional help and also qualify for Tricare, we invite you to look into this guide that will give you answer to the question: What types of addiction can you treat with Tricare? For additional information about the application process and treatments, we stand at your disposal. As a treatment center that provides some of the most efficient rehabs in Florida, we work in the best interest of our clients from the very beginning.

What is a Tricare insurance plan and who qualifies for it?

Tricare insurance coverage plan is intended for current military personnel, veterans, and their family members. Since it’s managed by Pentagon’s Defense Health Agency, Tricare is available to numerous soldiers – former and current – who need the best care in order to overcome addiction disorder. Numerous studies show that veterans across the nation suffer from consequences due to years of active service. Trauma, personal loss, and other negative events resulted in a growing number of addiction cases among military members. The addiction is often accompanied by co-occurring (undiagnosed) mental health disorders. That being said, Tricare covers not only rehab but adequate mental help for soldiers and veterans as well.

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Tricare made proper addiction treatment available to millions of soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Is Tricare accepted at every rehab center?

Since it counts as one of the most well-known insurance plans, it’s safe to say that Tricare is accepted by the majority of rehab facilities. Bright Futures Treatment Center is one of them. However, keep in mind there are many types of Tricare you can apply for, depending on the requirements. That’s why it’s important to also ask about different variations of Tricare insurance plans and see which option suits you best.

Can anyone other than soldiers and veterans apply for Tricare?

As previously stated, only former and current military personnel and their family members qualify for the Tricare insurance plan. In case you don’t fall under this category, you can check other insurance plans you might be eligible for. To find out does insurance cover drug rehab at any particular rehab center, all you have to do is contact it directly.

What happens with the information provided when applying for Tricare?

The law requires insurance companies to respect the confidentiality of the information about their clients. Also, all questions and private data you provide at Bright Futures Treatment Center are strictly confidential. We care about the privacy of our clients and make sure all data remain safe and sound.

How has Tricare insurance improved rehab for veterans?

The growing number of addiction cases among veterans raised concerns. Thanks to the Tricare insurance policy, many former soldiers got the necessary mental help in addition to addiction treatments. Furthermore, Tricare helped veterans establish stable life through healthy coping skills, and remain sober for as long as possible.

Former soldiers also get an individual relapse prevention plan tailored to suit their personality, and habits. This way each veteran going through rehab will learn how to combat cravings, and handle moments of crisis without turning to drugs or alcohol. While years of deployment leave marks on a veteran, medical assistance and adequate psychotherapy can contribute to a more stable life marked by sobriety.

Types of addiction treatments covered with Tricare

Before you apply for Tricare insurance coverage, make sure to check whether you (or your loved one) qualify for it. Once you do, contact a rehab facility where you plan to enter rehab and ask “Does Tricare cover rehab and what treatments are included?”. Not every rehab facility provides the same types of treatment. Furthermore, at some rehab facilities, Tricare covers only some expenses, while at others it covers 100% of the rehab program. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, Tricare insurance coverage depends on the levels of care.

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So, what types of addiction can you treat with Tricare?

These are the commonly treated addictions at Bright Futures Treatment Center:

  • drug addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • addiction to prescription drugs

Drug addiction treatment

Tricare does cover drug addiction treatment at Bright Futures Treatment Center. However, before you begin the application process, you must determine what kind of drug treatment you need. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers some of the best rehab programs that involve medical treatment and psychotherapy.

Addiction to hard drugs

If you’re a veteran suffering from addiction to hard drugs, your best choice is the treatment offered at Bright Futures. We operate as one of the most efficient crack cocaine rehab Florida centers thanks to the continuous work and improvement we commit to.

Also, look no further than Bright Futures if you seek meth rehab Florida center that accepts Tricare insurance. Furthermore, we offer heroin rehab with all the necessary therapies. Addiction to all hard drugs takes time to treat and overcome completely. When it comes to severe stages of addiction, pharmacotherapy becomes mandatory.

Addiction treatment for prescription drug addiction

Addiction experts have shed light on addiction to prescription medications among veterans. Low prices and accessibility are one of the reasons why it’s easy for former soldiers to get their hands on highly-addictive prescription medications: stimulants, sedatives, and painkillers.

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we offer rehab programs that can help you curb addiction to prescriptives for good:

Our Florida prescription drug addiction treatment includes medically assisted detox, psychotherapy, and/or residential stay. The severity of addiction and level of care determines the extent of insurance coverage. We invite you to contact us regarding this matter so we can help you find the best solution that can ease the financial aspect of rehab.

Alcohol addiction treatment

As you’re browsing through highly recommended alcohol rehab Florida rehab centers provide, you’ll notice Bright Futures Treatment Center. If you wonder about the cost of treatments, rest assured you can rely on Tricare insurance coverage. Besides pharmacotherapy, alcohol rehab at our center includes therapy sessions. The goal is to uncover the root cause of addiction and therefore help you break the self-destructive cycle. Anxiety and PTSD combined with alcoholism are common among former military personnel. In order to numb the unprocessed pain and trauma, veterans resort to alcohol for comfort. If you recognize this pattern in yourself, rest assured it’s not too late to seek help.

veterans in a group meeting
Are drug and alcohol the types of addiction can you treat with Tricare? The answer is – yes.

Tricare insurance plan can cover the majority (or the entire) alcohol rehab for you. Don’t hesitate to seek our additional guidance by contacting our staff. We’ll make sure you have a stress-free application process, and thus help you fund your rehab from start to finish.

Rehab programs at Bright Futures entail a wide range of treatments

Our rehab programs covered with Tricare involve all medical and mental help services one needs for a complete rehab:

  • Medically assisted detox 
  • Psychotherapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Residential stay

Mandatory medical detox

In order to fully enter rehab, the drugs must leave your system. Medical detox is a mandatory procedure in a patient’s rehab recovery. It’s done at a rehab center and monitored by medical staff. Once the detox is completed, you may proceed with other treatments.

focused woman writing in her notebook
We make sure each patient gets proper care.

Psychotherapy is an integral part of all rehab programs offered at Bright Futures

Addressing the psychological side of addiction is crucial in overcoming it in its entirety. Thanks to behavioral therapies (like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) adjusted for addiction treatment, it has become a lot easier to treat addiction from its roots. Implementation of CBT into addiction treatment has become mandatory for all contemporary rehab centers. No matter what rehab program you enter, you can expect to have therapy sessions with a mental health expert. Here’s how CBT helps your rehab:

  • CBT is divided into several stages. Each stage has its milestone, with gives a patient a feeling of accomplishment and helps their progress.
  • In the initial stage, the patient is faced with the consequences of their past actions and behaviors related to addiction. This is done in a non-invasive way, with the help of a licensed mental health expert.
  • As the therapy continues, the trust between the patient and therapist is strengthened. Therefore, the patient starts feeling safe knowing the therapist is there to help them without hidden agenda.
  • The patient opens up about their struggles, insecurities, unresolved problems, and even suppressed trauma.
  • The next stage is where a patient begins to change their outlook and adopts different perspectives, positive mindset, etc.
  • An equally important stage is the one where the therapist and patient discuss the patient’s new hobbies, interests, and anything that brings them joy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is also a widely utilized form of therapy

Similarly to CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for addiction has the goal to bring underlying issues to the surface and solve them one by one. However, there are several requirements based on which addiction psychiatrists decide who qualifies for DBT. Patients who are prone to extreme mood swings, and have a black-and-white viewpoint will benefit from DBT the most. The therapist who works with them will lead the sessions in a way that brings them to a more balanced mental state step by step.

psychotherapist listening to a veteran
Our addiction treatments include individual and group therapy sessions.

What if a patient struggles with addiction and a certain mental health issue?

Addictions and co-occurring mental health struggles often go hand in hand. The more a person abuses drugs, the more undiagnosed mental health disease becomes more obvious. It’s not a rarity that struggling individuals learn about their anxiety or BPD once they develop an addiction to either drugs or alcohol.

Dual Diagnosis at Bright Future Treatment Center is used to diagnose mental health diseases in patients, alongside the addiction they developed. This way, psychiatrists can examine the link between the two, and decide which pharmacotherapy and rehab plan would work the best for a patient. That being said, there isn’t such a thing as a universal rehab plan. The benefit of Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment is that is customizable, therefore tailored to the specific needs of a patient.

Group therapy benefits veterans in many ways

Besides individual therapy, you can opt for group therapy as a part of your rehab program. Veterans are especially interested in this kind of therapy since it helps them go through recovery with less stress. Group therapies are led by expert psychotherapists. During the session, veterans open up to one another and build a supportive environment.

When a patient feels understood and supported, recovery goes a lot faster. Furthermore, group therapy helps them resocialize with people who go through a similar journey. Isolation is one of the outcomes of addiction, which is why it’s important to remind patients that they aren’t alone.

Couple’s rehab

If you and your partner have both developed addictions to either drugs or alcohol and struggle with painful withdrawal symptoms, consider entering couples rehab in Florida. This kind of rehab helps couples/spouses overcome individual addictions, and rebuild their relationships. It’s a steady process during which both you and your spouse must face your setbacks, and be completely vulnerable with one another. Rehab for couples is also the opportunity to begin the next chapter of your relationship on the right foot, and learn how to support each other the right way.

couple's therapy session
We also offer rehab for couples.

In case you and/or your spouse both qualify for Tricare, wait no more and apply for it. Ask close friends or family members to help you with it. It all might seem like a never-ending process, however, it’s worth the effort. Since you can reduce the financial burden that comes with rehab, don’t hesitate to put in the extra effort. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help and double-check all required paperwork you have to submit when applying for Tricare insurance.

Does Tricare cover Aftercare treatment?

In over 90% of the cases, continuous care is essential to a long-term sober lifestyle. The treatments included in Aftercare are meant to help patients apply coping skills in everyday situations, as well as in social gatherings. Family celebrations, holidays, and birthdays, for example, can be especially triggering. That’s why having a licensed therapist on call comes in handy. Moreover, in case of relapse, it’s easier to go back on track thanks to professional guidance.

Tricare insurance can cover our After treatment as well. As already mentioned, it depends on the type of insurance level you opt for. We put a lot of emphasis on complete rehabilitation, which is why we encourage you to contact us for more details. Rest assured we’ll help you make the most of insurance benefits, and cover all treatments, including Aftercare.

What about supplementary activities?

Many rehab centers include hiking and other outdoor activities as important aspects of rehab. It’s important to check with the rehab center whether these activities can also be funded with Tricare.


unrecognizable woman writing types of addiction can you treat with Tricare
Make sure to take notes when speaking with the staff about Tricare insurance levels.

Inpatient vs Outpatient care

Rehab programs at Bright Futures aren’t one-size-fits-all, but rather accommodated and carefully curated toward patients’ needs. Therefore, we also understand that some patients would rather stay at home than live in a rehab center’s residential area. At Bright Futures, you may either opt for an inpatient or outpatient program:

  • Inpatient rehab – If you opt for the inpatient rehab Florida program, you’ll have a schedule to stick to while living in a rehab facility. Besides ongoing, round-the-clock care, you’ll have the staff at your disposal whenever you need something. Since inpatient rehab happens in a secluded area, you won’t be distracted by external triggers, noise, or news.
  • Outpatient rehab – While it lasts a bit longer than inpatient rehab, outpatient program Florida treatment centers offer are also effective. In fact, outpatient rehab is perfect for those who need to manage rehab, work duties, etc. It also gives a patient an opportunity to take a hold of their life and manage their recovery and daily duties. However, if you opt for this kind of rehab, you must make sure your household is a safe and clean space. That means, there mustn’t be any triggering objects, alcohol, medications – basically anything that can hinder your recovery. Also, you must be committed to visiting your rehab center for regular treatments.

Does Tricare cover inpatient and outpatient rehab?

You can fund your rehab – whether inpatient or outpatient – with Tricare. The extent of financial coverage will depend on many factors. Therefore, feel free to contact our administrative staff so they can give you a better insight. Our team will help you curate an insurance plan that helps you cover residential drug treatment Florida in its entirety.

smiling woman asking what types of addiction can you treat with Tricare
If you wonder what types of addiction can you treat with Tricare, and how to apply for the insurance plan, simply contact us!

Outpatient rehab costs less

In addition to being a less strict rehab program, outpatient rehab comes at a significantly lower price. That’s one of the main reasons why struggling individuals opt for it. Depending on the types of treatment, it’s possible to cover the entirety of outpatient rehab with Tricare.

Is it possible to cover 100% of rehab with Tricare at Bright Futures Rehab Center?

One thing that confuses many is the way insurance coverage works. Tricare does cover either drug or alcohol rehab. However, the extent of coverage depends on each rehab center individually. If you, for example, wish to partake in workshops, Yoga, and other supplementary activities, you must find out whether Tricare covers them. Another important thing to consider is the set of requirements that decide whether a patient is eligible for all the benefits of the Tricare insurance plan. You can check this with the insurance provider, or come to us for guidance. There are levels of Tricare insurance plans you should learn about before you apply for them.

Our staff is there to help you navigate complicated insurance paperwork. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know how we can help. Our staff is here to simplify the application process for you or your loved one.

What if an insurance proposal gets rejected?

In some instances, people get turned down for insurance. There are many reasons for this; such as incomplete documentation. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t re-apply again and get positive news. This is why you should be careful when applying for insurance, and make sure you don’t miss anything. The insurance provider can give you guidance, or you can contact us for additional assistance.

two people signing a ontract
Let us handle administrative details!

Contact us at Bright Futures for more information

This guide was intended to give you insight into what types of addiction can you treat with Tricare. However, if you happen to have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our kind staff is ready to give you all the answers you need. Bright Futures is one of the leading rehab centers that provide the best care for soldiers and veterans. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to give us a call. With time, patience, and continuous care, addiction can become a past. On the other hand, if you suspect that your loved one developed an addiction, we stand at your disposal. Our team can help you organize a non-invasive intervention and help your loved one take the first steps toward sobriety.

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