What to Expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach?

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After you realize that you or a loved one has an addiction problem, seeking help is the next step toward recovery. However, knowing where to find that help can sometimes be challenging. There are many rehab centers to choose from and many rehab programs. So why should you select Boynton Beach rehab? The answer is that here you can find one of the best partial hospitalization programs. Some people that fight addictions need complete hospitalization to overcome their problems, while others can receive residential treatment. We believe that the perfect treatment comes from a combination of the two. That is why we developed the partial hospitalization program. But what can you expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach? To answer that question, we need to go further into detail about the program and its benefits. So keep reading to see what our PHP program can do for you.

What is a partial hospitalization program?

Everyone’s addiction treatment requirements are unique. PHPs, or partial hospitalization programs, are intensive forms of outpatient substance use disorder treatment. During this program, patients live at home and attend many hours of therapy at the center throughout the day. That makes this program the most flexible option.

Our partial hospitalization program in Florida, or day treatment, consists of addiction treatment sessions for at least five days a week, depending on the patient’s requirements and availability. Also, PHP might take up to 8 hours every day. During this time, patients can participate in various activities, from therapy and counseling to fun outdoor activities. However, we don’t monitor patients in PHP constantly. Therefore, they must show commitment to the program and the capacity to stand by their treatment plan.

PHP or Intensive Outpatient Addiction Programs?

Why should you choose a partial hospitalization program instead of an outpatient addiction program or IOP in Palm Beach, Florida? PHP and IOP are flexible treatment choices that do not require you to stay at our treatment center. The level of treatment and time commitment are the two distinctions between PHPs and IOPs. IOPs need fewer hours per week, whereas partial hospitalization programs might demand a minimum of 20 hours per week. Furthermore, PHPs are more rigorous and provide more extensive care, similar to what is available in residential programs. In addition, because an IOP needs fewer weekly treatment hours in a less rigorous program, many people use it after finishing a PHP to help them transition back into regular life.

Who can attend a PHP?

PHP may be a practical choice if you or a loved one are battling various types of addiction. For example, a person who needs assistance with withdrawal symptoms and communication skills may attend PHP to meet these requirements. You or a loved one may also be eligible for PHP if you have previously demonstrated progress, can stick to a treatment plan, and stay healthy by yourself. PHP may also be a good option for those living at home due to family duties such as childcare.

Person reaching out their hand
Expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach to find the helping hand you need.

How to enter a PHP program?

If you are interested in PHP, you should first consult with a qualified therapist. That will help you figure out what program is ideal for you. The therapist should consider your physical and mental state and then choose a program, as you should make this decision with guidance.

If PHP is the best option, you should also consult with your health insurance or Medicare. PHP might be costly due to its demanding nature, so you must check if your insurance covers it. For instance, if you wonder does Aetna cover drug rehab, we can tell you the answer is yes. In reality, many insurers want to ensure that you work with an approved provider in a program with a higher success rate.

Outpatient Program in Bright Future Treatment Center

When you reach our Outpatient Program in Florida, there are a few stages that you will go through. First, our professionals will verify your qualification. You will receive a free first evaluation to help us better understand your addiction. Then, you will go through a clinical and mental consultation followed by an introduction to medication. After you start the program, you will benefit from medication management that prevents relapse and dose evaluations. As you may imagine, your medication needs will change over time, so we will have to review you and adjust the prescriptions or doses to meet your requirements.

What can you expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach

Now that you know what a PHP is and who can attend it, it’s time to see what to expect when attending our program in our residential drug treatment center in Florida. Here are a few benefits of a PHP:

  • You continue to get treatments, work in groups, or have private sessions with peers and therapists.
  • You will decrease the number of medications you need to take to avoid withdrawal or to reduce cravings.
  • You can participate in family therapy and receive counseling on maintaining sobriety at home.
  • You will have great specialists at your side monitoring your progress and deciding when is the time to take the next step in recovery.

Besides these benefits, there are others that we would like to discuss in more detail. Here are some of them:

You will have a healthy routine

Those attending a meth rehab in Florida, an oxycodone rehab, or a rehab for alcohol abuse need to regain power over their lives. The best way to do so is by adopting a routine. Therefore, in a PHP, patients must follow a daily and weekly routine with a well-thought-out schedule. They must attend therapy sessions, support group meetings, or health check-ups. They also engage in fun activities that we will discuss later on.

person preparing to go to a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach
Having a daily routine will help you get back on track.

You will have daily interaction with others

And when we mean others, we mean the care staff, the professionals, and other patients. Daily interaction with medical professionals will ensure that you are responding well to the treatment and making signs of progress. On the other hand, interacting with the care staff and other patients will help you build a support network essential during recovery.

Your treatment is flexible

Outpatient treatment programs are adaptable enough to meet the needs of individuals as they proceed through their recovery journey. In addition, PHPs are part of a network of treatments that people can benefit from the day they decide to stop using substances until they complete recovery.

Furthermore, if a patient has duties at home that they must attend to, PHP allows them to do so. Not being fully hospitalized gives patients the option to live an everyday life while under treatment. Therefore, flexibility is what you should expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach.       

You will engage in fun activities

If you attend Adderal addiction rehab in Boynton Beah or any other rehab program we offer, you will engage in lots of fun activities. After all, patients should be reminded that sobriety is much healthier and more fun than substance abuse. Therefore, because we are in South Florida and have so many beautiful beaches, we like to take advantage of them. For instance, we have beach visits once a month at Oceanfront Park. In addition, we encourage our patients to try out snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Also, we can offer more relaxing activities such as watching movies. For the more adventurous of our patients, we can organize paintball games during which we focus on teamwork.

Partial Hospitalization Program patients in Boynton Beach practicing kayaking
You can expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach to practice fun activities.

You can have affordable treatment

In some cases, patients can’t afford inpatient treatment. As a result, PHP is an excellent option because it is less expensive and provides most of the benefits of inpatient treatment. Of course,  without the overnight living expenses. Furthermore, if the patient already has strong support from family members at home, PHP may be the best choice.

At the same time, as mentioned earlier, some insurers will cover the full or at least partial treatment. At least in our center. For instance, to the question, does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab, we can answer with a definitive yes.

Other insurance coverage options for your PHP

If you are unsure if your insurance covers rehabilitation programs, here is a list of insurance coverage options we have come across:

  • Tricare is a health program that covers uniform service members and their families, national guard and reserve members and their families, veterans, or former spouses. But does Tricare cover alcohol rehab? You need to check, as Tricare has multiple insurance plans that can differ from patient to patient.
  • Cigna is a multinational healthcare and insurance provider whose subsidiaries are mainly health workers. However, does Cigna cover drug rehab? In some treatment centers, such as Bright Futures, it is entirely acceptable for drug and alcohol rehab. For other treatment centers, we recommend you ask before you start the program.
  • Aflac offers insurance coverage for people and groups to help pay for services not covered by your primary medical insurance. Does Aflac cover alcohol rehab? Unfortunately, Aflac may not cover treatment costs in our or other rehabilitation centers. However, you can still check if your primary insurer does!
  • Humana offers a variety of health insurance plans for individuals, families, or small businesses. But does Humana cover alcohol rehab? In most cases, like ours, Humana will cover drug and alcohol treatment. However, it is still better to ask first in any treatment center you choose.

Your family can be by your side

Individual therapy focuses on a single person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. On the other hand, family therapy focuses on the relationships and experiences of all family members. Family therapy aims to clarify all relationships and aid restoration and togetherness. Family therapists think that issues arise between individuals rather than within them.

When it comes to family therapy in addiction recovery, a family therapist will investigate with the family how drug use and addiction affect each family member. Furthermore, they can educate the family regarding drug use and support them in switching from harmful behaviors to better ones.

For recovering patients, having their loved ones by their side is essential. So expect a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach to encourage family therapy as much as group sessions or individual therapy. 

You will learn to meditate

Meditation is a powerful yet easy method to gain several health benefits, including stress and anxiety relief. Over the years, meditation has grown more popular as a kind of therapy for both substance abuse and general wellness. Meditation’s overall purpose is to connect the mind and body for increased mental well-being and a higher quality of life. Increased awareness and connection are achieved by taking deep breaths, focusing o breathing, and reciting a mantra.

Furthermore, meditation can offer emotional stability, increased focus, improved mood, better focus, and a reduced risk of relapse. At the same time, it can help lower blood pressure, relieve pain, reduce stress, and help you improve sleep quality. So, whether you are in recovery for a few days, months, or years, including meditation in your everyday life can be nothing but beneficial. Moreover, you will feel the advantages of daily meditation as soon as you start.

You can practice yoga

Yoga practice can help balance regions of the brain and body unbalanced by drug usage. Also, yoga has several emotional advantages in addition to its physical benefits. People who practice yoga become more aware of their bodies’ needs, learn to control their breathing, and truly listen to their bodies. That will increase self-awareness and help patients focus their energy inward. Most importantly, patients will regain control over their bodies and minds and become more confident. 

However, yoga has many other benefits, such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved physical endurance and strength
  • Increased self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Emotional recovery
  • Alleviates pain
  • Boosts your mood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases mobility
  • Improves sleeping
  • Improves your eating habits
  • Reduces fatigue

As you can see, yoga is much more than just stretching. It can be effective as part of rehabilitation treatment. In addition, yoga is an excellent alternative treatment that patients can practice throughout their lives. It will help them relax and increase their clarity of mind whenever needed.

Woman doing yoga as part of a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach
Practicing yoga for recovery is one of the things you can expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program In Boynton Beach

You will learn the importance of nutrition in recovery

The human body suffers significantly as a result of substance abuse. Therefore, recovery from alcohol or drug abuse is a long process, with nutrition one of the factors you must address. Alcoholism, in particular, is complicated to recover from since the detoxification stage is complicated and alcohol is difficult to avoid in everyday social situations. Furthermore, alcoholism affects the body in many ways, especially the digestive system. As a result, food becomes essential in rebuilding the body and maintaining health.

In recovery, providing patients with information about healthy eating behaviors is critical. Sometimes, food addiction replaces substance addiction; thus, nutrition education is essential. Moreover, patients need to learn that food is a healthy tool they can use in recovery and not only a necessity. So each patient needs to know their nutritional conditions and have a good nutrition plan. For instance, patients need to have scheduled meals, avoid caffeine and sugar, and introduce more vegetables and legumes in their diet.

You will benefit from medication management

Drugs such as opioids reduce anxiety, block pain sensation, and raise levels of neuroreceptors involved in motivation, learning, memory, movement, or pleasure. When a person uses these drugs regularly, the brain stops sending messages to these neuroreceptors. As a result, you need the drugs to function normally, so the addiction sets in.

When opioid addicts stop using the drugs, they begin to feel withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. Unfortunately, some of the withdrawal symptoms are severe and potentially fatal. As a result, when a person is addicted to opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, it is never advised to quit using the substance abruptly. A medical detox program is frequently the best way to process drugs out of the brain and body properly. Medication is commonly used during medical detox to treat and decrease drug withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, a medication management program can aid and support long-term recovery.

Different pills on a white surface
Medication management is essential to Partial Hospitalization Programs in Boynton Beach.

You will be protected by FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act requires eligible employers to give job-protected, unpaid leave to employees for approved medical and family reasons. This leave can last up to 12 weeks, and it can be requested for the birth of a child, taking a child in foster care, caring for an ill family member, or severe health conditions. But is drug rehab covered under FMLA? Fortunately, FMLA recognizes mental health issues and substance abuse as severe health conditions and protects patients under treatment. Therefore, you will be covered by FMLA while receiving treatment from a healthcare provider such as Bright Futures. You won’t have to worry about losing your job, so that you can focus 100% on your recovery.

You will receive the best aftercare there is

Complete rehabilitation means passing through many stages. Some are easier, and some are more challenging. However, the actual recovery test comes after you leave the rehabilitation center. Staying sober and saying no to drugs or alcohol becomes your primary concern. Returning to your typical day-to-day life can sometimes feel scary as a former addict.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be alone in this journey to a new, healthier life. That is why aftercare is so essential in the rehabilitation process. It provides an easier transition to your former way of living instead of just sending you back into the world all by yourself. In short, aftercare is a supervised transition from the intensive recovery program to your regular life.

The actual objective of aftercare is to assist program alumni in applying the tools they learned in treatment to avoid relapse. It’s customary to work with a case manager to develop a plan you are prepared to follow once therapy is over. If you do not follow through on your aftercare plan, you are considerably less likely to remain sober after leaving the supportive setting of the facility.

people taking part in a Partial Hospitalization program in Boynton Beach holding hands.
Expect a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach to offer you all the support you need through its carers.

Does PHP work?

A PHP is a carefully constructed program that can be a successful treatment option for people who cannot commit to inpatient treatment or who require a step down from inpatient treatment. It is not for everyone, and you must meet specific criteria to determine whether it is the best program for you. However, please get assistance if you are battling with addiction or know someone who is. There is yet hope for healing. We can assist if you want to learn more about partial hospitalization or have additional questions regarding drug and alcohol treatment alternatives.

What to expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach final words

As you can see, PHP is ideal for persons gradually moving from detox or inpatient treatment back into the community. It may also be suited for people who need extensive care and direction on their recovery journey but do not require 24-hour medical monitoring. The main benefits of PHP treatment are access to health experts, doctors, therapists, and a caring community. The fundamental goal of treatment is to assist clients in continuing to build appropriate coping skills while dealing with past trauma, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders. In addition, PHP offers flexibility and the option to receive treatment at a lower cost. When therapy is over for the day, the patient can return home to their family without paying to stay overnight.

Among the other things to expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Boynton Beach, you can also expect to learn essential skills such as time management, prioritizing tasks, and relying on your strengths. In addition, expect to improve your communication skills and get help in rebuilding damaged relationships. You will have full support in becoming more independent and reentering society on the right foot.

A phone call is the first step toward a brighter future. If you finished an inpatient treatment program or seek a high level of care from an outpatient program, a PHP may be a good fit for your recovery objectives. So don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or need guidance.

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