What to Expect From a Palm Beach Addiction Center?

Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Deciding to seek treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction can be intimidating. If this is your first time going into rehab, you are probably nervous as you can’t imagine what your days will look like. It’s normal that you don’t know what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center, but we will be more than happy to put your mind at ease. Bright Futures Treatment Center is one of the leading drug and rehab facilities in Boynton Beach. As such, we consider it our duty to help everyone navigate the difficult waters of addiction and find their way to long-term recovery and sobriety.

An aerial view of a beach and the road next to it.
You can find your way to recovery in our Palm Beach facility, located in a peaceful setting.

First things first – when should you consider finding a Palm Beach addiction center?

People say that the first step is the most difficult one – and that’s particularly true when dealing with addiction. Prolonged use of alcohol and drugs will result in behavioral changes that make it difficult for an individual to admit that they need help. However, the best time to seek treatment for addiction is once you start noticing its detrimental effects on your:

  • Physical health and appearance
  • Mental health
  • Personal relationships
  • Hobbies and activities

Likewise, if you notice that someone you love is having trouble with the aforementioned aspects or is suddenly behaving out of character, it might be time to consider having an intervention. One’s chances of completing treatment and maintaining sobriety are the greatest if one goes through the levels of care before being completely consumed by their addiction.

Levels of care offered at Bright Futures Treatment Center

When it comes to knowing what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center, you must understand that it all depends on the program you are placed in. Which program will be best suited for your needs depends on a few variables, including the substances you are using, how long you have been using them, and whether you have developed a tolerance or addiction. We here at Bright Futures Treatment Center offer four levels of care designed with your needs in mind.

1. Partial Hospitalization Program

Upon contacting our Florida rehab facility, you will go through an initial assessment with our professionals. It’s at this step that we will estimate whether you need to start with a Medically Assisted Program (MAT). During this stage, our clients receive FDA-approved drugs that are used to treat the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. The individuals going through this program are partially hospitalized and under constant supervision.

A woman reading what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center on a tablet.
Partial Hospitalization Programs are designed to provide individuals with constant care and supervision.

After successful completion of a MAT program, our clients can move on to an Inpatient program. With partial hospitalization in our equipped clinical facility, you will be surrounded by therapists, counselors, and professionals who will be supportive at all times. Our fully-staffed facility will make these initial stages of alcohol or drug withdrawal much more bearable.

2. Florida Model Program

Some of our clients don’t feel fully confident to move on to an Outpatient program right after finishing Inpatient treatment. Those clients get a chance to spend some time in our residential housing facility that offers a plethora of luxuries. Picnic tables, barbeque, flat-screen TVs, cable, and a location near the beach are all the amenities our community living facility offers. And while we ensure you enjoy the small luxuries, we still keep our eyes on the prize. You continue to receive continual support and care from our therapists and counselors.

3. Intensive Outpatient Program

Once you are ready to go through a 12-step program, you’ll know that you are attending our outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program. Our focus during this program will be on different types of therapies, including individual, group, and trauma therapy. It’s through a combination of these that we manage to treat addiction from every angle.

4. General Outpatient Program

This program represents the last step before you can regain control over your life. Our General Outpatient Program focuses on maintaining abstinence and developing healthy coping skills and mechanisms. Individuals still go through weekly individual and group therapy sessions. Likewise, there’s the incorporation of weekly 12-step program meetings.

A psychologist talking to a patient.
Addiction is an illness that can be successfully put under control with the right treatment.

It goes without saying that your expectations from a Palm Beach addiction center will depend on the program you are attending. Keep in mind that most of our clients go through all of the aforementioned levels of care. Whether you get admitted to an alcohol or drug rehab Florida program, your chances of success are always the highest after a long-term stay.

What your day in our Palm Beach addiction center is going to look like

If you are not sure exactly what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center, we can tell you that you can expect your days to have some structure and routine. The idea behind structured days is to achieve consistency, which helps with addiction treatment. Thus, we’d like to give you an example of what your day will look like after entering our drug and alcohol rehab Florida facility. Please note that there can be some variations depending on the type and severity of your addiction, as well as your personal circumstances.


We put special focus on waking up every day at a designated time. If you are taking any medications, they will be handed to you by our nurses. Once you take your medications and get ready for the day, you will be served a nutritious breakfast. Then, you can go on to attend your first therapy sessions of the day. Depending on the type of therapy, certain breaks for meditation or journaling are allowed.


Your afternoon of even more therapeutic activities begins after having lunch. Bear in mind that all the meals that you receive in our facility are nutritious and healthy. Withdrawal is a process that puts stress on your body, which is why it needs to be replenished. Depending on your treatment, you will go on to your second therapy of the day or get some free time. You can use that free time to do yoga, meditate, or partake in some other physical activity. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand, which is why our treatment facility focuses on both.

A healthy breakfast.
Every meal of the day will consist of foods that are good for your body and mind.


After your third meal of the day, you will either have yet another therapy session or get some free time before going to bed. We always suggest that you use all of your free time to the best of your ability, as it’s important to immerse yourself in productive activities, such as reading. Our Palm Beach addiction center has a set time for the lights out moment, and you will be informed at what time you are expected to go to bed. Once again, the point behind a curfew is to ensure that you have consistency throughout the day.

What to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center and our admission process?

Most people imagine that the admissions process is going to be long and time-consuming. Quite the contrary – we have ensured that getting access to our treatment center is relatively easy and stress-free. It goes without saying that the first part of the process is giving us a call. Usually, that’s the most difficult part, as it involves you admitting that you need help. Once you get in touch with our professionals, you will go through the initial assessment.

That initial assessment is free of charge. Likewise, this conversation shouldn’t take more than fifteen to twenty minutes. However, we expect it to provide us with all the necessary pieces of information. Our professionals are going to pose a series of structured questions that will help us assess the severity of your addiction. The following is merely a sample of questions that you can expect after contacting our Palm Beach addiction center:

  • How many times did you drink alcohol or take drugs in the past thirty days?
  • During those same thirty days, how often did you decide to give up your activities and hobbies due to your substance abuse?
  • Have you been arrested for drug or alcohol-related reasons?
  • How would you rate your overall mental and physical health?
  • Do you have any children? If you do, are they living with you or with someone else? Is it due to a court order?
  • How satisfied are you with your life at the moment?
A man talking on the phone about what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center.
Make the initial phone call and be one step closer to lifelong sobriety.

Every question that we pose has a good purpose. It helps us determine where your addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol, or drugs is at, giving us a chance to place you at the best level of care.

What to expect from the process of detoxification?

Most people entering a drug rehab facility are worried about the detoxification process that’s about the ensue. Detox is a process that aims to remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from your body. If you have developed an addiction to meth, heroin, alcohol, or any other substance, then you will have to experience the symptoms of withdrawal. We know that this is a difficult process for every person that enters our facility, yet it’s a mandatory step. That’s the only way for you to be physically and mentally ready for the remaining stages of treatment.

Of course, it goes without saying that we won’t let you struggle and suffer. Instead, we will use medications that were approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. By using Suboxone, Naltrexone, Buprenorphene, and Naloxone, we’ll do our best to diminish the negative effects of withdrawal. Bear in mind that using medication during the detoxification process also provides greater chances for long-term success. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we aim for both short-term and long-term results.

What to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center regarding your rights?

Let us begin by saying that, for Bright Futures Treatment Center, your rights are all that matter. We think that it’s very important for you to be aware of them if thinking about entering a drug treatment program. Likewise, if someone you love is also seeking rehab, it’s essential for you to know that they will be treated with respect. Every individual that walks through our doors has the right to:

  • Access their records.
  • Participate in their own care and make decisions regarding their treatment.
  • Informed consent means that you are well aware of all the risks and benefits of the treatment that you are about to receive.
  • Equal care, free of any discrimination or abuse.
A close-up of a medical record.
Every individual is entitled to make all the decisions regarding their treatment.

Even though you have full liberty to make the decisions regarding your treatment, you can decide to pass that option to a different person. You can designate someone that you love and trust to be in charge of your care, making all the important decisions.

The bottom line

Many people head into rehab not knowing what to expect. Thus, you are not the first nor the last person that doesn’t know what to expect from a Palm Beach addiction center. And while you might not be certain what your days inside a rehab facility will look like, it’s very important to head into treatment with realistic goals and expectations. You shouldn’t bank on reaching sobriety over the span of a few days. Likewise, you shouldn’t expect your stay inside a treatment facility to resemble a vacation. You can be comfortable, but you are still going through treatment. If you have any further questions regarding your expectations, we will be happy to answer them. Thus, give us a call and provide yourself with some answers.


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