What is The Goal Of Psychotherapy During Recovery?

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Recovering from an addiction is a process that requires quite a lot of time, energy, and effort. Most importantly, it requires the use of different approaches that will tackle the existing addiction in a few different ways. As a reliable addiction treatment center in Florida, we aim to constantly search for new ways in which we can make the process of recovery faster and simpler. And we do have a trick up our sleeve – psychotherapy. What is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery, you ask? Well, there’s more than one goal, and we’ll be happy to share with you everything we know about psychotherapy and its importance during recovery.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a form of treatment for people with addiction or a mental illness. Psychotherapy helps people work through their problems by talking about their feelings and any traumatic events that have happened. This form of therapy relies on the power of words only, which is why it can and should be used in all drug rehab Florida facilities.

A psychotherapist's office.
Psychotherapy takes place in a tranquil environment where an individual can feel safe.

It’s important to mention that psychotherapy isn’t a magical solution. People shouldn’t expect to solve their problems over the course of a few talks, as it usually takes a lot more to get to the bottom of things. When used correctly, this form of therapy can be one of the most powerful tools that professionals at singles and couples rehab in Florida use to help their clients reach sobriety.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a disease that can affect any person. As with any other disease out there, addiction isn’t something that belongs to a certain social class or to people of a particular age group. Addictions work by taking complete control over an addict’s life, making the person unable to function without their drug of choice. People can be addicted to many different substances, the most common of which are alcohol, drugs, and prescription drugs.

Even if a person understands how devastating their addiction has become, they are usually unable to give up their substance of choice without some help. Their bodies have become accustomed to functioning with the substance in the system, and the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal are bound to start a few hours after that last dose. Thus, searching for a good drug or alcohol rehab center Florida can offer is always the recommended course of action.

What is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery?

Now, how do addiction and psychotherapy mix together? If you think about it, you will actually have no trouble understanding how psychotherapy can be a great tool for all inpatient and outpatient program Florida attendees. Psychotherapy, and its many different variations, will help an individual go through the most stressful stages of recovery. From detox and withdrawal to aftercare programs, a person will have to face many different obstacles. Every obstacle will bring about a different emotion and hurdle. That’s where psychotherapy enters the scene.

A psychologist in her office.
Psychotherapy will help an individual talk through the issues they might not even know they have.

The goal of psychotherapy during recovery is to help an individual share their thoughts, feelings, and problems. Psychotherapy creates a safe environment where one can feel secure enough to share the most personal things about themselves. But there is a secret that makes this form of treatment a complete success, and that secret is in personalization. Every person that enters our heroin, cocaine, or meth rehab Florida facility will have their own needs and problems. Our job isn’t to create one treatment plan and hope that it works for every client. Quite the contrary – our job is to adapt the plan to every client and wait for the good results which are inevitable.

The importance of psychotherapy

Most people believe that a person has been cured once their bodies are no longer addicted to the substance. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Breaking that physical dependence could even be the easier part of the job. For most people, breaking free from the mental dependence on their substance of choice is the more difficult part. And even if you finish the necessary treatment in an Oxycodone rehab Palm Beach center, there’s still the danger of relapsing.

Psychotherapy is used as the main form of breaking that mental dependence on one’s substance of choice. Moreover, psychotherapy aims to teach one about the healthy coping skills and mechanisms that prevent a relapse. While that’s not always the case, most people relapse because they don’t know how to cope with stress and temptation. Once a person leaves Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach treatment, they will face stress and problems. Their reaction to these obstacles will make a difference between sobriety and relapsing. Thus, if you are wondering what is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery, know that it aims to fix one’s current problems and prevent future ones.

Psychotherapy treats co-occurring mental disorders

It is often said that mental health disorders and addiction go hand in hand. We couldn’t agree more. A significant portion of people who enter the doors of our facilities usually suffers from a mood disorder, as well as some form of addiction. In most cases, it’s impossible to predict whether the mental health disorder stems from addiction or it’s the other way around. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that both of these need to be treated for a person to achieve full recovery.

Cubes spelling out mental health.
Want to know what is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery? It’s to simultaneously work on your mental health and sobriety.

With the help of psychotherapy, you can treat a co-occurring mental disorder – whether you have received a dual diagnosis or not. It goes without saying that some people could be prone to developing a mental disorder while in a rehab facility. After all, this environment isn’t exactly easy on a person’s mental health. Luckily, psychotherapy will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Psychotherapy doesn’t cost extra once you enter a rehab facility. All you need to do is find out does insurance cover alcohol rehab, admit yourself to our treatment center, and allow psychotherapy to perform its magic. It might not be a magical solution, but it certainly works wonders during addiction recovery.

Who can benefit from psychotherapy during addiction recovery?

There isn’t a limit as to who should attend psychotherapy during addiction recovery. In fact, we will go as far as to say that anyone currently experiencing struggles with any form of addiction can benefit from this form of therapy. There isn’t an age limit, nor is there a limit when it comes to the type of addiction. Of course, the form of psychotherapy and its intensity will have to be adjusted to your particular situation.

If you are someone with a severe addiction to heroin, for example, psychotherapy will only be an additional tool in your recovery. In these situations, FDA-approved medications might be imperative during the initial stages of recovery. On the other hand, people with a mild addiction can work out their issues through therapy.

A man with a headache, wondering what is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery.
Depending on the severity of your addiction, psychotherapy can be the main tool for recovery or it can be an addition to your treatment.

The good news is that we here at Bright Futures Treatment Center are here for you, no matter what you need. We will gladly answer questions such as ‘is drug rehab covered under FMLA‘ and we will be more than happy to tailor a unique treatment plan for you. We have the same goal – we want to see you safe and sober in the optimal timespan.

Should the focus be on individual or group therapy?

There are many different forms of psychotherapy that can be used during addiction recovery. We firmly believe that the mixture of a few of them will yield the best results. However, the two main forms of psychotherapy we oftentimes see in addiction centers revolve around the individual and entire groups. If you are searching for the best residential drug treatment Florida has to offer, seeing whether they offer these two types of therapy will provide you with some necessary answers.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy sessions are a staple when it comes to drug rehab and recovery. In fact, once you contact us and inquire does Cigna cover rehab, you’ll find out that they are an integral part of our programs. They allow a licensed professional to work face-to-face with an individual. During therapy, they will have the full liberty to discuss all the problems that lie heavily on an individual’s shoulders. The advantage of individual therapy is in the fact that the entire focus is on one person. That gives the recovering addict a chance to be more open and discuss more personal things. At the same time, it gives the therapist time to closely monitor a person’s progress and predict setbacks.

Individual therapy is especially important for those who are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. These sessions can target both problems at once, providing an individual with the best care.

A doctor talking with a patient.
Individual psychotherapy is essential when a person has a co-occurring mental health disorder.

To gain access to individual therapy sessions, simply give us a call. Don’t hesitate to ask us everything that you want to know about our facility. From posing questions such as ‘does Tricare cover drug rehab‘ to inquiring about our licenses, we’ll be more than happy to provide an answer.

Group therapy

Group therapy is among the best ways for a person to understand that they are not alone. Plenty of people are struggling with addiction on any given day. In group therapy, an individual can have the support of other people with addiction. By sharing their personal experiences, people can prevent others from making the same mistakes. Usually, people attend group therapy in the form of 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

12-step programs are oftentimes an integral part of addiction recovery. However, they are generally not facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist. Still, we can’t underestimate the importance of this form of group therapy. 12-step programs can be a part of inpatient and outpatient treatment, but they don’t have to be. You can find these meetings independently. If you wish to have them as a part of your program, contact your rehab facility, find out does Aetna cover alcohol rehab and the 12-step program, and get the help that you need.

Always keep in mind the goal of psychotherapy during recovery

You might be someone who doesn’t believe in psychotherapy. However, the studies and reports don’t lie. It has been proven that psychotherapy can have significant and positive results during addiction recovery. Moreover, any form of psychotherapy will suffice. But it’s always best to mix a few different forms (such as individual and group therapy) and achieve the best and the fastest results. Wondering how to get access to different forms of therapy? Simply give us a call, find out does Humana cover alcohol rehab, commit yourself to a program, and you’ll get full access to therapy.

A psychologist talking to a patient.
Include psychotherapy in your addiction treatment and the results won’t be far behind.

Do you now know what is the goal of psychotherapy during recovery? If you do, you understand why it’s important to contact your rehab facility, find out does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab, and start attending psychotherapy right away. We aren’t claiming that it’s a magical solution that’s going to fix all of your problems. But we are claiming that it’s going to do wonders during addiction recovery. It will certainly help you get sober faster, which is why it’s so important to include it in your recovery.



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