What is The Best Way To Talk To Your Loved One About Binge Drinking?

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Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. As a society, we are becoming more prone to binge drinking, and this occurrence has become somewhat normal. However, as a luxury rehab Florida facility with experience, we know that this is how alcoholism begins. If you have noticed some worrisome symptoms in someone close to you, it’s very likely that you will try to help them. You might not know how to talk to your loved one about binge drinking – but we do. Here are some tips and tricks to take into account when you don’t know what to do – or say.

First things first – recognizing the signs of alcoholism and binge drinking

Before you can talk to your friend or family member about their tendency to overdrink, it would be good to be certain that they have a real problem. Binge drinking every other week is a path that leads to alcoholism, and this is something that should be addressed. Thus, before you suggest to the one you love that they are in need of an alcohol rehab center Florida residents trust, here are some symptoms of alcohol misuse that you should look out for before you try and talk to your loved one about binge drinking:

  • Drinking alone
  • Choosing alcohol over their favorite activities and important obligations
  • Making excuses about why they need to drink
  • The need for more alcohol to feel its effects
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Passing out
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Reddening of the face
Bottles of alcohol lined up.
Binge drinking has become a common occurrence nowadays, as alcohol is widely available.

Now, if you have already noticed a few of these symptoms (or all of them), then you might be panicking. We understand that you want to help the person you love and that you wish to get them settled in an alcohol and drug rehab Florida facility right away. But the worst thing you can do is act out of fear. Instead, we suggest you calm yourself and adopt some of the pieces of advice that we are about to distribute.

Talk to your loved one about binge drinking when they are sober

You should know that you are going to get nowhere if you try to talk to your loved one about his or her addiction when they are under the influence. When alcohol is coursing through their veins, there is no way that they will be able to think rationally. Thus, it’s all about the timing when approaching the one you love. Speaking of which, you should also pay attention to the overall setting.

It wouldn’t be a good thing to mention that they need to attend an outpatient program Florida residents trust while having a family Thanksgiving dinner. What would be a good idea is for you to start this conversation when you are alone, and they are not under the influence. It’s going to give you the biggest chance for a successful conversation.

Approach them with love – not anger

It’s thoroughly understandable that seeing someone you love binge drinking might make you feel all sorts of emotions. Anger could be mixed with love, resentment, worry, and many other emotions. We are not here to tell you that you should feel a certain way, as nobody can control what and how you feel – not even you. But you can control the way you react to your loved one binge drinking. And we are here to tell you that you should approach them in a loving manner that’s full of understanding.

A mother and daughter hugging.
Your loved one needs to feel like everything you are saying is coming from a place of love. That’s the only way they will be receptive to it.

Alcoholism can make a person act out of character, meaning that they can be aggressive, irrational, and even violent. They are much more likely to act that way if they feel that you are nagging or reproaching them. Instead, watch how your loved one becomes more receptive to the idea of singles or couples rehab in Florida, as you try to come from a place of love and support.

Listen before you speak

As a society, we have a problem with not listening to what other people are saying. But when dealing with someone who is suffering from addiction, there’s a lot less room for error. As much as you would love to talk their ear off to get them to stop drinking, that’s one of the worst things you could do. Instead, you should talk, but not before you listen. The one that you love might be on the verge of confiding in you, but that will be ruined if you can’t catch a break while speaking.

Instead, be supportive and listen to what they have to say. Don’t interrupt them while they are speaking. Sometimes, the slightest interruption is enough for them to give up on the idea of confiding in you. You should suggest that they should look into an alcohol, drug, or meth rehab Florida facility – but only after they voice their story and concern.

Explain why you are talking to your loved one about binge drinking

Once you sit down with your friend or family member and they give you their side of the story, the worst thing you can do is start throwing around accusations. Instead, you should explain which signs of binge drinking you have noticed, and share your perspective on it. It’s okay to tell them that you have noticed how they have been more absent from work due to their habits, but maybe try to wrap it in a nice package. Let them know that you recognize that they have been under a lot of stress lately, which is why you believe that they could use a stay in an alcohol or Oxycodone rehab Palm Beach center.

A woman trying to talk to your loved one about binge drinking.
Honesty is the best policy, and that certainly applies when trying to talk to your loved one about binge drinking.

The ultimate goal is to help them realize the kind of impact their addiction has had on the people around them. You should share how their potential addiction is hurting you, and what it could to do your relationship. Again, remain polite and respectful throughout the entire conversation. It’s the only way for them to even remain present.

Go through the potential consequences

Now, this is the really important part and the sole reason why you want to talk to your loved one about binge drinking. As someone who is observing the situation from the sidelines, you can clearly see how your friend or family member is about to face some problems. Understand that this part can be very tricky, as your person might not be open to grasping the seriousness of the situation just yet. You should have this conversation nonetheless because, if you do it right, you can help them avoid a stay in an alcohol or Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach facility.

Since most people who have a problem with alcohol avoid thinking about the future, it could be difficult to help them visualize everything that could happen. They are focused on the present, and they might even be drinking with the hopes of forgetting their current problems. In a loving way, explain what kind of problems they might run into if they continue binge drinking. Talk about the negative effects drinking can have on their relationships, their work, and social life. If your loved one is still in school, mention how their grades might start to suffer because of it.

A man sitting on a window sill and thinking.
You want to get your loved one to think about rehab and therapy. But you want to make it seem like it’s their idea.

They might not be open to listening to what you have to say at the moment. But, trust us, once they sit back and think about the conversation, they will likely start visualizing what their life could look like if they continue down the same path. Now, there are two things that could happen. One, they could grasp the consequences from the moment you start talking, and, two, they could understand them once they have a chance to think about your conversation. Either way, what comes next is asking for help. You might soon have to become an expert in questions such as does insurance cover alcohol rehab, and be ready.

Research the treatment options before you talk to your loved one about binge drinking

Getting your loved one to see that they have a problem is an excellent first step. But what comes next is just as important – and that’s getting them into treatment. Depending on the severity of their problem, they might be suitable either for outpatient or inpatient treatment in Florida. If they have started binge drinking just recently, then chances are that they will benefit most from outpatient care. Then again, inpatient programs provide the greatest support and constant monitoring. That’s why we suggest that an individual gets seen and assessed by a rehab professional.

As someone who is approaching another person, it would be great to do your research beforehand. A person who is on the cusp of addiction might have a problem realizing that they need help. So you can expect them to have an even bigger problem actually searching for help. You don’t necessarily need to have the number of an addiction center right away. But it would be good to provide them with a list of places that they can call. Or you can call and inquire about the things such as does Tricare cover drug rehab, but only if they ask you. The bottom line is never to do anything they aren’t comfortable with.

Of course, there are other ways to get help for binge drinking. If they are not open to spending time in a treatment center, they can also attend therapy or 12-step programs. Anything that helps them actively work on their problem will be good. Once again, the right course of action will depend on how far their addiction has come. It’s up to you to be ready and provide them with options – it’s up to them to accept help.

Offer your help every step of the way

The one thing you should know about people in recovery is that they will need help – and lots of it. And that help will be needed even before they step foot inside a treatment facility. At the moment, your loved one is probably lost and doesn’t know which steps to take next. Do they first ask is drug rehab covered under FMLA? Do they inquire about the different treatment methods? Or do they simply admit themselves into a facility and hope for the best? Well, that’s where you come in.

A woman holding a phone.
It might be up to you to make some phone calls or tour different facilities – everything that helps your loved one get the help they need.

Put yourself at your loved one’s full disposal. Tell them that you will gladly visit different treatment centers when they are trying to choose which one works best for their needs. Likewise, you will be happy to make a few phone calls with different therapists if that’s what’s giving them trouble. Also, mention that you won’t have a problem asking questions like ‘does Aetna cover alcohol rehab.’ Whatever helps them be more peaceful and tranquil is what you should do.

What to do when your loved one refuses to get help?

We wouldn’t be surprised if your friend, partner, or family member refused to get help at first. In fact, that’s how it usually goes. But that doesn’t mean that a person won’t see the error of their way later on. But for that to happen, you will first need to react accordingly. Here are some things you should do once your loved one refuses to get any help with their binge drinking.

Don’t use words such as ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’

This one goes hand-in-hand with most of the things we have mentioned so far. But there’s a good reason for it, and it’s because it will not be received well by your loved one. These two words have a lot of meaning, as nobody would like to be labeled as an alcoholic or an addict. That’s why you should completely forget that these two words even exist, as the one you love could become defensive and insulted.

Set boundaries

Now, this is a rather big one. Most individuals who are binge drinking don’t understand that their actions might have consequences. They can’t see that their job might be on the line or that they could damage their relationships. Speaking of which, we have to assume that your relationship is as important to the other person as it is to you. As someone who is so close to a person who is binge drinking, you could be the one who experiences all the consequences. You are by no means supposed to turn yourself into a victim. And that’s precisely why you should work on setting boundaries and clearly explain what is accepted and what is not.

A man talking to your loved one about binge drinking.
Be very clear when setting your boundaries and make sure nothing gets lost in the translation when trying to talk to your loved one about binge drinking.

Which boundaries you decide to set is solely up to you. This is a highly individual thing, as everyone will have their own set of dealbreakers. What we can suggest is for you to sit down and think things through. Tell them what you will tolerate and what you will not tolerate. But be sure not to hold back any help. Let them know that you are there when it comes to contacting treatment centers and finding out does Cigna cover rehab, but also let them understand that you will not tolerate some things. Usually, a firm yet loving approach will be enough to help your loved one understand the gravity of things.

Consider a professional intervention

There’s a good chance that your first attempt to talk to your loved one will fail. And you shouldn’t feel bad about it, as it has nothing to do with something that you did. It’s just what happens during most interventions. But just because it’s a common occurrence doesn’t mean that it should be the end of your attempts to help your loved one. Quite the contrary – this is the moment to work even harder on it and bring in some reinforcement. You can have another family member help you out, but it would be better if you invited a professional.

A professional can not only provide answers to the questions such as does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab, but they can also explain the consequences of their actions to your loved one. They have first-hand experience of what drinking can do, and the havoc it can wreak on relationships. Moreover, they know how to treat a person with potential addiction, so they will adjust their tone of voice accordingly.

A woman who has come to talk to your loved one about binge drinking.
Sometimes, people will be more open to listening to a professional who can share valuable insights into addiction.

You can get a professional to hold an intervention by contacting them and asking about their fees and availability. Their expertise is vast, as they know all about alcohol addiction, US Food and Drug Administration-approved medications, and treatment programs. They will be able to assess how far your loved one’s addiction has progressed and whether it is still on the occasional binge drinking level. Of course, this can also be your first step and you can start with professional intervention. It’s all about doing what you think is best for you and your loved one.

Don’t demand anything

At the end of the day, your loved one is an individual. They will do what they feel it’s best for them. That’s why you can’t come in and start making demands. All you can do is provide them with options and pieces of advice and wait for them to make the best decision. Of course, you know that the best thing would be for them to ask for help. We are sure you would get right on the prospect of asking does Humana cover alcohol rehab. However, you can’t make any hasty decisions.

Finally, the worst thing you can do is make demands and give ultimatums. Some people will be so desperate for their loved ones to stop binge drinking that they will give them an ultimatum. Saying that you will no longer keep in touch with them if they don’t stop drinking isn’t going to be productive. But saying that you would be happy to see them sober and healthy could have positive effects.

Talking to your loved one about binge drinking might not go as planned

And that’s okay. After all, addiction is very unpredictable. What’s important is not to give up after the first obstacle. We are not saying that you should try to talk to your loved one about binge drinking every minute of every day. But you should definitely not leave everything up to chance the first time you have an unproductive conversation. It goes without saying that you are not responsible for someone else’s health and happiness. However, we know that you will want to do everything in your power to help the one you love. By taking our tips and pieces of advice into consideration, we have no doubt that you will be successful. After all, if all else fails, you can always call in for professional assistance. We here at Bright Futures Treatment Center will be more than happy to do what is up to us to help.

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