What does recovery mean?

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What does recovery mean to you? Are you recovering, or are you completely recovered? I was recently asked this question, and it had me stumped for a moment. What does recovery genuinely mean to me? I had to ask myself, am I recovered? If I am sober and living an amazingly clean and healthy life, does that mean I am recovered? Am I still recovering? At first, my quick response was I have recovered. Just because I am clean and sober and have been for quite some time now, that does not mean I am fully recovered. If you look in the dictionary under ‘Recover,’ the meaning will say, regaining possession or control of something that was lost or stolen or return to a natural state of health. We are constantly in recovery, always recovering. Every day we wake up, we are working towards being a better, healthier version of us. We are gaining back our life. Taking back what we lost while suffering from substance abuse disorder. Therefore, we are never fully recovered. We are improving and healing every single day. Learning how to deal with past traumas while being sober and not using drugs or alcohol to self medicate. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, reach out for help! Start your recovery journey today!

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