Things You Should Know Before Starting a Rehab at Addiction Treatment Center in Florida?

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While it might not seem like it to some, addiction is an illness. Unfortunately, like the majority of other illnesses, addiction can never be 100% cured – but it can be completely manageable and fully under control. That’s why many rehabs in Florida exist – they aim to help people regain the control over their lives that they might have lost. However, going into rehab isn’t easy, especially when one ventures into it the first time around. To help you navigate these difficult and challenging times, we have prepared a list of the things you should know before starting rehab at an addiction treatment center in Florida. These ten items can’t be a magical solution that fixes your addictive tendencies overnight, but they can help you be more prepared for the days ahead of you.

Ten Things You Should Know Before Starting a Rehab at Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Whether going into a drug or alcohol rehab Boynton Beach facility, the days ahead of you will be filled with uncertainties. We know that no matter how well prepared you are, there are still going to be plenty of uncomfortable feelings around. But with our assistance and the help of our professionals, overcoming your addiction will be a process that’s going to make you feel proud of yourself. Before you make that first step that leads to a brighter future, here are some things you ought to be aware of.

A doctor talking to a patient.
Addiction treatment is never easy – but it can be made easier through guidance and sufficient preparation.

1. Your attitude will make a difference

Addiction is a particularly challenging illness as it is known for altering one’s behavior and emotional state. Many people enter drug rehab in Boynton Beach only after being a focal point of a drug intervention. Likewise, many times, it’s the people closest to you who will first notice that you have a drug or alcohol problem. While it goes without saying that you ought to take their advice into consideration, it’s always best to decide to seek help because you want to get better. Of course, if that’s the kind of decision you have made after a conversation with your loved ones, then we can say that the intervention was a complete success.

Before starting rehab at an addiction center in Florida, it’s important to know that there are studies that show that your attitude will play a huge role in your future success. People who enter a rehabilitation facility with a strong desire to get better are usually people who reach long-term sobriety. Of course, rehabilitation is a highly individual process that offers no guarantees. But it’s certainly better once you approach it with a positive attitude.

2. Understand the difference between treatment programs

Most rehab facilities in Florida offer numerous rehabilitation programs. Which program will be best suited for you depends on the severity of your addiction, its duration, and a few different variables. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we first assess our clients after that initial contact. After a thorough assessment, we make sure that they are placed in one of the following:

  • Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a program that uses FDA-approved medication to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal.
  • Inpatient Rehab Boynton Beach Program is a program that is designed for those individuals that can benefit from staying inside a treatment facility and avoiding the daily challenges that come with an uncontrolled setting.
  • IOP Boynton Beach (Intensive Outpatient Program) is oftentimes the next step in drug and alcohol treatment. An individual focuses on learning healthy coping mechanisms while being able to return to their home at the end of the day.
An office in a rehab facility.
In most cases, individuals need to go through all three programs before reaching long-term sobriety.

Before starting rehab at an addiction treatment center in Florida, you need to know that you might not be able to choose your program. Treatment professionals will give you their educated opinion, albeit it’s up to you to make that final decision.

3. Know that detox does not equal rehabilitation

Many people make the mistake of identifying detox with rehab. Detoxification is a part of rehabilitation – but it’s merely the first step of the process. Let’s say that you want to enter a heroin rehab Boynton Beach facility. If you have developed an addiction to heroin, then the first step will be to purge your body from the substance. You’ll start with a Medically Assisted Treatment that will use a combination of drugs to help your body go through the symptoms of withdrawal.

Bear in mind that detox might feel like the most difficult stage of rehabilitation. While it might be the scariest part from a physical standpoint, plenty of psychological work needs to happen once you successfully go through this phase.

4. Group therapies aren’t as scary as they seem

We know for a fact that many people fear group therapies before starting a rehab at addiction treatment center in Florida. In reality, group therapies are one of the most effective ways of overcoming addiction. They help an individual connect with people who share the same problem. Once you hear other opinions and perspectives, you start gaining a deeper insight into your own situation.

Whether in alcohol, meth, or crack cocaine rehab Boynton Beach facility, group therapies are likely going to be a major part of treatment. We have no doubt that you will make some of the greatest breakthroughs precisely during a group session. Of course, different types of therapy are just as important. When it comes to addiction, the key to success is to successfully combine different methods and approaches.

5. Drug and alcohol treatment doesn’t have to be expensive

There are many misconceptions surrounding rehab and addiction. Many people believe that addiction treatment will set them back tens of thousands of dollars – at the very least. That’s why we constantly get worried calls where the very first question is – does insurance cover drug rehab? The answer is yes – and it can cover up to 100% of total costs. However, you should bear in mind that not every insurance provider offers the same coverage.

Dollar bills needed for starting a rehab at addiction center in Florida.
Investing money in addiction treatment is wise – but you might not need to invest as much as you believe.

That’s why it’s best to contact the addiction treatment center directly and inquire about your situation. Wondering does Humana cover alcohol rehab? Perhaps you want to know whether Aflac will cover the cost of your treatment? The answers to all of your burning questions are only a phone call away.

6. Your support system plays a vital role

Humans are social beings. Moreover, addiction is an illness that requires special mental and physical support. Getting that support from your therapists is a great first step towards recovery. However, there’s one other very important ingredient missing – the love of those close to you. Getting support from friends and family can make all the difference in addiction treatment. That’s why gathering your support system is one of the most important things to do before starting a rehab at addiction center in Florida.

Keep in mind that there are many types of therapies where your loved ones can participate. Whether attending Boynton Beach prescription drugs addiction treatment or leaving behind years of alcohol abuse, we have no doubt that those that love you will be your greatest cheerleaders. Many people believe that their addiction has caused irreparable damage to their relationships. Bear in mind that those who love you will oftentimes show more understanding than what you expect. Give gathering your support system a try and you might experience a great surprise.

7. Enter a rehab facility with all the necessary items

Many people aren’t sure whether they can bring any personal items with them. The answer is a definite yes. However, you will have to be careful about what you bring when entering an oxycodone rehab Boynton Beach facility. Bringing clothes, personal hygiene items, books, CDs, writing materials, family photos, and similar items is more than allowed – it is recommended. However, you should also keep in mind that there are some items that you can not bring with you. Any mind-altering substances, weapons, and products with alcohol are not permissible inside a rehab facility.

A woman sitting next to a suitcase.
Pack your suitcase with care and ensure that you bring all the necessary items with you.

8. Various activities will help you during your journey

Most individuals envision a rehab facility as a place where you have therapies and take medication. It’s only after you spend some time in an Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach facility that you realize that’s not really the case. More often than not, rehab consists of therapy and therapeutic activities. The more time you spend doing something you love, the easier it will be to break free from the shackles of addiction.

Most rehab centers provide one with an opportunity to practice yoga and mindfulness and partake in different arts and crafts. Our addiction center provides picnic spots and barbeque-designated areas, giving our clients a chance to spend some quality time outside of treatment. We are well aware that these activities are just as important as regular therapy sessions.

9. Aftercare programs help you remain on the right path

Aftercare programs might not be an absolute must for anyone currently in rehab. However, they are more than helpful in the long run. These programs help you stay connected with people who share the same trials and tribulations. They allow you to remain a part of the community and attend weekly, monthly, or yearly meetings. Most people imagine these programs to resemble an AA meeting. However, aftercare and alumni programs oftentimes give one a chance to spend some time partaking in different types of activities, all the while being in good company. Thus, before starting rehab in an addiction facility in Florida, we suggest you give these programs a thought. They might not be a must, but they are certainly a plus.

A group of friends before starting a rehab at addiction center in Florida.
Staying connected to a community of people is important for maintaining sobriety.

10. Rehabilitation does not end once the program finishes

The process of initially reaching sobriety might be considered the most difficult part of the journey. However, one should be aware that the hardships don’t end once you reach that desired point. Quite the contrary – sobriety entails lifelong work, as staying away from the substances you have been using is very challenging. This is particularly true for those in rehab due to alcohol use. Alcoholic beverages are all around us, and they are most likely going to be present during every family or work-related event that you visit.

Thus, it’s important to know that rehabilitation doesn’t end with the program. This is the time for you to implement all of those skills and healthy coping mechanisms that you have been learning during your treatment. Before you start rehab at an addiction center in Florida, you should know that relapse is a real danger. Many people will relapse at some point, and the rehabilitation process will begin anew. It’s important to know that relapsing doesn’t turn you into a failure. Many people before you have relapsed, and many of them have once again successfully reached sobriety.

The Bottom Line

We applaud you for starting a rehab at addiction treatment center in Florida, as this is a decision that shows that you admit that you need help and are willing to work on it. But before entering an addiction treatment facility, it would be best to gather some vital pieces of information. That’s precisely what this article is for – to bring you in on a few basic things to keep in mind before starting rehab. You can always contact Bright Futures Treatment Center if you have any questions about our rehab programs. We’ll be more than happy to help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one.


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