The Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Addiction Treatment in Florida

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Men and women are very similar in a lot of things. However, when it comes to addiction and rehab, we have to admit that they differ in quite a few things. In fact, there are so many differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida that gender is oftentimes one of the first things taken into account when tailoring a treatment plan. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we like to create the most optimal plan for our clients. After all, it’s this plan that will have the most influence on your future sobriety and long-term happiness. Thus, we like to put all the extra thought into it as necessary.

The differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida

From the way in which they seek help to the triggers of their addiction, men and women differ greatly when it comes to substance abuse. We’ve gathered all the data based on our experience which we have backed up by online research. Thus, we were able to make clear distinctions between how women react to addiction versus men.

A man and a woman with a dog.
Being of a certain gender could make it easier to go through rehab.

Men are more likely to develop an addiction

The rate at which men suffer from addiction differs greatly when compared to the number of women with the same problem. Drug addiction, in particular, affects men twice as often as women. That’s why the number of men in drug rehab in Florida is also usually twice as big as the number of women. Although, take into consideration that some variations are possible. And since men are more likely to become addicted to drugs, they will also be in greater danger of relapse.

This doesn’t mean that women are exempt from suffering from drug addiction. Thus, if you are a female and you know that you have a family history of drugs, we would suggest that you be careful. The statistical data might be in your favor, but those same statistics also show that nearly 16 million women in the USA alone have used illicit drugs in the past year.

Women are less likely to have a problem with alcoholism

If men are twice as likely to become addicted to drugs and suffer from addiction, they are three times as likely to develop a problem with alcoholism when compared to their female counterparts. We could debate for ages why this happens, and some might argue that men suffer from more work-related stress than women. But that’s not a part of our concerns, as we are only concerned with treating alcohol addiction in FL once it does happen – regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

People making a toast.
Women aren’t as likely as men to develop a problem with alcohol abuse, but that doesn’t make them immune.

We believe that reading proven facts such as this one will be a good thing to do every once in a while. It allows you to see what your weaknesses could be based on your gender, helping you make informed decisions for your future. Why would you risk having many drunken nights when you know that you have a high predisposition for alcohol abuse?

Men and women abuse prescription opioids equally

Prescription drugs are drugs that are prescribed to you by your doctor and that are used to treat different conditions. Oftentimes, they are used as painkillers and serve to make one’s life easier – both long-term and short-term. The problem with these drugs is that they are highly addictive. If a person isn’t careful about how he or she uses them, they could find themselves facing prescription drug rehab in Florida. Well, it just so happens that both men and women can have a problem with these opioids.

To give you an exact number, we have looked into the findings of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Their numbers show that every year, around four million women will report prescription drug misuse. You can then compare that number to the five million men who have reported misusing this same group of drugs. These numbers show that both men and women are very likely to develop a problem with prescription opioids. Make note that heroin doesn’t belong to these statistics. Even though it’s an opioid drug, it’s not a prescribed drug.

The cause of addiction shows many differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida

As you most likely already know, there are many reasons why a person might start using drugs or alcohol. Of course, there isn’t a reason that’s good enough that would make addiction an okay choice. But we get how some people might be tempted and fall into the trap that addiction is. However, research shows that the reasons why a man might find himself in an Inpatient program in Florida are significantly different when compared to the usual reasons why women end up there. Our findings tell the following story.

A stressed out man, thinking about the differences between women's and men's addiction treatment in Florida.
There are significant differences between women and men when it comes to their reasons for addiction.

The reasoning behind addiction for men

When men develop a problem with addiction, it usually happens for one of two main reasons. The first reason is related to the need to increase their positive mood. Think about the drug and alcohol consumption that happens at parties or after finals. When men are feeling the need for some positivity and happiness, they might turn to substances and ultimately end up seeking a heroin rehab facility in FL.

The second reason is concerned with behavioral and social problems. Drugs and alcohol should never be used as problem-solvers because they can only bring you additional problems. If you are currently experiencing any behavioral or social problems, consulting a professional or talking to a trusted friend is always better than the alternative.

The reasoning behind addiction for women

On the other hand, women have entirely different reasons for experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Keep in mind that we came to these findings after numerous conversations with our female clients in Inpatient and Outpatient rehab in FL. Plus, we’ve also taken a peak at what the Internet had to say. As it turns out, women suffer from addiction due to psychological and emotional reasons.

Past trauma, such as childhood neglect or abuse is one of the main reasons why women find themselves in heroin or cocaine rehab in FL. Another very common reason for female addiction is an active eating or mental disorder. Those women usually present all the symptoms of dual diagnosis, where the treatment of both of these problems is necessary. It goes without saying that we here at Bright Futures Treatment Center have qualified professionals who are going to provide simultaneous treatment for your dual diagnosis. That way, we will remove the chances of a relapse happening, which is very important after leaving treatment.

A couple holding hands at sunset.
Relationship problems oftentimes urge women to turn to substances for comfort and support.

It’s important to mention that our female patients will oftentimes consider drugs and alcohol due to the stressors from their significant other. Likewise, those women who grew up in a home where one or two of the parents were addicts happen to be more likely to suffer from addiction themselves. Considering all of the things mentioned above, we would say that they are rather big differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida.

Women are more likely to suffer from trauma

They say that women are the more fragile gender, and some findings related to addiction definitely seem to support that fact. For starters, we’ve already mentioned that trauma is usually the main reason why women develop a problem with addiction in the first place. That trauma could have taken place at any point in their lives. And if they don’t seek some help for their past problems, they usually have a way of catching up with them in the present. However, that’s not the only disadvantage the female gender has when it comes to addiction and trauma.

Women also happen to be more likely to suffer from the consequences that stem from addiction. That is, they are more prone to incurring additional trauma from it. Don’t get us wrong – both genders are going to experience the consequences of addiction. After all, it’s going to leave a lasting effect on your life, career, relationships, finances – you name it. And while complete recovery is possible, women happen to be less prone to forgetting that part of their life. We know that this is a highly individual thing, as it depends on what each person is like. In general, women seem to remember more things – even if they aren’t something they want to remember for a long time.

Women and men face different challenges when it comes to drug abuse

Once they fall into the trap that is addiction, women and men are going to face different challenges. Unfortunately, women are more likely to face stigma about heroin, cocaine, or meth addiction in FL than their male counterparts. Women who suffer from addiction also tend to face more violence and abuse, which has detrimental effects on their health – both mental and physical. Moreover, women are also less likely to be asked about addiction when talking to professionals.

A woman comforting another woman about the differences between women's and men's addiction treatment in Florida.
Women are prone to facing more stigma about their addiction which can discourage them from getting the help they need.

All of this goes to show that women do have it a bit harder than men once they do face addiction. Make no mistake – this doesn’t take anything away from the seriousness of the situation for men, because they too will face hardships. It simply means that society seems to have a greater understanding of male addiction as opposed to female addiction. In our opinion, that’s one of the most detrimental differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida.

Women are less likely to recognize substance abuse for what it is

Once a person develops a dependence on drugs or alcohol, it’s very important that they seek help in a timely manner. Going into rehab early on will provide you with greater chances of success. After all, it’s much easier to put one’s addiction under control when they are still having mild to moderate problems as opposed to developing severe symptoms. Well, research and different studies show that men are more likely to recognize that they have a problem.

It’s not that women don’t want to admit that they are suffering from addiction. It’s just that they find it harder to recognize substance abuse as a developing addiction. Luckily, once they do recognize it, most women will decide to seek professional help, especially if they are in a supportive environment. When it comes to addiction and all the problems that accompany it, the environment plays a huge role in one’s success.

Women face more barriers than men after seeking treatment

This is definitely one of the most concerning differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida. While both male and female individuals have the same rights to high-quality treatment, women seem to face more obstacles when getting treated. For starters, the environment of a female oftentimes tends to downplay the seriousness and severity of their addiction. And once your environment is convincing you that it’s all in your head, you will be very likely to start agreeing with that opinion sooner or later. That’s probably one of the reasons why women tend to keep their alcohol or drug use a secret more often than males.

A mother kissing her daughter.
Women that have small children have one additional worry on their minds – their safety and care.

Moreover, women are more concerned with the practical things of running a household. They are thinking about how their treatment is going to affect the household members, their chores, and the household finances. They also worry about the childcare arrangements that might have to be made if they have small children. We can all agree that this is too much to think about when the main thing on your mind should be how to get better.

Finally, and what seems to be the scariest part of it all for us, professionals sometimes tend to ask women about their drug or alcohol use less than men. Of course, this is probably done subconsciously. The specialists who are working in this field don’t make any differentiations between men and women when it comes to the priority of treatment. We certainly don’t favor one gender over the other. The only reason why we take your gender into account is with the intention of creating the best plan for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Men are less likely to have a negative perspective once they enter treatment

Your state of mind and perspective are two very important things after entering Oxycodone rehab in Boynton Beach. We will not go as far as to say that a positive mindset will get you clean and sober, but it will certainly speed up the process significantly. Moreover, we usually have a way of estimating how motivated a person is once they enter our treatment center. And it’s no surprise that the ones who show greater levels of motivation are usually more likely to recover. Unfortunately, the differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida affect their level of motivation, as well.

We have noticed that women have a more negative perspective toward the entire situation after entering treatment. They might not expect to fail, but they certainly don’t always have high expectations. It goes without saying that we find it our job to change that perspective and show our female clients that success is just a few short months away. Unfortunately, recovery isn’t something that happens overnight, as it takes time to stop an addictive habit that you have been nurturing for months or years.

An organizer next to some vases.
Recovery isn’t something that you can schedule into your recovery – it happens gradually and over the course of time.

Treatment is as effective for women as it is for men

This definitely isn’t a difference in the treatment of the two sexes, which is why it’s even more important to include it. Research is very clear, and it shows that women have the same chance as men to get better and recover. However, the road that leads them to recovery and long-term sobriety is oftentimes a lot bumpier when compared to their male counterparts. To stand the same chance for healing, women have to overcome the social stigma. Plus, they deal with the sometimes negative and dismissive environment, and their own negative thoughts. This can sometimes take a lot of time, to say the least – but it’s always worth it.

One thing that we are particularly happy about is seeing that couples who struggle with addiction are determined now more than ever to get the necessary help. Our couples rehab in Florida is luckily filled with clients who are ready to work as an entity, as well as an individual. They are willing and ready to take responsibility for their addiction and the actions that have led them to this place. Our experience shows that this is a great first step toward complete recovery. And we are more than happy when we are able to work with both male and female clients. It’s even better when we get a chance to work with them at the same time. It gives us a chance to take down some of the differences between men’s and women’s addiction treatment in Boynton Beach.

The takeaway

We are lucky enough to be living in an age where men and women are more equal than ever. And it certainly goes without saying that both men and women deserve the same kind of treatment when facing something as difficult as addiction. As addiction professionals ourselves, we always make it our mission to exclude any form of preferential treatment from the mix. Sure enough, one’s gender needs to be taken into account when creating a treatment plan. But that’s simply because we want to provide you with the best chances for recovery. That being said, we can’t deny that there are many differences when it comes to the way men and women react to addiction and its treatment.

If not addressed, the differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida could hurt both genders. To sum up all of our findings, women seem to be more prone to falling into addiction due to their past trauma and emotional turmoil. They also seem to face greater difficulties after entering treatment when compared to men. On the other hand, men seem to take the lead when it comes to addiction to drugs and alcohol. There are far more men who exhibit the symptoms of alcoholism. Plus, there are more men who have drug problems. Prescription opioid drugs are the only substance that could be taken out of the mix. Both genders seem to be equally inclined to abuse them. Heroin does not belong to this group.

A couple holding hands.
The good news? Both genders are just as likely to recover.

The solution?

So, what can be done for the problem to be fixed? The only thing that could make a difference is education and awareness. Being aware of your own strengths and shortcomings is quite possibly the best thing you can do for yourself. It certainly helps one avoid risky situations and actions. The second thing we can think of is asking for help when help is needed. Whether you are already deep in addiction or are tempted to experiment with drugs and alcohol, you can always contact us. We’ll be able to help by providing proper structure and, ultimately, guidance on the differences between women’s and men’s addiction treatment in Florida.


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