The Causal Relationship Between Alcohol and Violence

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The rate of alcohol consumption and misuse is becoming more alarming with every day that passes. Alcoholism in itself is a disease and, as such, can be treated in drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida. However, sometimes, the bigger problem is in the behavior that stems from this disease. There is a strong causal relationship between alcohol and violence, as alcohol is a mind-altering substance. As such, it makes people more prone to doing some things that they wouldn’t normally do. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we aim to help you alleviate all the problems and struggles that stem from addiction. And while we can’t cure a person’s violent trait, we can help you get your addiction under control and, hopefully, help you gain a better perspective.

The causal relationship between alcohol and violence

It’s important to start by saying that alcohol doesn’t cause violence, as a person can simply decide not to be violent and aggressive. Unlike alcoholism, which is a disease, violence is a choice. And if you are choosing to do something, we can’t exactly claim that it’s because you were impacted by something else. That being said, it’s also important to remember that alcohol is a mind-altering substance. Thus, it can make one more prone to acting out of character and being violent – even if that’s not something you would have done had you been sober.

An angry man.
Alcohol misuse is never an excuse for a person’s violent acts.

Moreover, alcohol is known as an amplifier of our negative behavior. Thus, if a person is naturally angry and aggressive, even without drinking alcohol, they will be more prone to crossing the line in comparison with someone who doesn’t have these traits. When people enter our drug rehab Palm Beach facility, we like to explain that alcohol and drugs can’t force you to do something that you don’t want to. However, through therapy and addiction treatment, you are going to receive proper care for both alcoholism and the violent behaviors that stem from it.

The ones who suffer the most are the family members

While alcoholism can make you prone to picking up fights with strangers in bars, there’s one special group that will suffer the biggest consequences – your family members. There’s a strong link between alcoholism and domestic violence, with reports showing that over 50% of aggressors did what they did under the effect of alcohol. Once again, this doesn’t absolve the person of guilt – quite the contrary. If you know that you have a problem with alcohol, you should seek help in an alcohol rehab Florida facility. By getting timely assistance, you can avoid letting alcoholism wreak havoc on your personal relationships.

Abuse is a learned behavior. That’s why it can’t be justified by alcoholism or drug misuse. As part of a different problem, it mostly affects those people who are around an individual the most – their family members. There are many reasons why a person might become an abuser, and most of them are amplified by alcoholism. Those reasons are:

  • Being neglected as a child
  • Having a series of negative thoughts about yourself
  • Wanting to have complete control over your relationship
  • Being abused as a child
A girl carrying a teddy bear.
Adult problems usually stem from the things that have gone wrong in the past.

Coincidentally, all of the above-mentioned reasons are also what urge people to experiment with drugs and alcohol in the first place. Most of the people who are currently in a crack cocaine rehab center are there due to some psychological problems from their past. It’s important to mention that your past can never be changed, but your future can be improved. With timely and appropriate therapy, you can avoid a present problem such as addiction. And by avoiding addiction, you will most likely be able to avoid domestic violence and strained relationships.

Signs of alcoholism and domestic violence

For an uninvolved bystander, the signs of alcoholism and domestic violence are pretty distinguishable. However, if your spouse is suffering from alcohol abuse and you are a victim of violence, it can be pretty hard to understand the situation. After all, you might not even want to admit that your partner is abusing alcohol and that it’s triggering their violent tendencies. However, it’s very important to learn what the signs of alcoholism and domestic violence are and be on the lookout for them. That’s the only way to know whether your spouse belongs in a partial hospitalization program Florida rehabs have to offer.

Signs of alcoholism

The signs of alcoholism are pretty obvious once you take a step back and take a good look at the situation. As much as they try to cover it sometimes, the signs of alcoholism aren’t vague. If you notice any of the following signs in your loved one, we would say that it’s safe to say that they are misusing alcohol:

  • Drinking alone
  • Driving under the influence
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Drinking at all hours of day and night
  • Needing more alcohol to get drunk
  • Being deceptive about the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Isolating oneself and skipping beloved activities
  • Lying about finances and constantly borrowing money
A stack of 50-dollar bills.
A change in one’s financial behavior and tendencies is a good indicator of addiction.

While one or two of these by themselves don’t mean that you should start contacting rehab facilities and asking does insurance cover drug rehab, noticing a few of these signs in your loved one is definitely a cause for concern. And considering the causal relationship between alcoholism and violence, it’s safe to say that you have more than one thing to be worried about. Now, if you are not sure whether you have already suffered from domestic violence, here are a few tell-tale signs that you did.

The signs of domestic violence

It’s important to mention that domestic violence can manifest in a few different ways. Apart from the typical (physical) violence that most people first think of, there can also be verbal or mental abuse. All three types are equally concerning and dangerous. And just because the violent spouse has admitted themselves to a meth rehab Palm Beach program doesn’t make them any less guilty. Sometimes, the signs of abuse are obvious. Other times, they are subtle. Here’s what you need to be aware of if you are worried about domestic violence:

  • Bad and unpredictable behavior that scares you is a cause for concern
  • Using your children against you in fights is frightening
  • Threatening to hurt you in any way, shape, or form
  • Displaying jealousy
  • Controlling how much money you can spend or where you can go
  • Breaking your things
  • Humiliating you in private and in public
  • Blaming you for their own mistakes
An angry man displaying the causal relationship between alcohol and violence.
Whether verbal, mental, or physical, domestic violence is alarming and should be taken seriously.

Of course, these would be the sometimes hidden signs of domestic violence that people can fail to notice. Hopefully, you don’t need us to tell you how serious the situation has become if your partner has mistreated you physically. If that is the situation, you are under no obligation to show understanding and support once they go into an Oxycodone rehab center. The only thing you have to do is take care of yourself.

What can you do once you determine the causal relationship between alcohol and violence?

If you have noticed that someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction which is making them violent, you might feel like it’s up to you to take the appropriate actions. We would agree that you can help them see that they need to think about singles or couples rehab in Florida, but it’s completely up to them to decide whether they want to do it. We have high hopes that you will be successful, which is why we’ll gladly share some of the steps you ought to take.

Have an intervention

It might sound like a cliche, but the first thing you should do if you notice your loved one is suffering from addiction is to hold an intervention. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be careless and do it on a whim. If you want to tell someone that they might need to look into an Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach center, then you will have to do it carefully.

A man making a plan.
It would be wise do to your research and find out what are some dos and don’ts when having an intervention.

We suggest you begin by preparing what you intend to say. You can’t plan out the entire flow of the conversation, but you can decide how you want to begin this talk. Likewise, it’s essential to choose the right time and place for your intervention. You want it to be held someplace quiet, where the two of you will be able to be alone. If you are not sure that you can do it by yourself, you can always bring in a professional. They will be able to use their experience with addiction, as well as provide answers to the questions such as ‘does Tricare cover alcohol rehab.’ Finally, you want to have this talk when your loved one is sober. You won’t be able to reason with them if they are under the influence.

Provide assistance throughout the process

Assuming that your relationship isn’t ruined beyond repair by any form of abuse, there’s a lot you can do for your partner who is going through addiction treatment. Your support is going to be of utmost importance, as it has been shown that family assistance is imperative during recovery. Now, while you want to be there for your loved ones, you also want to give them enough space. That’s why you should do only as much as they ask of you.

There’s a good chance they will ask you to visit different rehab facilities with them. Likewise, they might ask you to schedule therapy appointments instead of them or they might leave it up to you to pick a facility. Either way, you might have to ask questions such as:

A woman looking at a phone while sitting on the bus stop.
You can use every opportunity to do some research and come up with a list of questions to ask.

Once you are armed with the right answers, it should be much easier to approach your loved one and offer some help. Sometimes, people with an alcohol or drug addiction are actually open to getting the necessary treatment. But what troubles them is everything that comes before arriving at a rehab facility. Consider this the right opportunity to help your loved one leave their addiction in the past and get the necessary treatment for their abusive behavior, as well.

Is the causal relationship between alcohol and violence unbreakable?

Of course not! The causal relationship between alcohol and violence is there, and we can’t deny it. However, just because a person is struggling with alcohol abuse doesn’t mean that they will become violent. Whether a person turns violent or not depends on a completely different thing. Most often, it depends on a person’s behavior and tendencies. Thus, if someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, you shouldn’t make excuses for them. On the other hand, if you wish to help them, then feel free to get involved in their treatment. That’s going to require more than just asking does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab, as it will also entail your full support. But when it comes to your loved ones, no sacrifice is big enough, right?


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