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Are you helping someone you love through rehab or recovery? This is no small task, and a difficult one to navigate on your own. The path toward recovery from addiction is often not a straight line. It’s important that family and friends know what to do, and what not to do, at this critical time. Seeing a loved one return to old habits may be devastating, but addiction treatment in Boynton Beach is an ongoing process. You naturally want to help you loved one. Although you feel you would do anything, including sacrificing your own wants and needs, experts say that isn’t what is best for addicts.

We have compiled a helpful list of things to keep in mind you can do if a loved one relapses. If you ever need help throughout the rehab or recovery process, please reach out to Bright Futures Treatment Center. 1-844-207-7772

How to Support an Addict Who’s Relapsed

How You Can Help


Remember this is the addicts battle. Keeping this in mind will help you cope with the situation. They have to do this own their own to truly get well.


Hold your ground. You are here to help them learn to be strong. Lead by positive example and don’t give in. If you need help with what to say, please contact our Center for Addiction Treatment in Boynton Beach.


Be encouraging, whether it be positive affirmations when they are doing well or knowing when to redirect them to their original treatment plan. Staying positive will make all the difference.


Take care of yourself. The best way to help an addict who has relapsed is to set an example for healthy living. Consider inviting them along to the gym with you, or for a healthy lunch. Letting them know you would enjoy their company is very supportive. Just remember you can’t force anyone to accept the invitation.


Dismiss the problem. DON’T be discouraged. DON’T push. These are also very important to keep in mind. You are there to be their support, and these things won’t help the addict.

Addiction Treatment in Boynton Beach

Do You Need Help with Relapse Addiction Treatment in Boynton Beach?

Just because addicts relapse and may need another course of treatment doesn’t mean their treatment has been unsuccessful or that they won’t be able to stay clean in the long run. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is, in many ways, like other chronic illnesses that require more than one round of therapy. If you need assistance with a loved one who has relapsed, please contact Bright Futures Treatment Center today. We are here to help you work through this and get you to the next step in your lives!

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