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Addiction Treatment in Boynton Beach

We all like to have fun, right? In the first few months of our recovery we think that having fun will be completely cut out of our life. Well, that is far from the truth. If you ask my opinion I would say that being sober, I have WAY more fun then I ever have before. Having fun doesn’t have to revolve around drugs or alcohol. Before making the decision to get clean, partying meant nothing but drinking and using drugs. We aren’t boring we are sober, we can still party! What you do need to be careful with is who, what and where you go to have fun. Often we become triggered and everyone has their own personal triggers. Try to identify what triggers you and be aware of them. Sometimes even free time, pay day, anxiety and many more things could become triggers. Times like those, pick up and go have some sober fun! There are plenty of activities out there you can do while being sober and are super fun. Call your sober friend, go to the beach, go bowling, go golfing, you can even host a party without alcohol and drugs. Sounds crazy? Its possible and your peers will be proud of you for it! When working toward your recovery we have to change the people we choose to hang out with, our mindset about pretty much everything and even what we use to consider “fun”. That’s why surrounding yourself with people who want the same thing in life is important.  Before you decide to go out and attend parties that has alcohol or drugs easily assessable, make sure you in a good place in your recovery. Make sure you are happy. Be strong enough to not even think once about having “one drink” its not worth it. You can avoid triggers if you know what causes them and you can try to avoid relapse when knowing what triggers you. We know it is not easy, recovery is a constant battle and it takes patience and effort. Don’t let your sobriety stop you from having fun. Go out and have some sober fun! Do it for yourself and never give up. The most fun you will ever have in your life will be being sober.





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