Signs of Addiction

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Recognizing an addiction problem in someone you know can be harder than it seems. Someone with an addiction may take dramatic measures to hide their cravings and habits. But there are signs of addiction in Boynton Beach that you can look out for. If you recognize more than a few of them in your loved one, you may need to take action and get help.

10 Signs of Addiction You May Be Missing

Physical Signs:

These signs would be noticeable to the eye of a healthy person. When someone you love begins to look and physically act differently, these signs can indicate an addiction you may have been missing.

  • Watery eyes, or consistent use of eye drops
  • Lack of coordination, shakiness, clumsiness or stumbling
  • Paleness or general look of unhealthiness
  • Smoking (This one is surprising to most people. But research consistently links smoking to depression, and depressed individuals are more likely to turn to alcohol or other drugs.)

Behavioral Signs:

These signs may interfere with the day to day life of the individual with an addiction. Pay attention to the attitudes and habits that lead to addictive behaviors. If you notice any of these signs, contact us to discuss further the possibility your loved one may have an addition. 1-844-207-7772

  • Excessive talking
  • A noticeable change in appetite or weight
  • Trouble sleeping (too much or too little can be a problem)
  • Arguments with family and friends
  • A sudden change in friend group they are not comfortable introducing you to
  • Chronic defensiveness

Signs of Addiction You May Be Missing

Do You Need Help with Signs of Addiction in Boynton Beach?

The first step to getting help or helping someone you love is being able to recognize when there is a problem. Many times, addiction can get out of hand because it is not properly dealt with soon enough. It is important to understand when you need help, and who to turn to during this time. Contact Bright Futures Treatment Center to learn more about what we can to do help you during this time.

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