Removing Toxic People During Recovery

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One of the most diffic ult things for people in recovery is removing the toxic people from their lives.  Usually while actively using you surround yourself with people who are also using, selling or not going down the right path in life.  Many times these people are the closest ones to you, a co-worker, family member or a spouse.  A lot of times these people can become very co-dependent considering you have had them in your life while using, you have become beneficial for their own using. These individuals do not want you to seek the help you might be looking for because they are not ready to start the journey on their own.  Here are some types of toxic people you can look for to remove from your life.

The Taker– People often like to take but never want to give back.  They are only here for their own pleasure.  They do not care about your well-being as long as their needs and wants are being fulfilled.

Drama seekers– Some people can’t live without chaos in their lives.   They will create drama in your life just for entertainment in their own. These people thrive off of drama and are extremely toxic when trying to commit to your sobriety.

Deceivers– While you are using drugs or alcohol you often do not think clearly, these types of people might be hard for you to notice.  They will tell you they love you and care about you but in reality are using you to further their substance abuse.

Clingers– Clingers usually like to hold on to the past and not let go. They do not like change and are likely pull you away from your recovery and back into their comfort zone of using.

These are just a few of the many kinds of toxic people that could be in your life, and should be removed if you are ready to live a happier healthier life.  Working a recovery program such as the ones we have at Bright Futures will teach and guide you to notice all different types of toxic people that are not productive for you during your recovery from addiction.  We will teach you how to set boundaries and work further into your recovery.

We can not expect toxic people to change, we can only change ourselves.  We must learn to establish boundaries and maintain them, do not go back on your word. Do not let them pull you into their chaos, you are only there for their benefit.  You can’t focus on how sad or angry they will be, you must stay focused on your decision and what is best for you.  We all have to own our weaknesses, we must learn to accept them.  People will try to resist against you from trying to eliminate them from your life, they may cry or throw tantrums but you have to remain strong. Try not to engage with arguing your decision with them, this only causes stress and is very time consuming.  Surround yourself with people who are on the same journey as you or people who only want the best for you and your future.

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