Rehab and Privacy – How To Keep Your Recovery in Boynton Beach Confidential?

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Addiction is a disease that is oftentimes stigmatized and misunderstood. Unfortunately, many people feel ashamed because they are struggling with this overpowering disease. And while we think that there is nothing you should be ashamed of, we definitely understand why you might want to keep your recovery a secret. Besides, not every person is like an open book who wants to tell the world that they are looking into the best addiction solutions Florida has to offer. Thus, we would like to help you keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential by sharing a few tips and tricks.

Can keeping your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential be dangerous?

For starters, we have to mention the other side of the medal. Every decision that you make has some good and some bad sides, and it’s important to know both in order to make the best decision. When it comes to recovery and confidentiality, we have to say that going into meth rehab Florida centers while keeping it a secret can be dangerous. The big psychological burden that comes with keeping secrets of this magnitude is the first thing that comes to mind. Some people will feel like they are living a lie and they might not know how to act anymore.

A man in the dark.
Being secretive won’t always work to your advantage, as it can burden you mentally.

On the other hand, keeping your friends and family in the dark will take away their chance to act the way they should around you. For example, if your friends know that you were frequenting an Oxycodone rehab Palm Beach center, they won’t put you in any unnecessary temptation. That means that they won’t drink and take their prescription drugs around you, and they might not even talk about it in front of you. Everyone would be happy to have friends like that, and you might want to give your circle a chance to support you.

However, we understand that honesty might not be the best policy for everybody. That’s why we’ll be more than happy to share a few tips that will help you survive secrecy with success if that’s what you end up choosing.

How to keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential?

As your first step, we suggest you start by deciding exactly how confidential you want your recovery to be. Do you want to keep the fact that you are attending an Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach facility a secret from your co-workers and acquaintances only? Or would you prefer for your friends and family to be included on the list? Keeping a secret of this magnitude from your family members will be tricky, especially if you happen to live with them.

When is it impossible to keep recovery a secret from your family?

We would like to make a clear distinction between lying and keeping something a secret. Let’s for a moment imagine that you have to attend an Inpatient program. If you are in need of an Inpatient residential drug treatment Florida and its facilities have to offer, then you won’t be able to keep it a secret without lying. How will you explain the fact that you have to be absent for months without telling the truth or lying in the process? Thus, you might have to make your peace with the fact that you will have to be truthful.

A view of a house.
You will have a hard time explaining your absence if you have to be away from home.

If that happens to be the case, you can tell your family members the truth but ask them to respect your privacy. They might want to jump right in by helping you get an answer to questions like ‘is drug rehab covered under FMLA,’ but you should explain that they should only do that if you ask them. Otherwise, they should respect you and your need for confidentiality.

Choose a treatment that will work for you

It should be stated that turning to professionals is the best way to choose the most suitable treatment plan. They are the ones who have years of experience and plenty of education, both of which will help when assessing the severity of your addiction. Of course, you are not in any obligation to agree with their opinion. And if you do, you can always back out after asking ‘does Tricare cover alcohol rehab‘ and finding out that it doesn’t. But regardless of whether you choose to go with a professional opinion or with your own gut feeling, you need to choose a treatment plan that will actually allow confidentiality. Allows us to explain.

Let’s say that you decide to choose Outpatient rehab in Palm Beach. You should know that, usually, there are a few different Outpatient programs that rehab facilities have to offer. Some programs entail that you spend five to seven days attending rehab, and these programs will have you going into treatment for approximately eight hours a day. On the other hand, there are programs that will entail attendance for a few days a week, and you will have to be in treatment for a few hours per day. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential, it would be best to choose a program that best fits into your schedule.

A woman writing in a notebook.
Try to fit rehab into your schedule so that you can account for the time without having to lie.

However, we would recommend that you be cautious. You shouldn’t pick a program by taking into account your schedule only. The program that you choose needs to correspond to your level of addiction. People with mild addictions can recover with fewer hours invested. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for those with severe addictions. Thus, before you ask ‘does Aetna cover drug rehab,’ it would be wise to first investigate what type of treatment you can benefit from.

Alcoholics Anonymous

When it comes to rehabilitation groups of recovering alcoholics, none seems to be more famous than Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA. These groups rely on the 12-step program that helps you reach sobriety through different actions and tasks. Alcoholics Anonymous has, thus far, helped millions of people beat their addiction – both long-term and short-term. Now, when it comes to keeping your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential, this group has everything you need to know about it in the title. AA meetings are strictly confidential, and you don’t have to tell anyone that you are attending them if you don’t want to.

Likewise, privacy is kept during the meetings, as well. They encourage people to share only as much as they are comfortable with, and you can only sit down and listen if that’s what you need. The reasoning behind why this works is quite obvious. This form of therapy helps you move at your own pace while being in proximity to others with the same problem. By sharing your thoughts and worries and listening to theirs, you can get a deeper understanding of your addiction.

Groups of people talking about how to keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential.
AA meetings are confidential and they encourage as much involvement as needed.

Keep in mind that we are great supporters of the 12-step program, and we include it in our treatment. Thus, when asking questions like ‘does Cigna cover drug rehab,’ feel free to ask about our programs, as well. We like to familiarize you with our treatment programs as much as possible. That gives you an idea of what you can expect after starting treatment with us, and it takes some of the unfamiliarity out of the mix. Addiction is known to be a time of great uncertainty, which is why we love to help you have some predictability.

 Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a program that works very much like Alcoholics Anonymous. The main difference is that NA strives to help people who are battling drug abuse, while AA is oriented toward people who have a problem with alcohol. The basic premises are the same, however. You attend meetings that help you keep your anonymity, and you have a chance to share your problems and thoughts. If you are trying to keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential, one of the best ways to achieve that is through this program. Both of these programs rely on the 12-step model, where you get to make amends and get on the path to recovery.

Once again, you don’t have an obligation to share the things you don’t want. The only thing that you need to share is your first name. They will need to have a name to address you in meetings. Everything that you share after that will be because you want to. Keep in mind that these programs encourage as much interaction as you are comfortable with. And if comfort during recovery is something that concerns you, feel free to address it. For example, when you contact us, feel free to ask as many questions as necessary. You can ask:

A girl holding a phone.
Contact us when in need of details about our treatment plans.

This is just a random assortment of all the questions you can ask. We will leave it up to you to create your own list of things you want to know about. We certainly encourage asking as many questions as you have.

The benefits of being open about your journey to recovery

The first thing you should know is that you can always change your mind. Even if you decide to keep your recovery confidential at first, you can decide to be more open later on. Allowing other people to follow you on your path to recovery will come with many benefits. They are very individual, as every person will experience things differently. However, here are some good things you can expect after becoming more open about your recovery:

  • You can get to enjoy the support of your friends and family. They won’t be there just to help you ask questions like ‘does Humana cover alcohol rehab.’ They will also give you their support once you start experiencing difficulties with your recovery. Preventing relapse is much easier and more doable once you have a support system.
  • You will feel good about being completely honest with your family and friends. Keeping secrets isn’t easy, especially when you are trying to hide something as important as addiction. You will finally be able to stop coming up with numerous excuses and lies to cover for rehab.
  • They might join you for family therapy. These sessions do much more than just help a recovering addict become and remain sober. They also tend to help a family reconnect and develop healthy mechanisms for coping with addiction.
Sisters during a sunset.
Having your family members by your side can prove to be one of the greatest things during recovery.

For others, these benefits revolve around being able to openly talk about everything with everyone. People cope with addiction and problems in different ways. Some just need to vent to as many people as they can.

How to decide what’s right for you?

Truthfully, this isn’t a question that we can give you a precise answer to. Almost everything concerning recovery is very individual. Some individuals will feel that it’s right to be secretive, while others will want to be open. That’s why you are the only one who can decide whether to keep your recovery in Boynton Beach confidential. We would suggest that you sit down and try to imagine how you would feel about being honest. Is the mere thought of it stress-inducing? Does it produce anxiety? If it does, then it’s very likely that confidentiality will be needed in the beginning. And remember – you can always change your mind down the line. Just do what feels right at the moment and you can’t make a bad decision.


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