Pros and Cons of Partial Hospitalization in Boynton Beach Rehab Center

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The process of rehab is never easy. It requires will, determination and discipline, especially once the person leaves the rehab center. Knowing this, we’ve decided to provide partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center, as a way for people to go through rehab, and prepare for life after it. And while we feel that this program has tremendous benefits, there are certain downsides we need to point out. But, before you start questioning does Aetna cover drug rehab, we will take a closer look at partial hospitalization and give you an idea of what it truly entails.

What is Partial Hospitalization in Boynton Beach Rehab Center

When going through rehab, there are two approaches that need to be considered. Firstly, you have hospitalization, where you put the person in a completely controlled environment. Here they get all the care and attention they need, and they are shielded away from stressors and temptations that can lead to substance abuse. For the first stages of rehab, hospitalization is usually necessary. The person is too frail and both their mental and physical well-being is too dependent on the addictive substance.

A drug addict, ready for partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center.
In certain cases, there is simply no way to treat people in their homes.

Secondly, you have residential treatment. What it entails is keeping people at home and having their loved ones aid them in their recovery. Professionals, of course, aid greatly in the process as they both help the person in rehab, and teach the friends and family helping them. Since the person isn’t in an isolated environment, they can slowly start to prepare for the dynamic, and sometimes chaotic nature of everyday life.

Combining hospitalization and residential treatment

So, with this in mind, what is partial hospitalization? Well, here at Boynton Beach Rehab Center we believe that in many instances, the combination of the previous two leads to the best results. While hospitalization does provide control, it can often be too sterile. Once the person gets used to the hospital environment, it can be hard for them to go back to their everyday lives. In fact, a large number of people relapse during this transitional period. On the other hand, residential treatment can be ineffective if the person doesn’t have the right framework to combat addiction. In our view, the partial hospitalization program Florida combines the best of both worlds. This enables it to yield great results and ensures that people both combat their addiction and prepare for life after it.

Intensive Outpatient Addiction program

Another program that you might have heard about is the Intensive Outpatient Addiction program, or IOP for short. While it is similar to PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), there are some notable differences you should be aware of. The main differences are in the level of treatment and time commitment. With IOP Boynton beach, you get to work with our professionals a few hours per week. Meanwhile, with PHP you need to commit at least 20 hours per week. PHP programs tend to be more rigorous than the IOP, as they are more suited for patients in greater need. In most cases, people start with PHP, and slowly transition into IOP as they get better.

The Pros

Let us now list all the pros of partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center. You shouldn’t be surprised that have more pros to list than cons. After all, we have full confidence in our partial hospitalization program as one of the best programs for drug rehab in Boynton beach Florida. But, we would advise reading the entirety of our article before you make any treatment decisions.


Because partial hospitalization combines both residential treatment and hospitalization, it can be quite flexible. You can consult with expert medical professionals and see what program suits you. With PHP, the primary goal is to find the right combination of treatments, counseling, training, and medication that will yield the best result for the patient. As a rule, we recommend that you listen to the advice of professionals. While you may feel that you know better what is suitable for you, we can assure you that the experience and the knowledge that our professionals have is not something to overlook.

A girl enjoying outdoor sunlight.
Flexibility is a big part of what makes our partial hospitalization program so effective.

Acquiring a healthy routine

A big part of PHP is helping patients acquire healthy routines. Discipline is a big part of fighting any type of addiction. And you cannot have discipline if you do not have a routine. Both your mind and your body will function best if they can enjoy the stability of a healthy routine. Fortunately, during our PHP program, patients are taught how to establish and maintain routines that suit their lives. They are taught the value of routine and given different options on how to outline their own. Furthermore, family therapy helps the people living with the patient understand the value of routine, and how to aid the patient to maintain theirs.

Transitioning into regular life

The process of rehab doesn’t stop once you leave the rehab center. For some patients, the toughest battles await only once they leave the tightly controlled environment of a rehab facility. This is why in our PHP program we take great care to teach the patient how to transition into regular life. This not only entails the aforementioned routine but also elaborates on what hurdles they will have to overcome. In group sessions, patients discuss with one another what life was like after rehab, and where the common pitfalls occur. Old friends, acquaintances, and family members can often be triggers and stressors. And it is important to verbalize those triggers and stressors in order to bring them to a manageable level. PHP group treatments and individual treatments are guided by trained therapists who are fully aware of the dangers of everyday life, and how difficult transitioning can be.

Learning how to maintain mental health

One of the big factors of partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center is teaching our patients how to manage their mental health. It is our firm belief that mental issues are a big part of all addiction problems. Therefore, if a patient doesn’t know how to deal with them, they are quite likely to relapse. We are fully aware that there is no one-for-all solution when it comes to mental health. Every patient needs to develop their own inner world, and figure out why addiction is a part of it. This is why we insist that our patients learn as much as they can about mental health, and find techniques to manage it properly.

A person consulting with a therapist.
A big part of battling addiction is learning how to manage your mental health.

In certain instances, family therapy is the best course of action when it comes to mental health. We have programs that help families recognize the dynamic present and outline how to properly address the process of drug rehab in Boynton beach Florida. In other instances, a more individual approach to mental health can be a better option. Here patients learn how to interpret their previous experiences in a new fashion and grow to understand what lead them to addiction. Techniques like meditation can help greatly in minimizing the urge to abuse substances and fall back into old ways.

Having fun

A common mistake people make when considering rehab is to think of it as a process that has nothing but doom and gloom. Yes, the process of rehab can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a bit of fun while you are in it. Seeing that we are at Boynton Beach, we try to make full use of the sun and the ocean. Our PHP patients can enjoy a variety of activities. From snorkeling to paddling and kayaking. In fact, we strongly encourage them to spend time outside doing healthy activities. Doing so greatly aids the rehab process, and may even help with building future healthy routines in everyday life.

Learning about nutrition

Addiction can cause considerable damage to a person’s body. Your internal organs suffer greatly due to the unhealthy lifestyle that addiction invokes. And it takes time for the body to heal, even after you go through the rehab process. This is especially noticeable with alcohol abuse, where the patient can develop serious stomach problems. So, instead of simply wondering does Humana cover alcohol rehab, we ask our patients to learn how important nutrition is for their healing process. A rich, healthy diet will not only help you recover faster, but also feel better and have a clearer state of mind. Therefore, we feel that is paramount for your patients to be fully aware of the importance of nutrition.

It shouldn’t go without notice that people sometimes develop food addiction as a replacement for substance addiction. For instance, instead of drinking, people start eating large amounts of junk food when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is another aspect of proper dietary habits that we address in the PHP program.

Medication management

It is by no means a secret that proper medication can help a great deal during the rehab process. The right medicaments can reduce anxiety, improve overall brain function, reduce withdrawal symptoms and reduce pain. But, while these are useful tools, they can lead you down a bad road. It is not uncommon for people that start self-medicating to get addicted to their medication. This is why we have Boynton beach prescription drugs addiction treatment, for people that found themselves in this situation. To avoid this from happening, we provide medication management from trained professionals. Our staff will ensure that you only use enough medication to help you get healthy.

The Cons

To give you a full picture, we also need to cover the cons of partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center. By knowing them, you will know whether PHP is suitable for you, or the person in your care.


With all the services and benefits that a PHP program provides, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it can be expensive for some. To avoid any unpleasant financial surprises, we would advise you to consult with your insurance provider and give us a call. If you were to ask us point blank “Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab?” we would answer yes. But, once you take into account all the extra services and activities, it can become difficult to give a straight answer. As you know by now, various aspects outside of rehab are important for a person to recover. And if you want to get help with all those aspects, you can expect to face a decent sum.

A person consulting with an insurance agent.
We always advise our patients to check their medical insurance before they apply for partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center


Even though PHP has terrific advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. People who are serious about their rehab process, and show a degree of discipline will make use of a PHP program. But, if you feel that rehab is something you should “Give a try” or if you tried PHP before and it didn’t seem to work, you should explore different options. Our goal is to provide help for people that want it and can make use of it. If you are not one of those people, you likely won’t be eligible for our PHP program. You may try our inpatient rehab Boynton beach or some other approach that better suits your situation.


Here at Boynton beach rehabilitation center we firmly believe that every person is responsible for their own sobriety. With that in mind, we are here to help in any way possible. From counseling to medication, education, and recovery. But, it is up to you to make the decision to better yourself and to bring yourself back on the right track. As you can see, there are numerous pros to partial hospitalization in Boynton beach rehab center. But, it is up to you to decide whether the program is suitable for you. For your rehab to be effective, you need to carefully outline what kind of help you will need, and make full use of it. If you have any further questions regarding our PHP program, don’t shy away from giving us a call. The sooner you learn about various treatment options, the sooner your rehab can begin.

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