How to Start a Sober Living Home in Boynton Beach

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The infamous ”Getaway to the Gulfstream” is a place that is just made for living your life to the fullest. Amazing beaches, outdoor surfaces, enjoying a concert – everything you hope for (and so much more) is at your disposal here. That’s why it makes sense to start a sober living home in Boynton Beach. This place rehabilitates people in it from all their daily struggles, just through the rays of sunshine. But, where to start? What do you need to pay attention to? We at Bright Futures Boynton Beach are here to help you.

What is a sober living home?

In order to start a very good thing, you need to know exactly what it is. A sober living home is a house or an apartment, or multiple apartments, where people that have gone through addiction treatment reside in order to complete their rehabilitation and prevent relapse. Those in recovery from substance abuse often find refuge in a sober living home. A lot of people consider a  crossroad on a road from a treatment center an independent life. Sober living communities are commonly referred to as halfway houses for this reason. Nonetheless, there are major disparities between the two.

people holding hands
People often find it hard to get back out into society after rehab.

A sober living home is not a halfway house

The government funds the halfway houses. Therefore, they must follow federal and state rules. Of course, sober living facilities also need to follow some rules, but they are not as strictly structured and written down. Most of the sober living homes are run by individuals that just want to help former addicts or people in recovery to get better as soon as possible. So, most of the rules will be made by you, if you decide to be that individual. Also, it’s possible that for-profit and non-profit groups are behind some of these initiatives.

Ex-convicts, sex offenders, and formerly incarcerated people are all fair game for placement in a halfway home. It is possible that they will be required to reside there by the court. Meanwhile, most sober homes exclusively welcome persons without criminal histories, after getting pushback from scared neighbors. In addition, entering a sober living facility is entirely up to the individual.

People spend one to three years after treatment here

The vast majority of participants have already completed a treatment program. They’ve been clean for a lengthy time and have gained methods to sustain sobriety. But, some of them are still in recovery, and they still have the right to get into a sober living facility, just as long as they have gone through detox already. For example, people in Florida prescription drugs addiction treatment that have not gone through detox present a bigger threat to all the other residents, and you need to think about that too. The typical length of staying in a sober home is from one to three years, depending on the pace of their recovery.

It’s less strict than the treatment center

Unlike a treatment facility, the sober home way of life is less regimented. But, the residents need to be actively engaged in the outside world and willing to abide by a strict curfew. The habitants pay rent and need to follow strict rules. Another obligation may be regularly participating in 12-Step meetings. It’s possible that your residents will need to participate in therapy groups and in-home sessions as well.

People in group therapy
When you start a sober living home in Boynton Beach, it’s important to provide conditions for good aftercare and group therapies.

Florida is the capital of sober living homes

Among all states in America, Florida has perhaps the most sober living facilities in it. The reason behind it is that the laws about this type of business are so well regulated and the state welcomes this kind of supportive initiative. Also, many people from other states decide to move here, to get a ray of Floridian sun guiding their way to recovery. This has put Florida in the top spot of states that are friendly to sober living facilities and the business is blooming here.

Boynton Beach, as a beautiful part of Florida, is one of the most desirable places for starting this kind of business. And how would it not be? Just one look at the Ocean Front Park or Ocean Ridge Hammock Park that is nearby will clarify why so many people looking for purpose will want to live there. So, if you have any doubts that this is a good business idea, as well as it is an act of kindness – we would like to assure you that it is.

The first thing you need to do is – do a thorough research

An absolute first step when starting any business is – doing extensive research. You need to research the market first and see what the current situation is. Then, you need to get familiar with the zoning and building regulations, and health and safety codes. These could be the stepping stones on your way to building this business. As we said, Florida is quite welcoming to these types of businesses. However, there are certain things in law, and outside of it, that you need to completely understand and apply.

A woman trying to understand a law in order to start a sober living home in Boynton Beach
Understanding the laws and regulations is crucial for any business.

Make sure to certify your sober living facility in Boynton Beach

Florida in general doesn’t have a strict requirement for certification of a sober living facility, although a certification significantly boosts the business. However, since 2017, Boynton Beach has made it a rule to ask for certification for all potential businessmen that want to get involved in this line of work.

Get familiar with FARR

The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) is the most prominent organization in the state that certifies sober living houses. This agency regulates the provision of residential recovery support programs in Florida. You may be certain that you will be treated fairly and live in a safe environment thanks to these guidelines.

FARR’s certification process ensures that only the most stringent standards are met by sober living facilities. Among them are:

  • absolute absence of drugs and alcohol
  • maintaining a welcoming environment that protects the rights of the locals
  • having  therapeutic services, clinical supervision, life skills instruction, and employment of qualified personnel
  • building trust between residents and employees
  • protecting the community
  • providing a focus on recovery to the residents

If you can provide all of this, you won’t have trouble getting certified, and it will help you a lot in the long run.

Sober living members are required to abide by certain rules, including a prohibition on trespassing on neighboring property, making excessive noise, using profanity, and loitering. Maintaining a clean home and public area is a must. Only some locations are designated for smoking.

A person getting certified
A certificate will make your business bloom.

Beware of the Boynton Beach regulations

In a way, regulations in Boynton Beach are a bit more strict than in the rest of Florida, so you need to pay attention to that in your research too. The current minimum distance between halfway houses is 1,000 feet, however, this might be reduced under the proposed new regulation to 300 feet. There might be implications for parking as well.

The City Commission has to pass the ordinance twice for it to become law. Several commissioners suggested a minimum spacing of more than 300 feet between group homes. There are now at least 9 approved sober living facilities in Boynton Beach.

In comparison to non-certified homes or halfway houses, certified sober homes in Boynton Beach provide more cutting-edge treatments for those working to recover from substance abuse. Long-term abstinence is the primary goal of the program’s design. Those who have spent time in a sober living facility are better prepared to handle the rigors of the real world. They have a decent shot at maintaining sobriety if they possess strong abilities in areas such as coping, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

Take time to understand the people you helping

The last, but not least important part of your research should be taking some time to understand the human aspect of this process. You need to understand the struggle your future residents are going through and have compassion for it in order to understand fully what services you’ll need to provide. Try to research the information you might need to provide.

Make sure to also take a look at Boynton Beach’s demographics. The major purpose of sober living facilities is to integrate people in recovery back into society. So, understanding the unique needs of the community as well as people in recovery is a must.

A community
Make sure to have compassion when helping people get back on track via a sober living facility.

The next step is developing a plan

You will need to create a business plan for your sober living home after you have finished your research. You need to lay out in great depth:

  • services you want to offer
  • demographics of the clientele you want to attract
  • promotional tactics
  • financial forecasts
  • an approach to cost control

While drafting your company plan, it is crucial, to be honest about your financial estimates and to allow for unanticipated costs. You should also explore the possible dangers and obstacles of creating a sober living home. Think about the liability concerns and potential legal battles.

Acquiring capital is the third stage

The expenditures associated with establishing a sober living facility might be substantial. Sure, your investment will return once you start working. But, while the opening is in process, you’ll need to think about acquiring capital. Loans, grants, investor pitches, and other forms of fundraising are all great examples of how you can do it. But, all investors will want to know where their money is going. So, it is crucial to have a good financial plan in place and to be prepared to explain how you will spend the money you receive.

You could also explore cooperating with local groups and companies that promote addiction rehabilitation, such as treatment clinics, hospitals, and community centers. Your sober living facility may benefit from these alliances by gaining access to more financing and resources.

A woman with investors
Show the investors that you know what you’re doing.

The fourth step – locate a convenient area to start a sober living home in Boynton Beach

Once you have money set aside, you will need to choose the right location for your sober living home. This area has to be secure and pleasant, with easy access to public transit and basic amenities like supermarkets and hospitals. You should also think about how many people can live on the land and how big it is. The inhabitants of your sober living facility should have plenty of room to relax, sleep well if they want to, and enjoy themselves in the shared spaces you’ve provided.

Then, recruit employees and make policies

After deciding on a site, the next step is to recruit employees to run the sober living home on a daily basis. A director, a house manager, and a support staff might all fall under this category. Sober living homes require policies and procedures that spell out the ground rules and resident obligations. Drug testing, curfews, and visitor restrictions are just a few examples of how these regulations might be crafted to make the community a better place to live for everyone.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll need to know to put your sober living facility on a map. Sure, you might have it certified and everything is done. But, if you don’t advertise it, it’s like nothing exists. Luckily for you, in this day and age, there are many options if you want to spread the word about your business. A good starting point is making a website. There, you can showcase all the things you offer, as well as set the rules straight for your potential residents.

Websites are a good form of communication too, especially if you’re eager to also offer advice and showcase the things you consider important. Of course, it will be good to consult with an SEO specialist if you’re not familiar with this type of advertisement.  Another thing is networking. Make connections to people in alcohol rehab Florida offers, so they can introduce you to the people in need of sober living facilities. Also, if you want to approach senior audience (as addiction doesn’t discriminate by age) you can put an advertisement in papers too.

SEO in letters
Having an SEO expert by your side will help you understand marketing strategies better.

Start a sober living home in Boynton Beach with a full heart

After everything we said, now you know how exactly to start a sober living home in Boynton Beach. However, the most important thing that it takes to be successful in this line of work is diving into it with a full heart. If you have a true desire to help people find their bright future, the bright future will be ahead of you too.



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