How to Convince Your Loved One to Start Rehab Program in Boynton Beach

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In a situation where you don’t know how to help someone dear to you with a drug or alcohol program, chances are you’ll face a plethora of roadblocks. Those are tricky moments when we try to do the best we can to reach out to them, without hurting their feelings. In severe cases, it takes more than a simple conversation to convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach. If you’re finding yourself worrying about the well-being of your loved one, this comprehensive guide is here to help you come up with a proper strategy.

If you actively search for addiction solutions Florida has on offer, save yourself time and contact us at Bright Futures Treatment Center. Our team of professionals is ready to help your loved ones begin their recovery process and make the most of it. We implement an array of rehab and post-rehab treatments that help our patients remain sober and live healthy lifestyles.

a friend trying to convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach
Let your loved one know you care about them.

When is the time to have a talk with your loved one?

It’s certainly not easy to begin a conversation with your loved one you believe developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They might either get offended, laugh it off, or begin to convince you it’s not a big deal.

If you notice any of the following signs in your loved one’s behavior, it’s time for them to seek help:

  • Frequent mood swings – from extremely euphoric to extremely depressive.
  • Troubles with focus and short-term memory.
  • Shaking even when it’s hot outside.
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns, or even insomnia.
  • Lying and theft.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Unusual spending habits.
  • Frequently seeking money from others.
  • Alcohol consumption has increased in the recent period.
  • Indicators of physical self-harm.

Individuals suffering from drug abuse rarely admit they have a problem

Only less than 8% of people consciously admit themselves into a rehab center. The thing is that addiction isn’t the same as having the flu. Addiction involves a wide range of aspects, with physical being just one of the many. Subconscious patterns, traumas, and accompanying mental illnesses are in most cases the major factors that push an individual into addiction, without realizing it before it’s too late. That said, the root cause of any kind of addiction is impossible to treat with medications alone. When a person is in a deep addiction, it becomes hard for them to get out of it without suffering through the process.  Most of them don’t even consider seeking help, believing it’s too late to get back on track.

blonde woman sitting by the window
People with addiction issues have a hard time admitting they have a problem.

Underlying guilt and shame also prevent individuals from asking for help. Because of it, addicts get into the denial loop. Addicts begin to lie, scheme, and make everything seem stable, when in fact, they’re sinking into deeper addiction. Therefore, keep in mind that your loved one may refuse help due to all those feelings, and fears. The last you should do is trust them when they say that they’re fine.

Why you shouldn’t wait for too long

Addiction is easier to overcome when addressed in its early stages. Withdrawals aren’t too painful, plus the psychological treatments go a lot more smoothly. Unfortunately, the largest percentage of drug or alcohol abuse begins at critical stages. Some of them also end up fatally. For that reason alone, it’s better to intervene on time before your loved one spirals into further addiction, which may end up fatally.

Educate yourself on the subject matter as much as possible

Additional symptoms depend on the substance(s) your loved one is addicted to. Therefore, it’s important to know what your loved one is dealing with. Not all drugs are the same. In addition, the motivation behind drug usage isn’t the same either. For example, a person suffering from sports injuries will be prescribed painkillers. The healing process might be slower than expected, putting their scholarship or opportunity to compete/play at a big event at risk. What happens is that the person increases dosage. Their motivation to succeed is so strong it becomes impossible for them to admit their health is already jeopardized. Hence why it takes time to convince them to undergo the best oxycodone rehab Palm Beach has on offer.

The motivation behind party drugs (speed, ecstasy…) is joy. However, the problem arises when the person can’t imagine a party or any social event without drugs. The bottom line is: do your best to learn about the dangerous effects the substances have on your loved one’s health.

Ways to convince your loved one to start a rehab program in Boynton Beach

The question is: How to approach the person dear to you and let them know they have a problem? However, there isn’t a simple answer to this. Some people accept help sooner than others. In some cases, there’s nothing left but to contact professionals and have them put a person into rehab. Of course, this is the last resort to consider only in the extreme cases when the person has completely sunk into addiction, and lost track of their life.

Form a support group and plan an intervention

The best way to execute a proper intervention is to form a support group with people your loved one trusts and respects – family members, a partner, close relatives, and a close circle of friends. Gather them all at a safe home space and begin a conversation.

therapist helping you convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach
Intervention will be required in order to convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach.

What not to do during an intervention:

  • Avoid any kind of judging. That will do more harm than good.
  • Watch how you’ll phrase to your loved one and avoid sentences like “Look what you did to us!“.
  • Don’t try to blackmail a person struggling with addiction, as it will most certainly backfire.
  • Yelling is a big no.
  • Threatening is the last any of you should do.

Someone from a group should take on the role of facilitator, just in case someone gets too carried away. Therefore, pick the most composed person out of the group who will remind you to take a step back before the intervention turns into chaos. We’re humans and sometimes frustration, and helplessness takes the best of us. That’s why it’s best to have one (or even two) of you to keep you all in check.

Don’t take the reaction or words of your loved one personally

Individuals struggling with severe addiction become emotionally numb over time. The next fix is what they always resort to in order not to feel pain or discomfort. Furthermore, individuals who abuse substances believe they can quit whenever they want, although it’s actually otherwise. Keep in mind they already live in a denial and might do anything to dismiss your attempts to help them. Psychological preparation is necessary in this case. If your loved one seems to ignore your good intentions, it’s very likely whatever you say will backfire on you. Unfortunately, you must be ready to bounce harsh comments and reactions that are actually nothing more than a cry for help. Remind the rest of the support group to remain patient and compassionate rather than combative.

Consider professional intervention

If the intervention fails, then it might be a good idea to consult professionals. They were in such situations multiple times, and know how to approach the person in need of rehab. By working with them, you’ll increase your chances to succeed in convincing your loved one to take steps toward addiction-free life.

therapist explaining how to convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach
A professional interventionist can help you convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach.

To wait until your loved one decides about their recovery them-self?

It’s risky to let a person with addiction issues decide on their well-being. In most cases, they choose not to go to rehab, claiming they’re in control of their health. The resistance they feel towards the rehab process is tough. For them, it means going through the pain they had a glimpse of through self-attempted withdrawal, and opening up about the pain they’ve been numbing out with substances and alcohol. There are circumstances when there’s no other choice but to force rehab upon an individual who resists getting proper help. However, the considerable success rate of recovering addicts confirms this. The majority of surveyed individuals who were forced to undergo extensive rehab claim they’re glad their family and friends were persistent from the very beginning.

Addiction is a self-destructive loop one can barely get out from. Severe addiction cuts all the ties a person has with the rest of the world, and makes them forget about goals, and what used to bring them joy. That being said, waiting for them to make a sound decision in that state of body and mind can only deepen the problem.

Have the list of treatment centers ready before you speak to your loved one

Take time to browse rehab centers for your loved one before you even begin any conversation, let alone intervention. The reason is, you must be fully equipped with information. Your dear person is more likely to accept help if you have a solution ready at hand. However, make sure to research all the facilities thoroughly, contact them, compare, and finally come up with a list of at least a few of them.

a woman searching online and writing in a notebook
Make a list of reputable rehab centers.

Look for adequate treatments

Keep in mind there’s no one-size-fits-all rehab program. For instance, Adderall addiction treatment can’t tackle cocaine addiction. That’s why you should check whether a rehab center you look into offers the kind of treatment your friend or family member needs. Next, take a look at the facility, location, and conditions. You’re most likely to find plenty of online reviews with additional, helpful information.

Location is extremely important

The point of rehab is to give a person in need a safe space to recover. That’s why location is essential, especially when it comes to severe addiction cases. For example, most meth rehab Florida facilities are situated somewhere in nature. Recovering process goes smoothly in a peaceful setting, away from city hustle and bustle, and other distractions.

If your loved one has some sort of abandonment issues, be careful how will you introduce the facility. Explain why that environment is best for their initial recovery journey. Also, remind them you’ll come for a visit and write letters. Regardless of their personality traits, people with addiction issues usually have a tendency to feel abandoned and unwanted. What you have to do is let them know you’re actually helping them because you care for their well-being.

Check therapies included in a rehab program

The rehab center you choose for someone dear to you must incorporate the latest addiction treatment methodologies. That includes various kinds of therapies designated for specific purposes (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy being one of them). Therapy is a mandatory tool used for overcoming addiction, especially if a person is also dealing with mental health issues.

smiling therapist and a patient
Scientifically proven therapies help a patient move forward healthier and sober life.

Inform about the admission process

Addiction treatment centers have a more or less similar admission policy. Every incoming patient must go through a medical detox before the rehab program begins. Also, a patient must understand the rules of the house and agree to follow the schedule. Rehab lasts a minimum of 30 to 60 days, with the possibility of an extension. It depends on the severity of the addiction too.

Feel free to contact any facility from your list and ask them more about the admission process, as well as additional information you’d like to know. You’ll get peace of mind once you have all information confirmed.

Treatment centers recommend packing only essential items

Comfortable clothes and essential toiletries are all your loved ones will need during their rehab. As for additional items like books or something of sentimental value, better check with the treatment center. Help with packing and offer full support in the upcoming recovery process your loved one is about to go through.

Rehab programs to learn about

In the beginning, your loved one will undergo intensive inpatient treatment. That includes supervision, scheduled activities, clinical assistance, and psychotherapy. They’ll reside in residential facilities the entire time. After the intensive inpatient treatment is completed, the patient can move to the next stage – the outpatient program Florida treatment center provides. The outpatient program doesn’t oblige the patient to 24/7 supervision. At this stage, group therapy and 1-1 sessions with a licensed therapist are enough. Hence why it’s important that the treatment center has the right programs and treatments in one place. Every step of the recovery journey leads to another.

a man at therapy session
It’s important for your loved one to feel supported and know they’ll receive the best care at the chosen facility.

Unlike residential drug treatment Florida rehab centers propose at the beginning, the aftercare program is a lot more flexible. This is the last (but not any less important) step in transitioning to daily life. Therapy sessions focus more on helping the recovering individual life a newly discovered life. That means implementing all learned techniques. By doing so, the patient becomes successful in combating cravings over time. The essential aspect is continuous support from friends and family every step of the way. Therapies, especially during aftercare include the presence of family members who are there to support a loved one on their journey to a new life.

Medical detox will be necessary

Contact the treatment center in case you need guidance with explaining medical detox. Usually, medical detox is a part of the recovery process that most people struggling with any kind of addiction issue fear. That’s why it’s necessary to explain how it actually works. The patient must understand why it’s necessary to have the substances leave their system for good. Medical detox is mandatory in order to address all other crucial components that contribute to addiction.

Is relapse likely to happen?

Recovering individuals are at risk of relapse in the first days after the rehab program is completed. That’s why the next stage has to be an aftercare program that keeps them on track as they gain independence in their sobriety. As mentioned before, relapse is also a matter of psychology, past traumas, triggers that have to be worked on, etc. It also happens due to tragic events, personal loss, or emotional pain. This is why in their post-rehab recovery, recovering addicts must exercise abstinence, effective coping mechanisms, and self-care. It takes time until the new habits, and mindset, are fully settled.

twin women in different rooms
Recovering addicts are at risk of relapse in the days after the rehab.

However, if your loved one happens to have a moment of crisis, try to remain composed. Let them know their recovery isn’t for nothing and ask about what triggered them to slip into substance/alcohol usage again. That alone can keep them away from complete relapse and reintroduction of addiction patterns they fought so hard to overcome. Also, it’s important to remind them of all the skillsets they got during rehab and aftercare, and how to apply them.

Several ways to pay for a rehab

The cost of rehab is, unfortunately, what drives many people away from seeking professional help for their loved ones. However, this isn’t something that should be an obstacle. Nowadays there are other ways to gain enough funds for rehab, without having to deplete savings:

  • Online fundraising – It’s possible to raise donations for your cause online, without having to pay the amount back. All you have to do is set the target amount, write an in-depth explanation of what the money is for, and then spread the word.
  • Medical loan –  Make sure to learn about all terms and conditions before you apply. You’ll need someone close as your guarantor.
  • Scholarships –  One can also apply for special scholarships that cover rehab expenses. Make sure to learn about the terms of the application first.
  • Insurance coverage – There are many kinds of insurance solutions you can benefit from.


If your loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, you’ll have to seek adequate insurance. Make sure to check with chosen rehab center does Tricare cover alcohol rehab and to what extent.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Don’t skip asking the staff at the rehab center does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab as well.


One of the frequent questions people ask is does Humana cover alcohol rehab at every center? The thing is, Humana is widely accepted, however, it comes in handy to have this information confirmed by the actual center that interests you.


Contact the treatment center and ask does Aflac cover alcohol rehab before you apply for it.


Aetna is one of the insurance coverage options that can help with the financial aspect of drug and alcohol addiction treatment However, don’t hesitate to give a call to a specific rehab facility and ask does Aetna cover drug rehab, as well as alcohol rehab program.


In case you wonder does Cigna cover drug rehab, the answer is – yes, it does. However, make sure to check which treatment centers accept Cigna insurance.


AmeriHealth is a popular insurance option. Just make sure to check does AmeriHealth cover drug rehab at the chosen treatment center.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

To learn whether is alcohol rehab covered under FMLA at your chosen rehab center, make sure to contact the rehab facility representatives and get the information from them directly.

Wrap up

Addiction can overtake one’s life in every aspect. That’s why the last thing you should do is dismiss the addiction of your loved one as “their problem”. If it had been that easy, there wouldn’t be so many treatments and programs that are available today. Certainly, it’s not easy to convince your loved one to start rehab program in Boynton Beach at first. However, patience, kindness, and unconditional support can lead to sobriety and healthier life. Therefore, feel free to take the first step and help your dear person overcome addiction once and for all. In case of necessity, give us a call to get all the guidance you need.


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