How To Choose Between Many Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida?

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Florida is known to have many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. All these rehab centers offer all kinds of treatments, inpatient and outpatient programs, residential treatments, opiate addiction treatments, and many more. We can firmly say that Florida has some of the best treatment centers in the world. Since there are so many, they compete with each other, who will offer a better service. Having the opportunity to choose from so many centers is excellent. However, it can be hard to decide which one of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida is the best one for you. Therefore, keep on reading to discover how to choose the best fit for you.

What kind of treatment do you need?

Before you search for drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Florida, you need to determine what kind of program you want. There are two types of programs inpatient and outpatient. Most of the facilities offer both. However, some of them specialize only in one of these two programs. Both programs are efficient and will help you; you just need to choose the one that fits your case. To decide which one of these programs to select, you need to learn the difference between the two. 

Make sure to look for drug and alcohol treatment centers that offer treatments that suit you.

The Inpatient program

Inpatient treatment is for people who suffer from substance abuse. Many facilities treat both alcohol and drug addiction. However, some of them only treat only one of these two disorders. Therefore, if you have a meth addiction, you will want to look for a meth rehab Palm Beach facility.

Not everyone has a severe substance disorder. Therefore, the treatment can be adapted for patients’ specific needs. For people that have severe substance disorders, inpatient therapy is the best. You can find this treatment in the licensed centers in Florida. Enrolling in the inpatient program in Florida means that you will be in a safe and substance-free environment that is monitored. A person in this program will have to stay in the rehab center for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. That is the norm; however, if necessary, a medical specialist can prolong the treatment. The most significant part of this program is detoxification. That is the most challenging part since the person suffering from substance abuse will be going through withdrawals. The help of the medical staff that has experience and knowledge is necessary to manage the withdrawal symptoms.

What are the benefits of the Inpatient program?

  • The inpatient program offers many benefits:
    You will not feel alone because you will be surrounded by other people who suffer from the same disorder. Therefore, you are more likely to feel understood. In addition, you can support and help each other stay on the right track.
  • Everything is scheduled. You will not have to think about anything.
  • Going through the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Therefore having medical support is of high importance. You will have medical assistance 24/7, no matter what.
  • When going through detox, you need to have a special diet. The good news is that you will have a nutritional specialist to help you with your diet.
  • Once you are done with the treatment, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need help anymore. On the contrary, many people need additional support. You will get to work with counselors once you leave the oxycodone rehab Palm Beach center, which will help you to stay on the right track and live a healthy and substance-free life.

The outpatient program

Outpatient programs are more convenient because people can continue doing their day-to-day activities. This program is excellent for people who have completed the inpatient program and now need some support. Moreover, this treatment is suitable for people whose life is not affected by substance abuse. They can go to work and fulfill their professional obligations. By enrolling in an outpatient program in Florida, you get to have intensive treatment without putting your whole life on pause.

No one should go through this alone; therefore, having supportive family members is one of the essential things when entering this program. In addition, the outpatient program has proven to be very efficient in battling drug and alcohol addiction.

The treatment varies from facility to facility. However, most centers provide 10 to 12 hours of individual and group therapies per week. Most of the treatments happen on-site. However, nowadays, some treatment centers offer online sessions too. Online consultations are very convenient for people who don’t have much time or live far away from the facility. Therefore, when looking for Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach has to offer, check if they offer online consultations.

friends laughing after finding Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
The outpatient program is excellent if you want to continue living an everyday life while going to therapy.

Which treatment is better for you?

When choosing between many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida, you need to ensure that they offer the type of treatment that suits you the most. It can be a traditional or alternative therapy.

Traditional therapy consists of the 12-step AA program, while alternative treatment incorporates hypnotherapy, holistic medicine, family therapy, etc. Both of these therapies have proven to be efficient. The best thing you can do is choose the Boynton Beach detox treatment center, which offers different treatment options. This way, you can change if one treatment is not working.

Does the facility offer a holistic treatment?

If you want to incorporate a holistic approach, find a center that offers them. In the last few years, holistic treatment has become quite popular. People who have failed to get sober by trying the traditional treatment approach try the holistic approach as a last resort. That is because holistic treatment concentrates on the spiritual and emotional sides of the patient, not just physical and phycological. Moreover, massage is often used as a part of holistic therapy.

Choose one of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida according to your budget

Each treatment center is different. Therefore, the costs of the treatment vary from facility to facility. Money can be an obstacle for some people to getting understandable treatment. However, nowadays, there are many ways to go to rehab without paying a lot. There are different payment plans available, supplemental insurance options, and loans. A good Florida treatment center will help you with this and give you all the information you need to find the best solution. You will not have to break your bank to get better. There is always a solution.

a woman meditating after searching for drug and alcohol treatment centers
If you have good insurance, you can be serene. Many rehab centers accept all kinds of insurance policies.

Does the facility accept your insurance?

When looking for a treatment facility, it is essential to check if they accept your insurance policy. Therapies cost a lot, and paying for them on your own can be quite hard. Therefore, before you decide which facility you want to choose, make sure to talk with them about this. Some facilities offer different payment plans, which can be convenient for you.

Now let’s look at some of the most popular insurance options.


For those asking is drug rehab covered under FMLA the answer is maybe. The rule varies from state to state. That is why it is essential to check your state’s regulations before you start looking for a rehab facility. When it comes to the state of Florida FMLA can be used under certain conditions.

First, you need to be employed by the same employer for at least 12 months to use this. And secondly, you need to check if the treatment facility you are interested in going to accepts this. Suppose you fulfill the conditions necessary to provide your employer with various documents. The process of filling in paperwork can be pretty overwhelming for some people. Therefore, looking for a treatment facility to help you with this is best. They have a lot of experience and can help you with the entire procedure. Always look for a facility that has polite people ready to help you. If FMLA doesn’t cover the entire cost of the treatment, they can advise you on what to do.


Does AETNA cover alcohol rehab? If you have Aetna, you are in luck! Aetna covers all or a part of your treatment. The amount that will be covered depends on a few factors:

  • The type of the facility
  • Your insurance plan
  • The length of your rehab
  • The type of the condition

In South Florida, most treatment centers that offer inpatient and outpatient programs accept Aetna.


Next on the list is Cigna. It is global health insurance that many people use. Now you must be wondering does Cigna cover drug rehab? This depends on the state that you live in. If you are in Florida, you are in luck! Depending on the insurance plan that you have chosen, CIGNA will cover your costs. You can contact your insurance provider directly and find out about your benefits.

Moreover, you can go online and do it independently if you prefer. Furthermore, drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Florida can check that for you. All you need to do is provide them with the necessary information.

a person holding meds in their hand
If you have a good insurance plan, Cigna will cover your expenses in most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida


If you have TRICARE, it is advisable to say within the network when looking for a facility. This way, you will not have to pay much out of your pocket. As always, check with your provider how much the insurance can cover. Hopefully, this answers your question does Tricare cover alcohol rehab and drug rehab.


The question that everyone wants to know the answer to before entering rehab treatment is, does Aflac cover alcohol rehab? Aflac is one of the biggest providers of supplemental insurance. This provider pays directly to you. In addition, if you have enrolled in an inpatient program, they will pay you a limited disability benefit. Moreover, your expenses will be covered while you are not working.

Check the success rate of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida

It is important to check this. You want to ensure that you are entering a rehab program within the facility that has a high success rate. Make sure to ask around and verify their reviews. Moreover, you can ask a rehab center to let you speak with someone that has already finished their program to see how they feel about it and to share their story. Everyone’s story is different; however, they can tell you more about the treatment and how they have benefited from it.

Furthermore, one important question you should not forget to ask is how they measure success. You are in good hands if you share the same opinion as they do. If not, this is a sign to look for another treatment center.

A good center will provide you with the necessary information. The first thing that they will do is talk with you. This way, they can understand your needs and expectations and provide you with the right treatment. Choosing the proper treatment will maximize your chances of getting sober.  

It is of great importance to find alcohol and drug rehab centers in Florida that suit you. However, you must remember that you can have a happy ending only if you are willing to do the work.

a person talking to a doctor
Always research the success rate before you enter a rehab.

Ask for the credentials

You want to have a professional team by your side, that has a lot of experience. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous; therefore, you need to make sure that the treatment center in Florida that you are going to choose has trained and accredited staff. Unfortunately, many centers hire staff without a diploma or prior knowledge of substance abuse. For example, a psychologist that specializes in marriage therapies will not be able to help you as much as a phycologist that specializes in drug and alcohol abuse.

Opt for a clean rehab facility

It is of utmost importance to visit a few facilities in the state of Florida before you pick one. That is where you will spend a lot of time; therefore, you want to check the condition of the center. Is it clean? What is the smell like? What kind of décor do they have? Is the furniture outdated? Is there only one access to the building, or are there more? Do they have a big backyard? These are just some things you need to pay attention to. It would help if you felt comfortable and secure. After all, you are paying for this. You deserve to be in a nice place where you will feel good and where you can get the motivation to get healthier.

a waiting room in one of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in florida
Make sure that the rehab center you choose is clean and has everything you need to feel good for the time you are there.

Take your time to choose one of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida

The first step towards sobriety is asking for help. A plethora of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Florida can help you have a better life. Don’t rush the process. Take as much time as you need to find a center you feel good about. Seeking help is the best thing you can do to turn your life around. If you set your mind to it, you will be able to do anything. Don’t give up; you will soon be able to share your success story with others!

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