Heroin Addiction, Rehab, Ibogaine And Recovery

Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Persons dealing with heroin addiction need to go through a serious battle if they wish to recover. This is due to the fact that heroin is a highly addictive drug. Heroin is one of the fastest acting and most destructive opioids, and persons suffering from substance use disorder should seek immediate treatment. Thankfully, there is always hope and, with the right treatment, your chances of recovery are high. At the Bright Futures Treatment Center in Boynton Beach we have a highly efficient treatment program for heroin addiction. We can also teach you the necessary life skills you will need to lead a sober and fulfilling life. Additionally, we can educate you, and explain everything regarding heroin addiction, rehab, Ibogaine and recovery.

What to Do if You are Suffering From Heroin Addiction

We understand that when you are struggling with addiction, you may feel that your options are limited. Individuals may think that it is impossible for them to recover, which makes it hard to ask for help. Summoning the strength and courage to even admit that you have a problem can seem like an insurmountable task. Some people don’t want to acknowledge the obvious signs that it’s time to ask for help. Asking for help is hard, but it’s also a necessary step if you want to recover. Although you might be dealing with guilt and shame, your condition will only get worse over time and you should seriously consider going to rehab.

If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction you can contact our admissions team, and let us handle things from there. We can explain how the admission process works, and help you sort out all of the administrative details. We have purposefully streamlined our admissions to be simple and fast, so that when you are in an emergency – we’ve made asking for help actually easy.

Addiction usually tends to spiral out of control, causing damage to your physical and mental health. Heroin can be especially dangerous due to its highly addictive nature and its lasting effects on the body and mind. Substance use disorder can cause problems to your personal life as well as your career. We strongly advise that you ask for help now before it is too late. All you need to do is just call us. You will be greeted by our staff which is kind, respectful and understanding of your situation.

Man suffering from heroin addiction.
Recovery from heroin usually comes with heavy withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine Treatment and Its Legal Status in the United States

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid which can help with overcoming addiction. The substance gets its name from the West African plant Tabernathe Iboga. The Ibogaine compound helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain and helping them to return to a pre-addiction state. However, due to the substance being illegal in most countries, as well as serious side effects associated with its use, Ibogaine is still considered to be unsafe for use in recovery. In the United States, Ibogaine is categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance, which means that it is not approved for addiction treatment or therapeutic use. There are variants and derivatives which are currently being tested which lack psychedelic or psychoactive properties, and could be used for treatment in the future.

Patients who are struggling with heroin addiction and want to attempt treatment with Ibogaine sometimes travel abroad to countries where the substance isn’t illegal. However, we strongly advise against any treatment with a psychoactive substance that isn’t administered by a licensed therapist in a medical setting. Unfortunately, there have been deaths associated with Ibogaine treatment. Until there is further research on the correct dosage and recommended variants, all unlicensed use of Ibogaine should be avoided.

There are always advancements in medicine and addiction treatment, which means that the legal status of Ibogaine may change. We will be monitoring all of the latest research and we will adopt only the highest standard of care for our patients. As it currently stands, Ibogaine could actually see decriminalization and approval for therapeutic use in the coming future. Following a successful Phase 1 trial, there is currently an ongoing Phase 2 study of MM-110 which is an Ibogaine derivative. There is also a Bill to decriminalize Ibogaine, so the future for psychedelic treatment is bright.

How We Help Patients Get Through Heroin Withdrawal in Bright Futures

Although we encourage our patients to have a positive outlook on their recovery, we are well aware that not every part of rehab is going to be fun. In order to overcome heroin addiction, our patients have to start with the hardest stages first. It seems that many things in life function that same way – where the first steps are always the hardest. When it comes to recovery from heroin addiction, patients first need to go through detoxification. Unfortunately, once detox is over, patients are commonly left dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. During withdrawal patients can often experience feelings of nausea and sickness. This is undoubtedly the most physically challenging part of recovery, but we can promise you everything gets easier from this point onward.

To help our patients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal, we often employ medically assisted treatment. MAT uses approved medication to diminish the physical and mental symptoms which occur when opioid use is stopped. In the Bright Futures Treatment Center in Florida we only use medications which are approved by the FDA. The medications which we currently use for MAT are Suboxone, Naltrexone, Buprenorphine and Naloxone. When properly administered by a licensed therapist, these medications can help patients overcome heroin addiction by reducing craving and withdrawals. Most importantly, the medicaments help patients get accustomed to their life without the constant need for opioids. By doing so, they greatly decrease the risk of relapse, allowing patients to achieve long term sobriety. Of course, every person’s journey to recovery is going to be different. For this reason, we offer customized treatment plans for our clients which may include MAT.

Man in therapy for herion addiction.
Individual therapy sessions are integral to your recovery.

What Kind of Rehab is Needed for Heroin Addiction?

When patients finish their detoxification, the actual process of healing can begin. In our treatment facility in Palm Beach, we admit patients to a comfortable and safe environment where they can begin their Inpatient Treatment.  We offer residential housing, a Day/Night and a partial hospitalization program. The usual duration of stay is 30-45 days, but it can depend on the severity of your addiction and your personal progress. During this time, you will learn how to manage and resist your cravings. However, we will also teach you the necessary skills which you’ll need to lead a healthy and productive life outside of rehab.

During therapy we help our patients develop social skills they can later use in real-life situations. Additionally, we will work to improve your confidence and self esteem. However, as part of your recovery we also pay special attention to your physical health. We have a strong focus on exercise, being active and developing a routine for healthy nutrition and meal preparation. You’ll be able to form healthy habits which will represent a strong basis for a sober life outside of rehab.

Once our clients complete their inpatient programs, they can progress to Outpatient Therapy. This is where patients get to integrate back into society. Here we have two levels of treatment being:

  • The Intensive Outpatient Program. Patients attend group sessions 3-5 times a week, as well as individual weekly sessions with a therapist. Patients are offered vocational services and are encouraged to seek employment.
  • The General Outpatient Program. Group sessions are 1-2 a week, patients continue to see a therapist on a weekly basis. You will also be granted a sponsor and you can attend 12 step meetings.
Healthy food to help revocery from heroin.
We will teach you about proper nutrition.

What Happens After You Finish Your Inpatient and Outpatient Programs?

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the skills they need to maintain long term sobriety. However, this doesn’t mean that our care and support end when patients leave rehab. We also offer an extensive aftercare program, because we believe that relapse prevention is a life-long objective. This means that once you seek our help and become our client, our doors will always be open for you if you ever need help, reassurance or support. The road to recovery can be hard, but we can be there with you every step of the way.

During group sessions you will have the chance to meet others who are going through a similar life changing experience. This is a great opportunity to form bonds and create lasting friendships. From our experience, the friendships formed in rehab tend to last a lifetime. We are very proud to have our former clients consider themselves to be lifelong members of the Bright Futures family. For this reason we frequently organize get-togethers of our previous and current clients. We also invite our Bright Futures Alumni to visit our group sessions to support and inspire our patients who are currently going through recovery. Once you finish your programs and become an Alumni, you can pay it forward and be there for someone else.

How to Enter Rehab For Heroin Addiction?

The process of entering rehab is actually quite simple. If you have come to terms that you need help and that you want to turn your life around, all you need to do is to contact us. We understand that sometimes, even asking for help can be a scary prospect. However, you need to be the one who makes that first step. We can assure you that you will be met with compassion and understanding.

If you would like to find out more about our how our admission works before contacting us, you can read about it here. For simplicity, we have broken it down into a four step process:

  • Contact us. During the initial call, we can determine what kind of treatment you need. The initial assessment is free of charge and all of the information you provide us with will be strictly confidential. This is also a good opportunity for us to answer any questions you may have.
  • Insurance review. You can give us your insurance information, and we can verify which benefits and services your insurance plan covers.
  • Travel Arrangements. Our admissions coordinators will gladly help you plan and organize your travel to our facility.
  • Pickup at the airport. One of our staff members can organize your pick up, after which you will be greeted at our South Florida facility.
Man happy to be outdoors for the sunrise.
Spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health.

Can you Use Insurance to Cover Your Recovery From Heroin Addiction?

We frequently get asked which insurances can be used to cover rehab for heroin addiction. Fortunately, the Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts health insurance from most major providers, and we have a list of accepted providers you can check. However, we are well aware how confusing insurance information can be. Besides the large number of providers, there are also different healthcare plans, and coverage can even differ from state to state. We don’t expect you to know all of the details, and our admissions staff will be happy to verify your insurance for you. The good news is that, depending on your provider and the level of coverage, you may be able to use your insurance to cover up to all of the costs of rehab.

Another way to check your insurance benefits would be to contact your provider and ask them directly. For example, if you have a plan with AmeriHealth, you could call them or go to their website to check your benefits there. Keep in mind that, while Bright Futures does accept AmeriHealth insurance, there can be differences in the provided coverage based on several factors.

How Can You Pay for Heroin Addiction Rehab?

In case your insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of your heroin rehab, you have the option of paying for the remainder yourself. Additionally, it’s also possible to pay for a family member or loved one, and you can even send them money while they are in rehab. Our staff can verify your insurance as part of the initial assessment. Afterwards, they will inform you of your coverage and discuss your options.

If you decide to pay for your treatment out of pocket, we can arrange a flexible payment plan. Besides accepting health insurance, Bright Futures also accepts several other forms of payment such as: credit and debit cards, e-transfer, US citizen cheques or cash payments. We can organize weekly, monthly or yearly payments, and some patients even prefer to pay per treatment. If you would like to read more information about admissions and how rehab functions in Bright Futures, you can visit our FAQ section. You can also feel free to contact us, and we are sure that we can find a solution that is suited to your budget.

Woman doing meditation on the beach in Florida.
Meditation and Yoga are good for both the body and the mind.

Why Choose Bright Futures for Your Heroin Recovery?

We believe that if patients want to have a successful recovery, it is our responsibility to provide them with an environment where they can feel safe and relaxed. For this reason, we have decided to locate our luxurious residential facility in sunny Florida just a few miles from the beach. This also means that we can organize frequent beach visits.

Spending time outdoors can be incredibly beneficial for patients in rehab, and we regularly organize fun therapeutic activities for our patients. Having sober fun is an important part of recovery. Learning to enjoy yourself while being sober can give individuals a glimpse of what their future life can be. During our programs we help clients develop the skills necessary to reintegrate back into society. However, that doesn’t stop us from having fun while doing it.

However, at Bright Futures we’re not all just about fund and games. We also employ contemporary forms of holistic treatment, meaning that we put an emphasis on your entire wellbeing. We organize Yoga and meditation, which coupled with physical exercise and proper nutrition, can help restore your body and mind. Our treatment also includes cognitive behavioral therapy models. Treatment is always adapted to the individual needs of each patient. Our staff is fully trained and we offer the highest level of care according to the highest healthcare standards and best practices.

To summarize

Although you may be currently struggling with heroin addiction, we can help you recover and lead a sober, drug-free life. Unfortunately, we are facing a rise in the use of heroin in the United States. Many individuals still lack basic understanding regarding heroin addiction, rehab, Ibogaine and recovery. Don’t delay reaching out for help, because heroin can lead to dangerous health complications or even overdose.


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