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When we think “addict” we automatically think, rock bottom, homeless or something tragic. This may be true in some cases but what we don’t realize is there is something called ‘High Functioning Addict’. We can not put all the addicts in the same category as a one-size-fits-all. Just because someone is not the addict we see pushing a cart down the street or the one on the corner begging for change for their next fix, doesn’t mean they are not an addict. You may have someone close to you that is an addict, someone closer then you think. High functioning addicts seem like they have it all. A home, nice car, family, successful career or a nice paying job. If you suspect someone close to you or maybe even yourself might be a functioning addict, look for some of these signs.
• Making excuse. This person may use the excuse that they have been working hard and they deserve to reward themselves by indulging on drugs or alcohol.
• The people they are friends with. A functioning addict may have friends that are using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis for recreational purposes.
• Drinking more than intended. When a functioning addict makes it a habit to turn “just one drink” into many. They simply can not control themselves.
• Losing interest. If you notice them losing interest in something they use to love doing such as golf, bowling, sports or even family gatherings, their substance abuse has more then likely taken over.
Sometimes these addicts are not aware they might actually be addicted to drugs or alcohol. As it is someone we love or care about we should reach out and try to seek help for them. In some cases, they might be in denial and ignore the problem or in other cases lash out and become anger of being accused. You should always research on how to help with situations like this or talk to a Professional about how to handle the situation in the proper manner.

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