My experience of Bright Futures was a successful one. Being in treatment here was a very good experience, it helped me work on a lot of qualities that I lost over the years, and build a very structured schedule. read more

When I first got to Bright Futures I was a little up and down about going from one treatment to another, but I made the best of it. It was like a roller coaster ride. Somedays I’d be happy and other days sad or angry, but what it comes down to is I made some really cool friends and got to see how fun it is to live sober.

During my stay at Bright Futures I worked on my self-esteem issues, anger issues, and my assertiveness. My favorite part was the group with Mike Ross and Patricks group.

I spent a total of 59 days at Bright Futures Treatment Center. I am a retired military veteran and I felt a brotherhood that rivaled my experience in the military. In the beginning I was sceptic to an all male treatment center.