Drug Addiction Treatment for Couples

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When both partners struggle with drug addiction, drug addiction treatment for couples is the best solution that can help them individually, and save a relationship in the process. It’s worth noting that rehab and rebuilding a relationship is a long process that requires commitment on both sides, with the help of addiction recovery experts. Here at Bright Futures Treatment Center, we offer an all-inclusive rehab program that enables you and your partner medical and psychological support. If you are in a situation where both require professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll receive the best care in a renowned substance abuse treatment center in Florida, no matter what addiction disorder you’re struggling with.

Drug addiction among couples

When one of you is experiencing an addiction problem, the other partner can act quickly and intervene with friends and family. However, when both of you are involved in active drug abuse, keeping each other accountable is harder.

woman convincing her partner to enter drug addiction treatment for couples
When both partners are addicted to substances, it can be difficult to be a support to each other.

Drug abuse in relationships happens in the following ways:

  • Partner A influences partner B to try drugs for the first time, which leads to regular consumption.
  • Partner A and partner B begin to experiment with drugs together.
  • Both partners had engaged in drug abuse prior to their relationship.

Why does drug addiction happen in relationships?

If one of the partners is more dominant, they’ll easily convince the other partner to try the drugs for the first time. This often happens in codependent relationships where partner A takes the lead, and partner B takes on a more submissive (codependent) role. The thing about codependent people is that they go above and beyond to please their partners. When it comes to drug addiction, it looks like this:

  • Codependent partner B often ignores the fact that codependent partner A is spiraling into drug addiction as time goes by. Partner B is easy to convince that there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Partner B comes up with a series of excuses for partner A out of fear of rejection/anger outbursts.
  • If the drugs are a part of partner A’s lifestyle, partner B is likely to try them at some point. Due to deep-rooted insecurities and fear of rejection, partner B will comply with the lifestyle and rules imposed by partner A.

Accountability is basically non-existent in relationships in which both partners actively do drugs and/or drink alcohol. In most cases, both partners won’t admit they have developed a substance abuse problem.

Both partners engage in a lifestyle involving drugs

Let’s say partners A and B enjoy parties and social gatherings that involve substances and drinks. Occasional drug usage becomes mandatory. If both partners are prone to risky behaviors that give them an adrenaline rush, drugs can fuel that need. That results in drunk driving and other life-threatening activities.

two people sitting in silence
Addiction is an isolating experience for you and your loved one as well.

Couples rarely admit they both have a problem

The thing about couples who engage in substance abuse is that they avoid admitting they have developed an addiction to alcohol/substances. On an individual level, fear of shame and guilt prevents people with an addiction problem from seeking help. Another reason is that many don’t know where to turn to for adequate treatment that doesn’t cost a fortune. Finally, people who suffer from severe addiction believe nothing can be done to return to normal (which is far from being true).

Consequences of drug abuse in relationships

As both partners are becoming more dependent on substances or alcohol, it becomes hard to be there for each other in everyday life. The need for the next fix or glass of drink becomes stronger than anything. The situation worsens, especially if at least one of the partners is struggling with anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and similar. Fights happen more often than not, and the overall relationship becomes toxic.

What to do?

If you and your partner can’t seem to function without substances, then it’s time to admit you both require professional help. At the stage of severe addiction, both you and your partner are triggering for each other. Therefore, you both will require individual therapies before you decide to proceed with a couple’s therapy. Addiction is an individual problem, first and foremost. Without helping yourself, it’s next to impossible to repair a relationship you have with your partner – who is also in need of rehab.

a guy supporting his girlfriend
Rehab for couples can help you overcome addiction and change your life for the better.

Don’t hesitate to come to a close friend or family member for support. They wish nothing but the best for you and will be glad you’re willing to take steps toward your well-being. The same applies to your partner. At the initial stages of rehab, it’s essential to have support from your closest ones, who will also hold you accountable for your future choices.

How can drug addiction treatment for couples help?

If you and your partner have decided to take the steps towards sobriety as a team, consider couples rehab in Florida. The program is adjusted to couples with the following set of goals:

  • To help you both achieve sobriety.
  • To help you overcome self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Improving your relationship through therapies facilitated by licensed couple’s therapist.

Drug addiction treatment for couples is designed to help you recover from addiction, and establish a new life on healthier grounds with your partner. However, you must go through an individual recovery process before you begin a couple’s therapy and steady work of repairing your relationship. Modern drug and alcohol rehab Palm Beach centers divide rehab into stages and milestones. This way, addiction recovery experts have an easier time monitoring one’s recovery journey and measuring concrete results. On the other hand, milestones set by doctors and psychotherapists give you and your loved one a sense of accomplishment.

a man at therapy session
Psychotherapy for addiction can help you recognize what led to addiction.

Rehab helps you and your partner face underlying problems

Rehab is a challenging process in itself. Not only do you have to go through a medical withdrawal, but also through a series of psychotherapy sessions. Negative beliefs, unresolved problems, trauma, and constant negative mental chatter must be addressed in order for you to break free from addiction. It happens through a step-by-step process, with the help of licensed experts. Behavioral therapies play an important role in this aspect of addiction. Besides overcoming negative beliefs, the goal is to bring you to a more positive mindset.

You and your loved one will go through an individual journey of facing the root causes of everything that resulted in self-destructive behaviors related to addiction. As the treatment progresses, you’ll reconnect more with your own needs and the needs of each other. As it’s already mentioned, it’s a process that will require a commitment on your and your partner’s behalf.

Rebuilding relationships during drug addiction treatment for couples

Many wonder whether relationships can be mended during or after rehab. The answer is: It depends. Keep in mind that you and your partner won’t go through recovery at the same pace. That’s why patience and trust in the process will help you overcome all challenges that come along the way. As both of you are working towards your well-being, you’ll start discussing your relationship. You’ll bring up all the wrong things that occurred during your time together. There will be apologies to make, confessions, etc. After all the wrongs are brought up, the therapist will teach you a set of skills that may improve your relationship. For instance, instead of resorting to angry outbursts like you used to, you’ll solve misunderstandings in a constructive way.

psychiatrists discussing drug addiction treatment for couples
Drug addiction treatment for couples involves individual and couple therapy sessions.

Rehab for couples can be an opportunity to begin a new chapter in your relationship and leave addiction in the past. It’s also a transformative time for both of you, given the fact that recovery entails a lot of changes in habits, viewpoints, etc. During rehab, both of you will re-earn the importance of self-care as well.

Dual Diagnosis is used to treat addiction and co-existing mental health disorder

Do you and/or your partner also deal with some sort of mental health issue? Whether it’s severe anxiety, BPD, bipolar disorder, or something else, it may tamper with the recovery process. Fortunately, rehab centers deploy Dual Diagnosis treatment as a way to treat co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction to drugs and alcohol at the same pace. Don’t hesitate to share with an addiction specialist that you struggle with any mental health disorder. When undiagnosed, mental health problems contribute to constant relapses.

Why is medical detox better than self-withdrawal

Medical detox is a special treatment administered by medical staff. It eases excruciating withdrawal symptoms and frees your body from substances in a less invasive way. So, make sure to choose a rehab facility that provides medical detox treatment. That way, you’ll have all you need in one place.

unrecognizable woman holding her head
Withdrawals can be excruciating, which is why your best solution is medical detox.

Self-attempted withdrawals are painful and often end up in prolonged drug abuse. The pain addict feels becomes unbearable, which is why they resort to another dosage.

Choose the rehab center with all treatments required in one place

For many people struggling with addiction, it can be hard to entrust their well-being to clinicians. If that’s the case with you, rest assured it’s normal to feel that way. The rehab center where you and your partner want to begin your rehab journey must ensure a safe space and involve a team of experts who work in the best interest of their patients.

Make sure to check if a rehab center you consider contacting offers the right treatments (Adderall addiction treatment, cocaine rehab, etc.). Modern rehab facilities also provide psychotherapy as a part of rehab programs.


Residential stay or partial hospitalization?

If you consider residential drug treatment Florida centers have on offer, keep in mind the following:

  • Residential (also known as inpatient treatment) rehab means you’ll have to live in a facility for a minimum of 30 days.
  • You’ll have to respect the rules of the house.
  • There’s a list of necessities you’re allowed to bring with you.
  • You and your partner will be away from the noise and any sort of distractions.
  • Inpatient/residential rehab is highly effective since all your efforts are focused on recovery.

On the other hand, you also have an intensive outpatient program Florida rehab centers provide to individuals who wish to stay home. It’s a lot more flexible type of rehab treatment that allows you to work and take care of other duties. However, it will take extra effort in order to progress through rehab. For instance:

  • There must be a strict schedule you’ll stick to. Once you enter inpatient rehab, you’ll be required to come to the treatment center several days a week and stay up to 5-6 hours.
  • If you live with your partner, you both must be fully committed to recovery.
  • Your home environment must be clean and free of alcohol, pills, etc.
  • Extra pair of helping hands is more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to ask friends or family members to help you out with chores.
  • Physical activity is the best way to vent out when you have a bad day. So, make a 30-minute walk around the block and morning stretch mandatory. Later you may proceed to jogging, rope skipping, swimming, etc.

Partial hospitalization is more affordable

Since you wouldn’t have to live in a facility, the partial hospitalization program Florida treatment centers offer come at a lower price compared to inpatient rehab. While it might take longer than inpatient rehab, an outpatient program is equally effective. Another upside of it is that you can quickly learn how to balance the recovery process with daily life challenges.

Check if a rehab center involves Yoga and outdoor activities

Addiction recovery experts saw the benefits of Yoga and outdoor recreation for addiction treatment. Such activities will benefit your recovery process and help rebuild your relationship. For example, Yoga for addiction recovery is designed to wake up both your mind and body. Slow and progressive movements can bring you back mobility, strengthen your joints, and calm your mind. Outdoor activities, like rowing and hiking, are great for improving confidence. All these activities are done in a supportive group setting. Watching others progress through their recovery journey gives all patients hope that they can also get to the other side of addiction.

two people practicing yoga and meditation as a part of drug addiction treatment for couples
At many rehab centers, drug addiction treatment for couples includes Yoga and outdoor activities.

Inquire about insurance plans that cover a large portion of drug addiction treatment for couples

The financial aspect of rehab drives many people away from even contacting rehab facilities. Furthermore, many seem to wonder if there are other ways than depleting your savings to fund a rehab. Questions like “Does insurance cover drug rehab?” are more common than not. In this case of drug and alcohol recovery, insurance plans are definitely your go-to solution.

First, keep in mind you’ll need insurance coverage for specific addiction problems you and your partner are dealing with. So, before you apply for FMLA, for example, find out is alcohol rehab covered under FMLA (and if yes, what rehab centers accept it). That being said, make sure to have your research done before you apply for any type of insurance. Furthermore, ask someone you trust (a friend or close family member) to help you find a suitable insurance plan. You can also ask the staff at the rehab center you choose to help you apply stress-free.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The question is: does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rebab at a rehab center where you want to begin your recovery? While Blue Cross Blue Shield is certainly one of the most sought-after insurance plans, make sure it’s accepted at a rehab center where you plan to enter rehab.


Another popular insurance coverage option is Aetna. However, make sure to have asked “does Aetna cover rehab” before you begin the application process.


Do you wonder “does Cigna cover drug rehab“? The answer to this is positive. However, what you have to pay attention to is whether the Cigna insurance plan is accepted at your chosen rehab center.


If you qualify for the Tricare insurance plan, contact a chosen rehab facility and ask does Tricare cover drug rehab, and what treatments are included.


The answer to a commonly asked question “does AmeriHealth cover rehab” is positive. In fact, AmeriHealth is another commonly used insurance plan to cover rehab expenses. Before you apply, check whether you and your partner are eligible candidates. After that, look for rehab centers that accept AmeriHealth.

Should you and your partner continue with post-rehab therapy?

Once the inpatient rehab program is completed, a patient is responsible for his/her sobriety. The first several months are crucial for that particular reason. The patient spends days in a secluded area and focusing only on recovery. However, once they return to society, it can be challenging to cope with all the external triggers.

happy couple about to move to another place
With time, patience, and commitment, you can transform your life, and your relationship as well.

Luckily, there are post-rehab treatments that have the purpose to help recovering individuals stay sober for as long as possible. Therefore, if you wonder whether you and your loved one should consider the post-rehab program, the answer is yes.

Continuing care

When searching for a rehab center, make sure to ask whether they offer Aftercare treatment. This way, you’ll feel a lot more at ease. When you know you can count on post-rehab treatment at the same facility, you no longer bother with questions such as “How am I supposed to navigate my sobriety after rehab?” etc. During Aftercare treatment, you work with a licensed therapist on your coping skills. Everything you learned during inpatient/outpatient rehab is being put into practice. It might be expected of you to write a journal and track your progress. Over time, you’ll be more and more independent in your new sober life. The point is to rewire your brain to, for example, cope with stressful events in a different way (physical activity, creative work…). That’s why continuing care (or Aftercare) has a high success rate when it comes to the number of long-term sober cases.

Couple’s therapy

At some rehab facilities, Aftercare may involve couples therapy. That means you and your partner would have sessions from time to time. Although you both are sober at this stage, your reborn relationship will take work. Therefore, it comes in handy to have someone guide you toward new ways of communication, handling challenges, and supporting each other.

a couple hiking in the nature
Quality time spent with your partner is beneficial for bonding, and strengthening your trust.

Holding each other accountable

Accountability is also what you’ll have to practice during your post-rehab life. Furthermore, it will be required for you and your partner to hold each other accountable at all times. This way, you’ll strengthen the trust you have in each other and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s important to know that both of you must equally commit to sobriety and the growth of your relationship. You can go on outdoor weekends, vacations, exercise in the gym, go running, etc. The point is to spend quality time together and get used to such a lifestyle.

It takes just a phone call to begin your recovery at Bright Futures Treatment Center

Here at Bright Futures Treatment Center, you and your loved ones will receive the best care. We provide efficient drug addiction treatment for couples and ensure a safe environment right from the start. From the moment you step into our facility, you’ll be greeted by addiction experts ready to take care of your needs and help you become free from addiction once and for all. We are just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information about rehab procedures. In addition, we’ll gladly tell you more about the insurance options we accept and guide you through the application process.

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