Does Aflac Cover Alcohol Rehab at Bright Futures?

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Finally admitting that you need help with your addiction is the first step to make. Usually, this step is also the hardest one, as an addict’s behavior and state of mind are altered by the used substances. Thus, you could feel relieved once you admit that you are in need of alcohol or drug rehab treatment in Boynton Beach. But that relief could be short-lived once you realize that you need to pay for your treatment, which could be quite costly. Worry not – Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts health insurance from most major providers. Many of our clients have an Aflac insurance policy in place. Does Aflac cover alcohol rehab in our treatment facility and what percentage of your costs does it cover? The answer to this question is highly circumstantial and individual – here’s why.

A man holding dollar bills.
Addiction treatment can be costly, but it shouldn’t prevent you from getting the help you need and deserve.

About Aflac

Aflac Inc. (American Family Life Assurance Company) is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States of America. The company underwrites a wide range of insurance policies and is best known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage. With this insurance coverage in place, the policyholders can receive cash benefits in case of an accident or an illness. The company states that they currently provide insurance policies to more than 50 million people across the United States of America.

The reason why Aflac is the largest provider of supplemental insurance is due to the cash benefits it offers. The benefits themselves are individual, as they depend on the insurance plan a person opts for. To give you an example of what one can expect after choosing Aflac, consider the following cash benefits to be typical for a mid-level coverage:

  • Hospital admission – the policyholder gets $500 per admission.
  • Hospital confinement – depending on the duration of your stay, Aflac pays you from $150 to $75 for every day you spend in a hospital.
  • Accident – the policyholder can get up to $2000 for fractures.
  • Critical illness – get paid in full for cancer and stroke, and receive a $5000 cash benefit.
  • Health screening – receive $50 per calendar year.

Mid-level coverage goes for as little as $6.52 per week for a person or $15.89 per week for a family. Therefore, depending on your budget, you could opt for a low-level coverage or go for a high-level one.

How is Aflac different?

The difference between Aflac and some other insurance providers is that the former provides supplemental insurance. It serves to fill in the gaps of traditional insurance policies and offer greater protection in certain cases and circumstances. To give you an example of what we mean by supplemental insurance, those who are diagnosed with cancer or suffer from a critical illness will receive cash benefits to cover lost wages, transportation costs, and hotel lodgings. But does Aflac cover alcohol rehab Boynton Beach treatment?

A medical provider holding hands over an illustration of a family of four.
Different insurance policies have a different reach. Some plans can protect entire families.

Does Aflac cover alcohol rehab at Bright Futures Treatment Center?

The short answer is no – Aflac is not included on our list of the insurances we accept. Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts different insurance coverages and providers, based on which you can cover up to 100% of the costs associated with your treatment. We accept the following insurance providers:

Bear in mind that even though you are able to find your insurance provider on this list, it does not mean that the complete cost of your alcohol treatment in Boynton Beach will be covered. Namely, the percentage that your provider will cover depends on your insurance policy. But just because Aflac isn’t listed here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact them and gather some pieces of information about your situation.

Your primary insurance policy could come to your rescue

Aflac might not cover the costs associated with your stay in our Boynton Beach rehab facilities – but your primary insurance policy might. After all, Aflac is supplemental insurance that serves to provide cash benefits in certain situations that your regular insurance might not cover. Thus, we strongly encourage you not to get discouraged. Instead, take a good look at the list of insurance providers that we accept.

A woman wondering does Aflac cover alcohol rehab.
Wondering does Aflac cover alcohol rehab Palm Beach treatment? Then consider contacting us.

Let’s say that your primary insurance provider is Aetna. Then you are in luck, as Aetna covers the costs of rehab in Bright Futures Treatment Center. Supplemental insurance ought to be just an additional measure of precaution. It’s always advisable to invest in a good insurance provider and a strong insurance policy. It’s good to be hopeful and optimistic, but it never hurts to be cautious and wary.

The treatments your primary insurance provider should cover

You no longer have to frantically Google ‘does Aflac cover alcohol rehab’ – you already have the answer. You’ll have to rely on your primary insurance provider when it comes to covering the cost of your treatment. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers different levels of care that are an integral part of our program. The costs for the following treatment plans could be fully or partially covered by your insurance provider:

  • Medically Assisted Treatment is the first step our clients take on their road to recovery. Hence, it entails the use of FDA-approved medication used to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and give better chances for long-term sobriety.
  • Inpatient treatment program which includes a stay in our rehab facilities. The program provides round-the-clock care and assistance which enables our clients to get better in a controlled environment.
  • The Florida model program represents a transitional step between inpatient and outpatient programs. After completing their stay in our clinical building facilities, our clients move on to residential housing. They still continue to receive our complete care.
  • Our outpatient treatment program is oftentimes the crucial step toward recovery. During this program, our clients attend different therapy types. Therapists with licenses are in charge of holding group, individual, and trauma therapy sessions.
A doctor writing in a chart.
From partial hospitalization programs to alumni meetings, Bright Futures specialists will be there for you.

After an assessment of your alcohol addiction, our specialists will place you in the most suitable program. You can then inquire how much you will have to pay for your treatment plan, which will mainly depend on your insurance policy.

Different types of therapy within those treatments

  • Therapeutic activities. Treatment with medication isn’t enough for a person to reach long-term sobriety. Thus, we include a variety of therapeutic activities in our treatment programs.
  • Group sessions. Group therapy is just as important as individual sessions. It gives an addict a chance to get a sense of community and realize that they aren’t alone in their addiction.
  • Dual diagnosis. Addiction is oftentimes accompanied by mood disorders. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we provide treatment for both addiction and mood disorders.
  • Holistic therapy. Different forms of holistic therapies are integrated into your treatment. We use innovative solutions to help you regain full control of your life.
  • Trauma therapy. Addiction oftentimes results from a response to a traumatic event. Hence, our licensed therapists help you work on overcoming your past trauma and treating your current addictive tendencies.

How to check what is covered by Aflac?

The first step to finding out all the situations that Aflac insurance covers entails you checking your insurance policy. Your policy will contain all the exact details of your insurance plan. Thus, prepare yourself and set aside sufficient time for going through the policy. You need to focus your attention on every page, paragraph, and word. For many people, this step is enough to find out which situations are covered by Aflac.

After going through your insurance policy, there still might be some confusion left. That’s why we recommend you log into Aflac’s website and look for additional insurance information. While there should be additional data about your policy that you will be able to find, it might still not be enough to clear up all of your doubts.

A woman researching does Aflac cover alcohol rehab Boynton Beach on a laptop.
You can’t fail by searching for the necessary pieces of information online.

We understand that insurance policies can sometimes be hard to read and understand. Usually, there’s too much terminology involved, and, despite your best efforts, you might be unable to understand what it all means. Likewise, we know that it’s of extreme importance to have a complete understanding of which situations and predicaments are covered by your insurance policy. So, does Aflac cover alcohol rehab Palm Beach has to offer? You should feel free to contact your provider and inquire about their policies on alcohol and drug rehab. Getting in touch with your insurance provider will give you access to the most reliable pieces of information. There won’t be a place for any confusion, as your insurance professionals will deliver verified and reliable info.

Contact our admissions staff

Bright Futures Treatment Center aims to assist you throughout every single step of the process. Thus, you can turn to our admissions staff if you need to get your insurance situation sorted out quickly. However, it would be best if you contact us after first acquiring some of your insurance information. For starters, we will need to know what type of insurance plan you have. That should give us a good start in verifying the particularities of your plan.

Bear in mind that the initial assessment is completely free of charge. Likewise, you will have all the necessary pieces of information in place before entering our clinical building or residential facility in Boynton Beach. Most importantly, you’ll know how much of the total costs your insurance provider will cover, allowing you to plan your finances accordingly.

Covering the cost of rehab for a loved one

Knowing that someone you love is struggling with addiction can be very difficult. At first, it’s usually hard to notice the signs of addiction to prescribed drugs, alcohol, or drugs. But as the addiction develops, the signs and symptoms become more serious and noticeable. Once you notice that someone you love is struggling with addiction, your first instinct will be to help them out. In these situations, you won’t ask yourself ‘does Aflac cover alcohol rehab Boynton Beach treatment’. Instead, you’ll be asking yourself ‘what can I do to help the one I love‘.

A couple holding hands on the beach.
If someone you love is struggling with addiction, you can help pay for their expenses.

For starters, you can take it upon yourself to contact us. We will gladly look over the insurance policy that your loved one has. Our admissions specialists will answer all of your questions to the best of our ability. However, if it turns out that your family member, partner, or friend doesn’t have a policy in place, or the policy they have doesn’t cover the cost of the treatment, you can take over their expenses. You have the option of paying for someone else’s treatment if you feel like that’s the right thing for your situation.

The bottom line

There’s no reason to spend hours online, searching for an answer to the question ‘does Aflac cover alcohol rehab at Bright Futures Treatment Center’. We can tell you right away that it doesn’t. However, considering the fact that Aflac is supplemental insurance, there’s a good chance that your primary insurance policy can cover the costs of your treatment. If you have any doubts or questions about your situation, feel free to contact us. We will gladly clear up any doubts you might have. Likewise, we will be happy to provide advice regarding your situation, addiction, and payment methods.


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