Does Aetna Cover Rehab in Bright Futures?

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If you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse issues, your best option for recovery is to seek professional help. We understand that admitting that you have a problem can be difficult. Ultimately, if you want to achieve long term sobriety, you need to go to a treatment center for rehab. Unfortunately, besides dealing with the fear, shame and guilt of their addiction, some people are scared to inquire about rehab because they don’t know if their insurance will cover it. At the Bright Futures Treatment Center, we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding rehab. Feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to guide you through checking your insurance. In this article we will try to explain does Aetna cover rehab in Bright Futures. We will also tell you how to find the exact extent of the coverage.

What is Aetna Insurance?

Aetna is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country. They offer various health insurance plans in all 50 states. The company was founded in 1853, and today almost 40 million people rely on their health coverage. Most Aetna clients are satisfied with the provided benefits and customer service, and Aetna health insurance is accepted in the Bright Futures Treatment Center in South Florida. However, just as there are different healthcare insurance plans, so too does their level of coverage vary.

Aetna offers a large number of health insurance options for individuals and employer groups. Therefore, finding out does Aetna cover alcohol rehab will depend on the plan you have, as well as other factors. They also have HSA options which let you set aside money pre-tax and pay for insurance deductibles and other expenses. The Aetna website provides plenty of helpful resources, and you can go there to find out does Aetna cover drug rehab. Even though you can find plenty of online sources, reading about health insurance can get complicated. If you get confused, you can contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to explain all the details regarding your insurance.

People in rehab therapy.
Different plans over various levels of coverage.

Does Aetna Cover Rehab?

Like we previously mentioned Aetna offers several health insurance plans which you can use when you are in need of medical treatment. You might be happy to learn that at the Bright Futures facility in Boynton Beach, we accept Aetna health insurance. Depending on your plan, you can use it to cover up to 100% of your treatment costs. The exact level of coverage and the benefits and services you are eligible for will depend on your plan. Therefore, answering ‘does Aetna cover rehab’ with a simple yes or no is a bit complicated.

Aetna provides marketplace health insurance plans that can cover some or all of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment. In order for your health insurance to cover the treatment costs, you will need to attend rehab in a facility that is covered by your plan. Thankfully, Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts Aetna health insurance, and our facility is in-network. However, there are a few more factors to consider if you want to know does Aetna cover drug rehab.

Your coverage will depend on the state you live in, the exact plan you have with Aetna, as well as the type of treatment you need. Feel free to call us, and our staff will ask you a few questions over the phone to determine the type of treatment you need. Your treatment program will determine the length of stay that is required, and some insurance plans can have a set duration for their coverage. If you want to know does Aetna cover alcohol rehab, you should first find out if you will require inpatient or outpatient treatment. As you can see, there is no universal or simple answer. We recommend calling us, so that our admissions coordinators can verify your insurance and explain your benefits.

Which Health Insurance Providers are Accepted at Bright Futures?

At Bright Futures we accept insurance from most of the larger providers in the country. However, if you don’t find your provider among those whose insurance we accept, you can give us a call. We can explain your options, and how to proceed. Our admissions staff can come up with a payment plan if you need to cover the costs of treatment yourself. On the other hand, if you have health insurance from Aetna, you can rest assured knowing that your insurance provider is accepted at Bright Futures.

Besides accepting health insurance plans from Aetna, the Bright Futures Treatment Center also accepts insurance from many other providers. If you are inquiring on behalf of a loved one, we suggest that you first find out who their health insurance provider is. Then you can check our list of accepted insurance providers to see if the treatment will be covered. Another option is to contact us, and we can explain how to check your insurance and tell you if we accept their coverage.

Man attending group therapy session in gym.
40 million Americans rely on Aetna for health insurance.

How to Check What’s Covered by Your Aetna Insurance

Before you check yourself into a treatment facility, it would be good to know does Aetna cover rehab, and what exactly is covered. Although insurance information can be confusing, there are several surefire ways to know which benefits and services will be covered. Here is how to check your coverage:

  • Check your insurance policy. It should have the exact details of your insurance plan, telling you does Aetna cover drug rehab.
  • Call your insurance provider. Inquire with them directly, and tell them which treatment center you want to go to for rehab.
  • Log into Aetna’s website. There should be information on your insurance card with instructions to log into your account.
  • Contact our admissions team. The admissions coordinators at Bright Futures can verify your insurance and discuss your benefits. Our staff can explain does Aetna cover alcohol rehab and whether you will need to cover any out of pocket expenses.

When you contact our admissions team, it’s good to have some of your insurance information handy. We will need some basic information regarding your plan, and then we can get to work verifying the information you gave us. The initial assessment we perform is free of charge, and it will let you know all of the details regarding your treatment. You will be aware of the extent of your coverage even before you enter rehab. Most of the differences will come from the various insurance plans Aetna provides. Here are the typical Aetna health insurance plans:

  • Open access plans. You can choose doctors without the need for a referral or a primary care physician.
  • Copay only plans. Primary care physician visits and generic drugs will be covered before you reach your deductible.
  • High deductible plans. These offer preventative care and a health savings account.

How to Use Your Aetna Insurance

If you have Aetna health insurance, then you will probably be able to use it to cover some or all of the costs of your treatment. Actually using the insurance is fairly simple. You don’t have to be particularly knowledgeable about the different plans and the benefits they provide. You can just contact us and give our admissions staff your insurance information, and we can sort out all of the details. This means that you can even call on behalf of a loved one or family member, and just provide us with their insurance information. Rest assured that all of the information you give us will be strictly confidential.

Aetna can cover alcohol rehab.
Aetna can help you recover from alcohol addiction.

Does Aetna Cover Alcohol Rehab?

Individuals suffering from alcohol addiction will definitely want to know does Aetna cover alcohol rehab, and what part of their treatment will be covered. Although there are some provisions, fortunately the short answer is – yes, Aetna covers alcohol rehab. Depending on the exact plan you have, your Aetna insurance can cover part or all of your alcohol addiction treatment at Bright Futures.

Aetna is a strong proponent of sobriety and healthy lifestyle choices. They vocally advocate for alcohol use screenings and early prevention. The misuse of alcohol and other substances often ends up costing much more than the cost of going to rehab. Besides years of alcohol misuse can have serious health repercussions. For these reasons, Aetna supports Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). Early detection can help reduce the harmful effects that alcohol and other illegal substance use can have. Detecting the early stages of addiction can also reduce the cost of addiction treatment and therapy. However, even if you are currently struggling with alcohol addiction, you can probably rely on Aetna health insurance to cover the costs of your treatment.

Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab?

Addiction to illegal drugs is a serious and extremely harmful disease which can affect individuals of all ages. What’s worse is that drug use typically has negative effects on an individual’s ability to perform at work, and addiction can wreak havoc on their personal life as well. When an individual is suffering from addiction, their entire family is affected by their choices and behavior. Therefore it’s imperative that individuals who are suffering from addiction to drugs seek treatment in a specialized rehabilitation facility.

Addiction treatment is an effective means of achieving long term sobriety. It can help individuals develop coping mechanisms with will get them through various stressful situations. During addiction treatment our patients also learn social skills which can help them prevent relapse. Unfortunately, some individuals dread asking for help because they don’t know if their insurance can help them cover rehab.

One of the best ways to cover the costs of treatment is to rely on your health insurance. This naturally has many wondering does Aetna cover drug rehab. At the Bright Futures Treatment Center in Florida, we accept Aetna health insurance. This means that, depending on the particular details of your insurance plan, your Aetna insurance can cover some or even all of the costs of your drug rehab.

Aetna can be used for drug rehab.
Aetna health insurance can cover some or all of your drug rehab.

What Types of Therapy Does Aetna Cover?

If your insurance plan provides the adequate benefits, you can use Aetna to cover both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Typically Inpatient Treatment is intended as the first step in your recovery. While detox can be stressful, our fully trained staff will be there to help you get through the hardest periods in your recovery. You can trust us that after the initial treatment, your recovery only gets easier as you progress. Our inpatient therapy programs also include stay in our residential facility. We believe that a comfortable, safe and stable environment is necessary for you to achieve full sobriety. The average length of stay for patients is usually between 30 and 45 days. However, you need to keep in mind that we personalize our treatment programs to fit the individual needs of every patient. Certain substances may require medically assisted therapy, or longer stay depending on your level of addiction.

Once patients have completed their inpatient program, they are moved to Outpatient Treatment. These programs don’t require overnight stay in our facility. Instead, patients in these programs attend group sessions several times a week, as well as individual therapy sessions. We guide our patients through a 12-step program and support them with medication and withdrawal management. During the outpatient therapy, you will also develop the skills necessary to maintain your sobriety. Learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle will help you prevent relapse and navigate any stressful social situations.

What Types of Addiction are Treated in Bright Futures?

Persons who are suffering from addiction will find that the Bright Futures Treatment Center provides rehabilitation for most types of substance abuse. You can use your Aetna insurance to seek treatment for the following types of addiction:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction, including Heroin and Crack Cocaine
  • Prescription drug addiction, including Oxycodone and Adderall

Addiction to alcohol has unfortunately become widespread, and more than 6 percent of U.S. adults are suffering from alcohol use disorder. Our Alcohol rehab program is based on years of experience. We have treatment plans which include both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, as well as plenty of fun therapeutic activities.

Drug addiction is an issue that you should treat extremely seriously. Illegal drugs such as Heroin and Crack Cocaine are highly addictive, and they pose an extreme risk to your health. Thankfully, the Drug rehab programs in Bright Futures are run by Master-level specialists. We can provide continued care that ranges from early inpatient services, to aftercare and sobriety maintenance programs.

Prescription drugs can catch many people off guard, since they might not view them as immediately addictive. However, even if your medication is prescribed by a doctor, extended periods of use can result in substance addiction. Our Prescription drug therapy will help you beat your addiction and overcome the side effects of recovery. We can also educate you on the proper use of prescription medication, so that you will never have to face this kind of struggle again.

What can you do if the full cost of rehab isn’t covered by your insurance?

When you apply for treatment at Bright Futures, our highly trained team of admission coordinators will ask you a series of questions to determine what exactly you are currently going through. Depending on your physical and mental state, and the type and level of addiction, they will recommend a treatment. After that, they will check your insurance and tell you what part of your treatment will be covered by Aetna.

Due to the different needs of individuals, as well as the different types of insurance plans, it is possible that your insurance may not cover the entirety of your costs of treatment. This should not dissuade you from seeking help or entering rehab. If your insurance only covers part of the cost, you can pay for the remainder yourself. At Bright Futures, we accept several different forms of payment, and we can figure out a flexible payment plan. Reach out to us, and we can discuss your treatment needs and financial situation and come up with a solution.

How to apply for rehab with Aetna?

We have tried to make our admissions process quick and easy, so that you don’t need to worry about the administrative details if you are dealing with addiction. Specialists who are compassionate and understanding of your situation will guide you through admission. All you need to do is to contact our coordinators, and we will collect all of your information and answer any questions you may have. In order to apply for rehab with Aetna, you’ll need to have your insurance information available.

We realize that calling to inquire about rehab can be scary. Some of our clients ask a family member or a loved one call on their behalf. This is a frequent situation, and the admissions process is short and simple. We only require that you provide us with the insurance details of the person you are calling for. We will obviously keep all of that information confidential and private.

Support your loved ones in rehab.
You can support your loved ones and help their cover costs of rehab.

Can you pay for the treatment of a loved one or a family member?

Living with someone who is struggling with addiction can put a strain on your relationship. Even when the signs of addiction aren’t fully obvious, there are probably going to be mood swings and frequent changes in behavior. Snappy and violent outbursts aren’t unheard of, and neither are long periods of depression and isolation. Unfortunately, it may take some time for them to admit they have a problem. During this period you will need to be supportive and understanding if you want them to come to grips with their substance use problem. Once they are ready to accept help you can help them file for rehab.

Like we outlined above, you can handle the admission process for someone else. You can call in place of a loved one or family member. We can check their insurance, and inform you of their benefits and what coverage they are eligible for. It is possible that the person you are calling for does not have health insurance, or that their insurance is insufficient. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t attend rehab at Bright Futures. They have the possibility of covering the cost of treatment themselves. There is also an option to pay for someone else’s treatment. This means that you can cover the costs for a family member or close friend, and help them achieve sobriety. You can also send them spending money for personal expenses while they are in treatment.

In summary

Although the process of recovery requires that you seek treatment and enter rehab, some patients are afraid to take the first steps or even ask for help. They might be unaware how health insurance functions or does Aetna cover rehab in Bright futures. However, Aetna health insurance is accepted in Bright Futures, and it can cover some or even all of your treatment costs. Don’t delay your recovery, and embrace a sober and fulfilling lifestyle by entering rehab.


1.  What is Bright Futures Treatment Center’s location?

We have a desirable location that is close to the ocean. You can find us at:

2320 South Seacrest Blvd.

Suite #300

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435


2. What accreditations does Bright Futures have?

We take no chances when it comes to your safety. We hold all the important accreditations for this industry, including:

  • The Joint Commission NPO
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR)
  • The Florida Department of Children and Families
  • National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies (NCADD)
  • NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

3. What is the duration of the programs?

Every program will last as long as you need it to. This is something we tailor according to the circumstances of our client’s life and addiction.

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