Crack Cocaine Addiction Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Crack cocaine addiction is by far one of the most dangerous substance use disorders. Cocaine in any form is incredibly addictive; however, it still remains a relatively popular recreational drug. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to crack cocaine, you can get treatment at our Palm Beach rehab center. Due to its dangerous properties if left untreated, the crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore – could quickly escalate. Addiction is a progressive disease that usually spirals out of control and it can have deadly consequences. Fortunately, we can help you overcome your addiction, and show you how to lead a sober and healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is to summon the courage to ask for help.

What is Crack Cocaine?

The drug cocaine is derived from the coca plant and it is typically found in a powdered or rock form. Crack cocaine is the name of the rock variant of the drug, and it is usually consumed by smoking. In the United States, crack cocaine grew in popularity in the 1980s, when it led to the crack epidemic. Since cocaine is produced in powdered form, crack cocaine is derived by combining cocaine powder with water and baking soda. Occasionally, ammonia is used in place of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).The mixture is combined and then boiled. When cooled down, this process can result in a solid form which can be broken into pieces. The name crack cocaine comes from the cracking sound which the drug makes when it is heated and smoked. Smoking crack cocaine means that large quantities can enter the lungs and quickly get into the bloodstream.

When smoked, crack cocaine produces an immediate sensation of euphoria. The high comes on faster than when cocaine is snorted; however, the effects last shorter. Although cocaine is always devastating and addictive, the effects on the body and mind can vary based on the purity. This only makes smoking crack more dangerous, since users often have no way of telling what mixture they are using. Since the drug enters the lungs and then immediately gets absorbed by the blood, it can reach the brain quickly. Users can experience effects of the drug within seconds, which only increases the risk of overdose and death.

Man coughing as a crack cocaine addiction symptom.
Constant coughing and respiratory issues are common crack cocaine addiction symptoms.

What Are Crack Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Using crack cocaine can produce both immediate as well as long term effects. Addiction usually develops incredibly quickly, regardless of which form of cocaine is used. Individuals who consume cocaine can experience a rapid heart rate and hyperventilation, which are a result of constricted blood vessels. Unfortunately, there are sudden deaths associated with crack cocaine overdose, which are commonly the result of cardiac arrest. Long term users often develop acute respiratory symptoms, called “crack lung,” which can include difficulty breathing and coughing up blood.

There are also immediate psychological effects such as anxiety and irritability. Post-use psychological effects include intense cravings, depression and suicidal thoughts. Users can build up a tolerance and then they may require more and more of the drug to reach the same high. This is typically accompanied by an intense psychological need to retain the same initial high. However, users need to consume more of the drug, with only increases the risk of overdose or other unwanted effects. Another common side effect of excessive crack cocaine use is formication, or the sensation of crawling beneath the skin. This sensation is called “cocaine bugs,” since users can experience hallucinations and believe that parasites are crawling in their skin.

Besides the intense crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, users who want to stop consuming the drug are confronted by a host of withdrawal symptoms which can be difficult to overcome alone. These symptoms include anxiety, depression, restlessness, nausea, fatigue and intense paranoia. Since withdrawal is so hard to overcome, most individuals who are suffering from crack cocaine addiction are advised to seek help from a professional drug rehab treatment center. At our Bright Futures facility in South Florida, we can give you the help you need to overcome your substance use disorder.

How to Tell if a Loved One is Using Crack Cocaine

Although there are many obvious crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, dependence on the drug can progress quickly. By the time the more obvious signs of crack cocaine use have exhibited themselves, your loved one could be deep in the clutches of addiction. Therefore, we recommend paying close attention to the early signs of addiction. You should act immediately if you notice any signs of strange behavior, since crack cocaine can leave long term effects.

It is highly probable that your loved one will be secretive of their drug use. They might also have trouble coming to terms with their addiction. We advise that you approach them with patience and understanding. You can even offer to help with their admission and contact us on their behalf. Due to their depression and suicidal thoughts, crack cocaine users sometimes feel there is no hope for their situation. However, as long as there is a desire to get better, there is always hope for recovery. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we can help your loved one restore their physical and mental health.

In order to recognize signs of crack use, you should be on the lookout for the following:

  • Extreme enthusiasm and energy. Crack is a stimulant which can cause users to talk quickly and act in an erratic manner.
  • Drug use paraphernalia. Common household items can be used in place of the typical crack pipes. Watch out for makeshift pipes made from: empty bottles or cans, asthma inhalers or even light bulbs.
  • Disruption in sleep and appetite. Fatigue and weight fluctuations are typical for crack users.
  • Oral problems. Crack cocaine use often causes a decline in oral health. This can exhibit as bleeding from the mouth, gum recession and tooth decay.
Two people doing drugs out of a bong.
Common household items can serve as drug paraphernalia.

Can Crack Cocaine Addiction be Treated?

Most substance use disorders can cause serious detrimental effects to your wellbeing. There can be lasting effects to your physical health such as heart, liver and kidney damage. However, cocaine can also disrupt the natural chemistry of your brain. There are numerous other crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore because they can lead to irreparable damage. Fortunately, if you act in time, with the adequate help of trained clinicians, we can help you reverse the damage to your body and mind.

Crack cocaine causes a physical and a mental addiction, which is why substance use is classified as a mental disorder. Getting rid of your substance use disorder on your own can be quite a challenge. Crack cocaine has intense withdrawal symptoms, and addicted individuals will sometimes consume crack just to cope with their cravings. In order to make a successful recovery, your withdrawal should be supervised by professional crack cocaine rehab centers. The licensed clinical staff at Bright Futures can help you cope with detox and withdrawal. Those are the hardest parts of rehab, and with professional help you can overcome them and avoid relapse.

The main goal of any rehab program is to help you get clean. However, at our Boynton Beach facility, we will also teach you the necessary skills to maintain long term sobriety. Our relapse prevention program is intended to help you cope with stressful real life situations. We will treat your current addiction, and help set you on a course for a healthy and sober life.

How to Enter Rehab for Crack Cocaine

We understand that asking for help can be hard. Seeking help can be especially hard for individuals who are dealing with the complex emotions which typically come with addiction. For this reason we have tried to make entering the Bright Futures Palm Beach facility for rehab a simple process. You can just contact us, and our highly trained and compassionate staff will guide you through the admissions process. They can also answer all the questions you may have regarding rehab and crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

Our admissions staff will begin by asking you a few questions and by performing a free initial assessment. They can also verify your insurance and discuss your benefits and what can be covered by your insurance policy. Our goal is to help you get through the admissions process without having to worry about administrative details, and to give you the treatment you need as soon as possible. We can also help organize your travel plans and our staff can be there to meet you at the airport. You will then be taken to our Palm Beach rehab center where your treatment can begin.

Man calling rehab clinic.
Feel free to contact us for help with your admission.

Can You Use Insurance to Cover Treatment for Crack Cocaine

Individuals who have health insurance could use it to cover the costs of their crack cocaine rehab. Although, individual insurance policies can have varying degrees of coverage, so we suggest checking your insurance. If you have any questions regarding the benefits you are eligible for through your insurance you can contact your provider. However, our staff will also be happy to help check the benefits and services your insurance can cover. The Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts coverage from most major insurance providers. If your insurance is accepted, you may be able to use it to cover up to 100% of your costs of treatment.

Our staff also gets frequent inquiries regarding supplemental insurance providers. You can feel free to call us to check does Aflac cover rehab for crack cocaine, and we can explain how your coverage will work. In case the entire cost of your treatment isn’t covered by insurance, you can pay the rest out of pocket. You can even pay for the treatment of a family member or loved one. We understand that personal finances can also be hard to organize, and we can create a flexible payment plan that is suited to your treatment needs and your budget.

Woman checking insurance for crack cocaine rehab.
Our staff can verify your insurance.

What are the Stages of Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction?

The first stage of your treatment will need to be detoxification. We realize that the withdrawal symptoms for crack cocaine addiction can be extremely difficult, and this likely represents the hardest part of your recovery. To help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings our clinical staff uses medically assisted treatment. Medications like Suboxone are administered by licensed clinicians, to help you cope with recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

Once detox is completed, you can begin your therapy. During your inpatient treatment programs our clients are provided with care in our Day/Night with community housing. Keep in mind that each patient’s treatment is adjusted to their individual needs. However, patients will attend therapeutic activities, develop social skills and work with others. Patients can also learn how to take care of their bodies through yoga, meditation, exercise and healthy nutrition.

When you have finished your inpatient programs, you will be moved to outpatient treatment. Here you will attend group meetings alongside having individual therapist sessions on a weekly basis. We put a strong emphasis on maintaining a sober and healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve this we can provide you with the support you need even after your programs are finished. We organize regular meetups for our previous clients and love to hear all about their success stories.

Woman meditating outdoors.
Maintain your healthy and clean lifestyle.

Why Bright Futures is the Best Place to go for Crack Cocaine Rehab

Choosing the right treatment center can be paramount for your recovery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we can help you determine if Bright Futures is the right choice for your rehab. We always personalize the treatment we offer to our patients by creating an individualized program suited to their needs. Our staff would gladly explain how your treatment would look like in our upscale facility in Palm Beach.

Due to our close proximity to the beach, we are able to include many outdoor activities in our treatment programs. Florida has plenty of natural beauty and warm weather throughout the year, making it the perfect place for your recovery. We organize frequent beach visits and our patients often enjoy beach-side meditation. However, Florida also gives us many opportunities for other exciting outings, such as visiting sports events or racing go-carts.

To Summarize

Crack cocaine can be a devastating drug which can quickly wreak havoc on your health, career and personal life. We’ve explained which crack cocaine addiction symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, and we suggest that you seek treatment immediately. The sooner you enter rehab, the higher your chances for a complete and successful recovery will be. We can help you achieve the life you desire, but that has to start with your choice to get better.


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