Common Street Drugs In Florida

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The trends in the illicit drug trade are changing. The popularity of a particular drug will depend on the economic situation, co-existing mental health issues, and accessibility. Learning about common street drugs in Florida helps people understand what propels addiction to them. When the root cause is known, it’s easier to treat it. If you happen to be the one abusing drugs or know someone doing it, rest assured that recovery is indeed possible. Bright Futures Treatment Center is a leading rehab center Boynton Beach residents find trustworthy. Don’t hesitate to seek help, and make your first steps toward recovery.

Current popular street drugs in Florida

As previously mentioned, many factors dictate the demands in Florida’s illicit drug market. Below are several most popular types of drugs that can be found on the streets across Florida.

unrecognizable person holding marijuana
Marijuana remains one of the most popular street drugs across Florida.


The number of rehabs for marijuana has skyrocketed in recent years. The patients are those who developed psychosis due to prolonged abuse of marijuana, which is often mixed with other substances. In addition to psychosis, other concerning health issues due to the abuse of marijuana are:

  • disorientation
  • impaired motor skills
  • impaired short-term memory
  • occasional amnesia
  • paranoia

Individuals with marijuana addiction problems find intensive outpatient program Florida centers have on offer a lot more flexible. They can attend the sessions, receive the necessary therapy, and carry on with their job.


In addition to heroin and marijuana, cocaine also qualifies as another prominent addictive drug in Florida. Continuous use of cocaine switches the pleasure association in the brain and affects the nervous system in general. Over time, the brain and the body become dependent on cocaine. The consequences of prolonged cocaine abuse are noticeable weeks after the individual stops using it. It depends on the severity of the addiction for how long the recovery process is going to last.

Prescription stimulants

High-performance students and business owners are usual users of prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin. They cause a high state of alertness, which is often associated with improved focus. Prescription stimulants are what the users resort to when they need to study or work all night. In some instances, they can be a cheap replacement for cocaine.

prescription bottle
The usage of painkillers and prescription stimulants has increased in the past few years.


The number of Benzo addiction cases has increased in the past few years as well, especially in bigger cities in Florida. Lifestyle has become a lot faster and more stressful. As a result, the addiction to tranquilizers (Benzo being the most prominent) has reached alarming levels. The consequences of Benzodiazepine addiction are long-term, however, can be treated at the right rehab facility.


OxyCotin and other painkillers are frequently used among the student population, teenagers, and athletes for their calming effect. Also, individuals with severe anxiety issues resort to painkillers. Researches show that the initial dosage becomes larger as time goes by, which is why the user becomes more and more dependent (physically and mentally).


The reason why Heroin remains one of the most popular drugs on the streets of Florida is its low price and accessibility. Due to the reduction of painkillers and their price increase, individuals with addiction problems replaced prescription drugs with heroin.  Heroin overdose death cases have increased by a staggering 91%  in the past few years.

Why consider rehab?

Those who find themselves in the shackles of addiction can find help at some of the most committed drug and alcohol rehab Florida centers. If this is you, know that it’s never too late to turn your life around. Rehab facilities that utilize medical care and psychotherapy are the ones you should consider. The root of addiction isn’t just a matter of physical dependency, but mental as well.

doctor discussing common street drugs in Florida with a colleague
Modern rehab centers treat addictions from common street drugs in Florida.

Payment is possible via insurance

The costs of rehab don’t have to drive you away from getting help. Whether it’s you or a loved one who requires professional help, be sure you can mitigate financial burdens by applying for insurance plans. However, don’t do it before asking, for example, “does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover alcohol rehab“. You must know whether any particular insurance plan that interests you covers the type of rehab you need.

Most modern rehab facilities accept major insurance coverage. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking does Humana cover alcohol rehab at their facilities and how much. Minor

Tricare covers rehab expenses of military veterans and their family members

If you happen to be a child of a military veteran, chances are you are eligible for Tricare insurance coverage. However, make sure to ask “does Tricare cover rehab” at your chosen treatment center before you begin the application process.

Many consider Aflac when applying for insurance

Aflac is another popular insurance plan many opt for. The demand for this type of insurance coverage is on the rise, which is why it’s best to learn does Aflac cover alcohol rehab, and in which rehab centers.

There are other insurance plans on offer

If you don’t meet the requirements for major insurance plans, or get rejected for some reason, there are other insurance options to consider. One of them is Cigna, for instance. Although not that popular, there are reputable rehab centers that accept Cigna coverage. Just like with any other insurance plan, make sure to ask does Cigna cover rehab you need before you apply for it.

Contact us at Bright Futures for additional information on our treatments

We at Bright Futures Treatment Center combine different kinds of therapies and medical assistance in order to treat addictions from common street drugs in Florida. Whether you require inpatient treatment or find partial hospitalization more convenient – we got all your needs covered. We invite you to reach out to us and learn more about treatments and admission procedures. Your path toward sober and more meaningful life may start today. 

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