Mental Health Illness | Boynton Beach Men’s And Women’s Inpatient Rehab

Living with mental health illness can be very difficult at times, not just for the unwell but for the loved ones as well. Did you know that 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental illness? Living with a mental health disorder has a significant effect on day to day life. It effects your mood, thinking, [...]

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How Support Groups Can Aid in Addiction Treatment | Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Boynton Beach

  Addiction treatment is only the first stage of recovery. Support groups are the key to staying sober and drug-free long-term . Once you or a loved one complete an addiction treatment program for alcohol or drug abuse, you will find yourself wondering what you can do next. That alone is not a small feat. [...]

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Boynton Beach Rehab | How Do You Have a Successful Intervention?

When someone is going through a struggle with addiction, there may come a time when they push the situation beyond their control and it is necessary for friends and family to intervene. When a situation like this occurs, it requires careful and strategic planning for a successful intervention. So how do you have a successful [...]

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