Can A Marriage Survive Alcohol or Drug Addiction?

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Marriage is hard work even when there aren’t any big issues present. However, being in a romantic partnership with someone is never as hard as when your significant other is abusing drugs or alcohol. So, can a marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction when one or two spouses are dependent on these substances? We are glad you asked. As one of the leading rehabs in Florida, we have valuable experience with both singles and couples. What we are about to share with you is the knowledge that we have collected through our experience and research. Hopefully, it can provide you with some answers.

The way in which addiction affects relationships

A relationship is bound to face many changes once addiction enters the scene. The experts at singles and couples rehab in Florida will tell you that nothing will change a relationship more than one or two spouses using addictive substances. Usually, one’s addiction to alcohol and/or drugs develops gradually, depending on the frequency and intensity with which a person is abusing these substances. While the addiction is developing, a person who is becoming addicted is also going through behavioral changes. It’s very common to hear how spouses are unable to recognize their significant other after they have been abusing drugs or alcohol for some time.

A newly married couple.
Nobody imagines that their marriage will encounter difficulties as great as addiction.

Now, as people, it’s normal for us to constantly change and develop. But all of those changes should be for the better. When a person is changing due to alcohol or drug addiction, they are usually experiencing negative changes. It’s only natural for the other person to be affected by those changes in a negative way, as well. After all, if the person you fell in love with is no longer there, it’s natural that your relationship will be affected to a great extent.

Luckily, if a person admits that they have a problem and they seek help in a drug rehab Palm Beach center, there’s a chance for the situation to be reversed. Then again, there are some instances when a marriage can become so broken due to addiction that nothing short of a miracle could help fix it.

Situations in which a marriage isn’t likely to survive alcohol or drug addiction

We don’t want to lie to you by saying that your significant other will give you a second chance as soon as they see you searching for a crack cocaine rehab facility. They might, but this usually happens when the spouse who has an addiction hasn’t irreparably hurt the relationship. So, when is it almost impossible for a marriage to survive alcohol or drug addiction?

  • When there was cheating involved due to addiction.
  • In those instances when a person’s addiction has brought about financial struggles.
  • When there was domestic abuse or violence happening under the influence.
A stack of dollar bills.
Households, where one member is suffering from addiction, will oftentimes run into financial problems.

We do have to say that many people won’t cheat or abuse their partners when suffering from addiction. Individuals with addiction are likely to give false promises and be irritable, which can also be a deal-breaker for some people. That’s why it’s impossible to judge can a marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction without taking the particularities of your relationship into consideration.

When can a marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction?

Usually, the only way for a marriage to survive addiction is if the partner who is addicted admits that they have a problem. More importantly, they are willing to look for a drug or alcohol rehab Florida center. Being aware of the problem is an amazing first step, but it doesn’t mean much unless the person is willing to get help.

It’s also important to say that both spouses should be willing to work on the problem. If one isn’t interested in saving the marriage, then the other one can’t singlehandedly remedy the situation. Luckily, we’ve seen through our Oxycodone rehab center that couples are usually willing to work on their addiction-affected relationship. That’s why we have high hopes for you. And that’s why we will gladly distribute some pieces of advice on which steps you ought to take as one half of a couple.

What to do as a person who is suffering from addiction?

As a person who depends on drugs or alcohol, it goes without saying that the biggest responsibility will fall on your shoulders. Luckily, there’s plenty that you can do to help yourself overcome your addiction and bring back some harmony into your marriage.

A man trying to surprise a woman.
Looking for help is the best surprise you can give to your significant other at this point.

Don’t go into denial mode

Many times, people’s first reaction is to deny that they have a problem. This is particularly the case when dealing with addiction. However, going into denial mode is not going to do anything for your relationship. That’s why it’s important to recognize that you have a problem and be motivated to work on it. Most importantly, you shouldn’t start making any excuses – that’s not going to sit well with your significant other.

Instead, you should admit that you have a problem, and be open to solving it. Make no mistake – addiction isn’t a problem that one can solve over the course of a few days. But you can start slowly resolving it by admitting that you need help and working on finding the best treatment center for the severity of your addiction.

Start looking for treatment centers

The first thing you need to realize is that addiction requires professional help – and a lot of it. Rare are those people who can beat addiction by themselves. That’s why it’s extremely important to start searching for the right outpatient or partial hospitalization program Florida and its rehab centers have to offer. Which program will be the right one for you depends on a few things.

Those people who have a mild to moderate addiction will be able to get treated by attending an outpatient program. However, those individuals who are dealing with a severe form of addiction will have to get treated inside a rehab facility. Inpatient programs allow 24/7 care and support, and they provide an individual with a Medically-Assisted Treatment. This is a program where FDA-approved drugs will be used to help you manage the symptoms of withdrawal, along with the cravings that come with it.

A close-up view of a building.
Outpatient programs allow you to reside inside your own home or apartment while inpatient programs require a less lenient approach.

If you want to help your marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction, it’s imperative to get timely care. Even if your spouse is very understanding and willing to work on your issues, you can’t expect them to wait around forever.

Develop a relapse plan

Relapsing is very common in the world of addiction. Every person can experience a moment of weakness and give in to temptation. And while that’s common, it doesn’t mean that it’s desirable. That’s why we advise every person to come up with a relapse plan in case they experience a setback after leaving a meth rehab Palm Beach facility.

Timely treatment should be at the very core of your relapse plan. In essence, what you need to do is go back to the beginning and start with the right rehab program. Once again, what program will be the right one for you depends on how much your relapse has progressed. If you have abused drugs or alcohol once or twice, you will be able to get away with an outpatient program. But if you have experimented with substances on more than a couple of occasions, it’s the right time to go back to inpatient treatment.

What to do as the spouse of someone who is suffering from addiction?

If you have a spouse who is suffering from addiction and you want to work on saving your marriage, then there are quite a few things that you will be able to do. We would say that it’s important to do this the right way, as you don’t want to put additional strain on your spouse and your marriage. Thus, here are some things you should remember if you have a spouse who is going into an Adderall addiction rehab Boynton Beach facility.

A couple holding hands.
Whether you are a husband or a wife, you can do quite a lot of things to help your significant other conquer their addiction.

Understand – don’t accuse

There are many misconceptions when it comes to addiction. That’s why the number one thing you need to remember is that addiction is a disease. As such, it shouldn’t be stigmatized. It’s very important to try and understand your spouse, as well as all the actions they might have been taking. If you decide to be by his or her side during rehab, you need to show a lot of understanding and support.

At the same time, the one thing you should forget about is accusing them of certain things. Don’t accuse them of ruining your relationship and/or putting you through financial strain. The only way for a marriage to survive alcohol or drug addiction is through compassion and forgiveness.

Help them search for the right treatment center

If your spouse has openly admitted that they need help, you should know that you are in a great position. This is your chance to possibly mend what’s broken by providing them with the necessary support. You can’t pick the treatment center instead of them unless that’s something they ask you to do. However, you can provide your support and be there to help them choose the best rehab facility. There’s a big chance that your loved one will need you to ask some important questions instead of them. It might be up to you to find out:

A woman holding a phone, browsing can a marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction.
Your spouse might need help contacting rehab facilities or scheduling appointments. Be there for support.

In essence, it could be your job to deal with the details of their stay inside a rehab facility. We are sure they would appreciate it if you were there to help them schedule an appointment with their therapist or visit different facilities. Addiction is difficult, and the support from one’s family is the one thing that can make it easier.

Be involved in their recovery

Speaking of family support, we strongly encourage the families of our clients to be involved. And we are not just referring to asking questions such as ‘does Aetna cover rehab‘ on behalf of your loved one- no. We are referring to the process of attending therapy sessions with them and helping them work through their issues. Oftentimes, spouses and family members don’t notice that they are actually acting as enablers. They will make it easy for their significant other to keep up with their addictive tendencies.

That’s why it’s important for family members to work alongside the recovering addict. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be present during every therapy session. That would be counterproductive. It’s best to find a balance between letting them resolve their issues by themselves and helping them out.

Learn what the signs of relapse are

We’ve already talked about relapsing and how a recovering addict should have a plan in place. However, many times, those who are going through a relapse don’t want to admit that it’s actually happening. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your spouse and be on the lookout for any signs of relapse. If they change their behavior suddenly, keep running into money problems, and notice some physical signs of addiction, then you might need to have an intervention. Not only will you once again have to ask does Cigna cover alcohol rehab, but you’ll also have to help your spouse get into a rehab program.

Four beers in a row.
If your spouse is drinking again, you will be able to notice it through their behavior.

However, you will ultimately have to remember that you can’t force your spouse to do what you want. If you want to help your marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction but they don’t want to work on making the same thing happen, then all of your efforts will be in vain. All you can do is do what is up to you to save your marriage, and wait to see if they will do the same.

Find some help for yourself

Now, this might even be the most important thing for a person who is married to someone with a drug or alcohol addiction. Your spouse isn’t the only one who needs professional help – you do too, and there is nothing wrong with it. Having a spouse with an addiction can be overwhelming, and a person can forget about their own needs in the process. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to be the best version for your significant other and help them overcome addiction if you don’t put yourself first.

That’s why we suggest that you seek help from a professional therapist who will work on helping you talk through your problems and feelings. The good news is that it’s usually much easier to find professional help for the sober spouse, as you won’t have to ask questions such as does Amerihealth cover drug rehab. You just need to find a therapist who is licensed, experienced, and makes you feel comfortable.

What to do as a couple if you want to help your marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction?

For starters, both of you need to decide that you want to work through your problems. Once this decision has been made, both of you need to look for individual help. The spouse with an addiction will have to contact rehab facilities, find out does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab, and get themselves committed to a program. The sober spouse will need to find help for themselves by attending therapy and counseling, and working through their problems in a safe environment. But as much as you need to work on individual well-being, you also need to put in as much work as an entity.

A couple with anchor tattoos holding hands.
You can help your marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction, but only if you both work on solving the issue.

We always advise couples to seek couples therapy. This will be a safe, judgment-free zone where two people can work on their problems and feelings while being guided by a professional. The good news is that there are many licensed therapists around, many of which specialize in couples rehab. Our advice for you is to find one as soon as you decide that you want to work on saving your marriage. Individual counseling will help both spouses work on their own issues, while couples therapy will help your marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction. Just make sure that you find a therapist who can fit into your budget. You might not have to ask does Humana cover drug rehab, but you will have to inquire about their prices.

Is divorce a better option?

Nobody gets married thinking that they will ever get divorced. However, if it does come to that, you shouldn’t avoid it at all costs. There are some situations where divorce is the only option in marriages where one partner is suffering from addiction. This usually happens when the person with an addiction has looked for help but they weren’t able to get better. This is particularly true if your spouse has tried to get sober on a couple of different occasions, but they have always run into obstacles.

Moreover, divorce is a better option if you feel like your marriage has been irreparably hurt by your spouse’s addiction. If your feelings have changed, along with your vision of the future, then it’s only logical to think about getting a divorce. Ultimately, this decision depends on you as a couple, your feelings, and your dynamics. There is such a thing as high-functioning addicts, where a person will act almost normal, even though they can’t function without alcohol or drugs. That’s why addiction alone isn’t enough to judge whether a couple should get a divorce.

A divorce certificate.
Not every couple will have to get a divorce due to addiction. But if it does come to that, it’s best not to prolong it any further.

If you believe that your marriage is beyond repair, it would be best to think about a divorce in a timely manner. There’s no use in prolonging it if your marriage is not bringing you any happiness.

It’s not easy for a marriage to survive alcohol or drug addiction

Addiction is one of those things that can hurt a marriage beyond repair. At the same time, addiction is also something that marriage can overcome, especially when two people still have the same strong feelings for each other. That’s why the answer to the question of can a marriage survive alcohol or drug addiction is very unique, and it depends on your situation. If you decide to work on your marriage, then you must realize that you will need a lot of professional support. Not only will the person who has an addiction need to work on their problems, but their spouse will also be in need of counseling. As a reliable treatment center, we know how important family is during rehab. And that’s why we know that your support can be of crucial importance.


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