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We have put together a list of questions most frequently asked at Bright Futures. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information and to answer any other questions you may have.


Where is/are your treatment/rehab facility located?

Bright Futures is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Less than one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, and the heart of downtown Delray Beach. Bright Futures Treatment Center 2320 South Seacrest Blvd. Suite #300 Boynton Beach, Florida 33435

What can I expect from the admissions process?

Our treatment/rehab admissions process is simple. We appreciate that taking the next step towards recovery from drugs and alcohol can be daunting and overwhelming. It does not have to be at all. Our Outreach Team and Treatment Specialists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to answer any and all questions, or concerns you may have. We are here to assist you through this process, and make is as effortless as possible. 1. Contact us. Our Outreach Team and Treatment Specialists will speak with you over the phone to complete the pre-admissions assessment, which will take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. During this phone call, there will be questions regarding you or your loved one’s addiction history, pattern and length of substance abuse, drug of choice, and if there are any already diagnosed behavioral issues. 2. Payment. Bright Futures Treatment Center accepts the following Health Insurance: AETNA Insurance, Ambetter of Arkansas, Ambetter of Peach State Georgia, Amerigroup, AmeriHealth Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan rehab Centers, Cigna Insurance, ComPsych Insurance, CoreSource Insurance, Concentry Health Care, First Choice Health Insurance, Harvard Pilgrim Insurance, medical Mutual, Qualcare Insurance, Qual Choice of Arkansas, and UnitedHealthCare Group Insurance. 3. Travel. Our Outreach Team and Treatment Specialists will assist you in organizing you or your loved one’s traveling itinerary. This consists of a safe timely pickup by a staff member from detox or airport. We do not pay for travel expenses What is Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab? At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we are a structured Substance Abuse treatment program, focusing on helping those who struggle with the afflictions of addiction. Our facility strives to assist individuals work towards a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle without mind altering substances.

What happens in Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab?

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, our low client to therapist ratio promotes a better rapport between our therapists and clients, with an increased individualized success metrics. Our Master’s level clinicians and therapists deliver evidence based therapy modalities including interactive group therapy sessions, focusing on the concept that substance about is a disease. Resolving cognitive distortions, managing coping skills, self-esteem, anger management, codependency, goal setting and restoring the family system.

How long does Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab take?

At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we do not put a specific time frame on how long our clients are with us. Our program is individualized, the length of their stay is determined according to the client’s progress, in addition to several factors decided by the clinical team.

Does Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab cure addiction?

There is no cure for addiction, although addiction can be managed effectively. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we take our clients to 12-Step fellowships, and encourage them to get a sponsor. Those who fully surrender, admit they have a problem and effectively work the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Cocaine Anonymous, do “recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body” (Alcoholics Anonymous, 1939).

What is the difference between Addiction Treatment/Rehab verses Addiction Recovery?

Bright Futures Treatment Center, an Addiction Treatment/Rehab, focuses on teaching our clients how to manage their drug cravings, assist them in integrating them back into society as sober, healthy members of the community. Treatment/Rehab programs provide clients with the ability to handle life on life’s terms, and the conflictions of recovering from addiction. Long term recovery from addiction may include psychological therapy, either a one on one or in a group setting, although it is imperative to additionally work a twelve-step program to ensure long term, and life-long recovery.

What happens if I relapse?

A relapse should never be thought of as a failure, however just another obstacle on the journey to long term recovery. In addition, a relapse is not something to be shameful of. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, if one of our clients’ relapses while in our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) we admit them back into our PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), and reassess their therapeutic treatment.

How much does Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab Cost?

Please contact one of Bright Futures Addiction Specialists to further assist with all of your billing questions. (844) SOBER-00

Is health Insurance accepted at Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab facilities?

Bright Future Treatment Center does accept Health Insurance. Please contact one of our addition specialists to assist you further. (844) SOBER-00

Should I get help with my afflictions with Substance Abuse locally or out of state?

Bright Futures Treatment Center is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, in the Town of Boynton Beach. South Florida is known as the recovery capital of the world. Individuals who seek Treatment/Rehab out of state, and away from home, can be incredibly constructive. Those who struggle with Substance Abuse usually seek Treatment/Rehab away from home. Removing the individual from the environment in which they were in their active addiction can be more constructive than destructive for early recovery. The individual has the opportunity to concentrate on themselves without external factors distracting them.

Should I choose addiction treatment or outpatient Treatment/Rehab?

Bright Futures Treatment Center offers both addiction treatment and Outpatient programs for our clients.

Will I lose my job for attending Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab?

The option for FMLA (Family Medical & Leave Act) is availible at most companies. It is 100% confidential and you do not need to disclose where you are going. Contact your human resources department for the paperwork.

How do I get time off of work in order to attend Substance Abuse Treatment/Rehab?

This would also fall under the FMLA (Family Medical & Leave Act) Contact your human resources department.

Does health insurance cover drug rehab?

Substance Abuse and Mental Health coverage you will get will vary by your insurance plan. Many health insurance services cover a minimum of a part of the therapy expense. To determine if you or a loved one will receive coverage for addiction treatment, you’ll need to reach out to your insurance service directly. They should be able to tell you exactly what services your program covers, for how long, and how much exactly the co payment may be how much associated with the cost you’ll be accountable for.

Does insurance cover rehab?

Once you or a loved one are faced with drug and alcohol addiction, in crisis mode, it is clear that it is time for you seek help. When you just want your loved one or yourself to enter directly into treatment and start the recovery process it is important to carefully understand the expenses and treatment involved to make sure you are getting the greatest treatment option possible. If you need help for drugs and alcohol a Rehab is usually the greatest choice. You might be wondering just what rehab is, and will your health insurance cover the expenses involved with your stay and treatment? Private rehabilitation facilities accept almost all insurance program; your policy might cover up to $40,000 monthly to make sure you are getting the appropriate treatment. The facility that is comfortable for you will likely have a summary of insurance firms accepted.

What should you do - outpatient or addiction rehab?

An residential program requires you to definitely live in the recovery center. There, you’ll receive therapy and learn new skills to orient yourself in your new, sober life. Rehabilitation is a focused environment that removes temptations and allows you to focus on recovering. An outpatient program, having said that, allows you to live in the home or close by and visit the treatment center a few times every week to go to recovery classes, speak with your therapist, and get any medication you might be prescribed. Outpatient programs are typically a great deal more affordable, plus they let you continue your job or responsibilities at home. But, travel can be difficult in the event that rehab center is not even close to your location, especially if you are on medication that impedes your capacity to drive. It may also be difficult if the home life is filled with temptation and also you don’t have support in your house to help you focus on recovery.

Find out if you’re covered

Our admissions department is available 24/7 Your Insurance may cover all of your substance abuse treatment with little to nothing out of pocket. Start your journey to recovery today at Bright Futures Treatment Center: 844-SOBER-00

Does insurance cover alcohol rehab?

Virtually any serious medical problem offers the potential to affect a patient, her family, friends and acquaintances, but drug and alcohol dependency take it a step further. Not merely is there emotional and physical toll regarding the addict, but the toll it requires on those around them may be far greater than a physical disease. Addiction is a disease that affects each facet of a person’s life, and in many cases has them questioning whether or not carrying-on with life is even worth it. The truth that each person deal with addiction in their own unique way makes cookie-cutter treatment options from the question. Many physical illnesses respond well to set treatments that have been proven in the long run, but with dependency each treatment needs to be customized to a particular extent. The same theories and concepts can be effective, but within each protocol, the person must be dealt with as an individual. It’s now common knowledge that neglecting to recognize the signs of dependency and leaving that person to cope for themselves can lead to serious mental and physical issues in the future. This rehab, means insurance companies that will not acknowledge rehab as part of their own health plans may end up investing in it later when the person develops an ailment due to the addiction that is covered by the insurance coverage plan. This is certainly one reason why substance abuse treatment is seeing increasing insurance coverage in health insurance plans around the country.

Is complete Coverage Part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Plan?

It is common to see provisions made for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in regular health insurance coverage these days, but that doesn’t mean complete coverage is just a given if you see it mentioned within your plan. You cannot just say, Does insurance cover rehabilitation? and get a quick yes or no. It is required to dig into the details of your intend to discover the real information about how much coverage you have. A few of the common stipulations you will see include: Having to use network physicians and facilities to guarantee coverage Not allowing Detox as an element of the coverage Changing coverage based on length of treatment Changing coverage based on kind of treatment Rejecting coverage if you have experienced rehabilitation before Changing coverage based on the kind of addiction As with any insurance policy, there is definitely terms and conditions and this fine print should be read if you’d like to optimize your coverage with virtually no surprises.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

If you are searching for drug or alcohol treatment center, you likely want to know how much your treatment plan will cost. The cost that both patient pays to get drug treatment generally varies according to the location associated with the facility, its amenities as well as the treatment programs it offers. The price of luxury drug rehab programs cost a lot if money significantly more than standard programs or programs which are run by your city or state Whether you require private, high-end amenities and services throughout your drug treatment or perhaps wish to reside in a standard facility that’s fully staffed with certified medical professionals, you will surely be able to find a treatment location that caters to your needs and budget. Find out if you’re covered our admissions department is available 24/7 Your Insurance may cover all of your substance abuse treatment with little to nothing out of pocket. Start your journey to recovery today at Bright Futures Treatment Center: 844-SOBER-00

Rehab covered by insurance

There are many insurance coverage options that are available to people searching for treatment plan for their addiction to drugs, alcohol or certain behaviors. Private and public medical health insurance frequently compensates a part of the cost of outpatient or treatment plan for nearly all sorts of addiction with co-occurring disorders. Nowadays, insurance firms have arrived at understand addiction and alcoholism in a truer perspective, that it is a medical condition that’s very treatable. Insurers take responsibility for covering the cost of addiction treatment because they recognize the ill effects of substance abuse or the result of specific behavior addictions, which can have psychiatric or physical effects throughout a person’s lifetime. Therefore, healthcare providers now glance at behavioral or substance rehab as a precautionary medical concern. These firms provide drug rehabilitation insurance coverage that covers addiction treatment insurance, since it is more economical and beneficial to thwart the impact of long term abuse rather than pay for therapy when the issue has aggravated at another time. On the other hand, although some clients look at the involvement of health care insurance firms in a negative light, it’s important to comprehend that their revenue comes only one time their end clients the patients are helped. Health insurance firms won’t make revenue in the event that end consumers don’t lead pleasant and productive lifestyles but alternatively turn into serious drug abusers. Thus they often times allow it to be a point to supply terms for complete or partial insurance coverage of substance dependency rehab once they offer policies to individual clients or to employers.

How Much Should Rehab Cost?

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider before checking into rehabilitation treatment. Cost can be a giant factor in people’s decision if or not they will go to rehab at all. The good news, however, is the fact that rehab is probably much less costly than you may think, and its smart off for the rest of the life.

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