Admissions Process

Start your road to recovery in a comfortable, serene, and compassionate space. Bright Futures Treatment Center offers you the opportunity to make a fresh start.

Our admissions process consists of a few simple steps. We will guide you from beginning to end and answer any questions that you may have. Our goal is to make the admissions process short, easy, and as comfortable as possible.

Contact Us

Upon calling our program we collect information and answer any questions you may have.

Insurance Review

We will review your insurance and discuss your benefits with you.

Travel Arrangements

We will assist in coordinating arrangements from detox or airport to our facilities. *We do not pay for travel expenses


A staff member will organize your transportation from the airport.

Admissions to Bright Futures Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Our admissions team are trained professionals that are aware of the difficulties that are experienced with active addiction. It is not always an easy thing to ask for help. That is why our trained admissions team members are committed to making the process as easy and seamless as possible. Offering assistance and help to the individual, or their loved ones with respect and compassion.

The Initial assessment is totally free. A series of questions will be asked by our admissions coordinators, in order to understand the individual and their situation better. These assessments are carried out to determine if our center will be suitable for the individual or their loved one. All questions about personal experiences, alcohol, addiction, treatment program and drug addiction will be answered directly. During this assessment any information received will be confidential. 

We are here to help you, the best way we can. We understand and you are not alone.

Asking for help isn’t always easy, feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and shame may be holding the person back. Most of our admissions specialist have experience what one is going through and understand this struggle. Doing the next right thing will helping in freeing these emotions. We are here to one by the hand and guide them to a healthy life in recovery.

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Shine a light on the road ahead and chart your own path to recovery with Bright Futures Treatment Center.