Client care is our number one concern. We strive to not only help our patients but make them feel at home while they are under the care of bright futures treatment center.

What Our Clients Say

Tom R.
Bright Futures Alumni
“Knowledgeable staff with an excellent program. Don’t waste your time and or money going anywhere else. This place works.”

Eric A.
Bright Futures Alumni
“Bright Futures is a wonderful place that will give you exactly what you need to recover. If you are open and honest enough to receive it.”

Kristal F.
Bright Futures Alumni
“Great staff, wonderful support, solid foundation for recovery. Amazing experience and growth opportunity. I love this place.”

Nick P.
Bright Futures Alumni
“I graduated from Bright Futures. Very intimate, small treatment center for addiction and duel diagnosis. The clinical staff, therapists, and the Clinical Director have been working in the recovery field for years. They truly care about their clients and worked very, very hard to work out my underlining issues before they discharged me, onto my next phase of recovery. I owe my recovery to Bright Futures and I am grateful to have had the experience. I highly recommend Bright Futures if you are serious about life-long recovery.”

Darius K.
Bright Futures Alumni
“Bright futures staff, I can call and consider my family. Whatever I needed, they were always there for me, to support me in any possible way. I recommend Bright Futures to anyone looking for comprehensive addiction treatment, that will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to stay sober for good.”

Benjamine Z.
Family Of Bright Futures Alumni
“Excellent staff and great client experience. You will not find another treatment center like Bright Futures.”

Nick H.
Bright Futures Alumni
“I am extremely thankful and grateful for Bright Futures and the entire staff. I came to them with no hope what do ever and a twenty-year addition. I had been to treatment prior to Bright Futures and I expected the same old routine. The compassion and dedication I received from the staff at Bright Futures was absolutely amazing. If you are looking for life changing treatment and long-term recovery this place will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve that. I became close with some fellow clients during my time there and they are still a party of my recovery today. I went to Bright Futures in order to get off drugs. Not only am I off drugs, but I am also a more secure, inspirited and responsible person. Thank you all so very much!”

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