10 Things You Can Say When Someone Asks: ‘Why Aren’t You Drinking?’

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Drinking is seen as a socially-acceptable activity and something that you do to have a good time. So if you decide to stop drinking at some point, people might start to ask questions. The ‘why aren’t you drinking’ question will most definitely take the lead. Depending on your personality, you might feel comfortable saying that you have just completed your stay in a drug and alcohol rehab Florida facility and you don’t want to go back to your old habits. However, many people will simply not wish to disclose information this personal. It doesn’t matter which group of people you belong to – here are some acceptable answers when someone asks about your reason for skipping alcohol.

When someone asks ‘why aren’t you drinking,’ here’s what you should say

As a recovering alcoholic, one of the first things you will have to do is learn how to have sober fun. The days when you depended on alcohol to make you happy are over. However, just because those days are over for you doesn’t mean that they are over for everyone else. People are used to consuming alcohol when going out and socializing, so you might look out of place if you start saying no to it.

People making a toast.
You can join in on the fun even if you aren’t drinking.

You know exactly why you aren’t drinking and what is giving you trouble. However, the people around you don’t and, sooner or later, they might start asking questions. What does one do when being asked why they aren’t drinking? Well, the answers range from honest ones to those a little bit more deceiving. Know that we support you in whatever it is that you want to say, as long as you say it with respect for the other person. But if you are out of ideas, here are a few suggestions you might want to look into.

1. ‘I’m a recovering alcoholic.’

We always believe that honesty is the best policy. Besides, being a recovering alcoholic is nothing to be ashamed of, as alcoholism is a disease. This is especially true if you have seen the error of your ways and sought help in an alcohol rehab facility in Florida. In that case, you have done everything that was in your power to help yourself, and we congratulate you on that. That’s why you should feel no shame in saying that you are a recovering alcoholic.

However, bear in mind that this response might affect people in different ways. Some will feel awkward about posing such a question in the first place. Others will feel uncomfortable in your company. And then there are those who will show a complete understanding of what you are going through. The good news is that this answer will help you judge people’s characters and see whether any of them match yours.

Of course, this answer is also going to leave you vulnerable, as you will have to reveal that you have stayed at an alcohol or drug rehab center in Florida. That’s why this answer is most often used when a person has been addiction-free for quite some time and they aren’t so impressionable anymore. Don’t worry if you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving this answer – there are many other things you can say when someone asks you why aren’t you drinking.

One person asking another one why aren't you drinking.
Being a recovering alcoholic isn’t a shameful thing. It shows that you have taken accountability.

2. ‘I’m not in the mood tonight.’

The best things have always been the simplest ones. So instead of lying and trying to come up with many excuses why you aren’t going anywhere near alcohol, why not say that you simply aren’t in the mood? It’s not a crime not to want to drink, and most people understand that. Besides, even if you aren’t a recovering alcoholic, all of us have at some point been tired of alcohol. That’s why this answer is going to sound plausible and inconspicuous.

If you are feeling extra creative on that night, you can always come up with a reason why you aren’t in the mood. Whether you have had a bad day or you have some responsibilities the next day that you need to be sober for, there are many things that you can say that will justify your reluctance to consume alcohol. Although, you don’t need any excuses not to go anywhere near alcohol.

3. ‘I’m the designated driver.’

Every group needs to have that one person that will remain sober throughout the night. Usually, deciding who this person will be is a source of problems for groups of friends. However, when your friend group has someone who has just finished a partial hospitalization program in Florida, then the choice is pretty obvious. Thus, when someone asks you ‘why aren’t you drinking,’ you can always say that it’s because you are the designated driver. Besides, we are assuming that this won’t be a lie, as you really will be in charge of driving everybody home.

People who are in recovery oftentimes volunteer to be the designated drivers. This way, they don’t feel like they are missing out on anything – quite the contrary. They feel like they are being responsible and doing something nice for their friends. When a person is going through addiction recovery, the one thing they need is to feel valued and needed. By being the designated driver who is going to ensure that everyone arrives home safely, you will definitely feel like you did something good.

A woman behind the wheel.
When someone asks you why you are not drinking, you can always say that it’s because you need to drive later on.

Besides, telling people that you are the designated driver of your group is going to mark the end of that conversation. No one is going to doubt that you aren’t drinking because you are going through rehab – or have gone through it recently. All people will think about you is that you are responsible – and that is an admirable quality.

4. ‘I’m on medication.’

We all know that medicine doesn’t mix well with alcohol. It’s among the first things you are told after being prescribed a certain medicine. Unfortunately, many people disregard this rule, even though doing so can have horrible consequences. Now, if you are attending either Inpatient or Outpatient rehab in Florida, chances are that you really are using medication. This is quite a different type of medication when compared to your normal pills and tablets. We are talking about FDA-approved drugs that can be used during addiction treatment, as they are known for their ability to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

That being said, it’s completely okay to use this excuse even if you aren’t using any medications at that point. Individuals who have just come out of treatment shouldn’t feel bad for telling a few white little lies. Your answer isn’t hurting anyone – quite the contrary. You are being polite to someone else’s sometimes uncomfortable question, and you are making it easy for yourself.

5. ‘I need to wake up early.’

Drinking can sometimes be great – but waking up with a throbbing headache is less than ideal. And while having a headache is bad on any given day, it’s downright disastrous once you have to start your day early. There’s a good chance that you might even still be drunk in the early morning hours, which isn’t going to do you any good if your obligations are work-related. But even if they aren’t, we are sure that you don’t want to spend your day in agony or worried about what kind of impression you will leave.

A bunch of alarm clocks.
If you have to set the alarm for the early morning hours, you might want to skip drinking the night before.

To avoid repeating the same old ‘I am never drinking again’ mantra, many people decide to stay away from alcohol the night before. Thus, if you are ever in a position where someone asks you why you aren’t drinking, you can simply use this excuse. Beware – there’s a chance you might be asked what kind of obligations you have the following day. We will leave it up to you to improvise and get creative. You are probably not going to say that you have to visit a crack cocaine Florida rehab facility, but you can say that you have to visit your family member. Or run errands. Or attend a meeting. The options are limitless.

6. ‘I don’t like the taste of alcohol.’

Not everyone loves the taste and smell of alcohol. Now, if you have just come out of rehab, then you probably tolerate or even love alcoholic beverages. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this excuse when someone blatantly asks – why aren’t you drinking? Nowadays, there are so many non-alcoholic beverages that this can sound extremely plausible. Besides, after leaving a cocaine or heroin rehab center in Florida, you will probably start to experiment with non-alcoholic versions of the most popular drinks. One virgin Pina Collada coming right up!

There’s a chance you might find the person opposite you to be baffled by this answer. All you have to do is ask them whether they have tried any non-alcoholic versions and ask them to give it a taste. We have a feeling that you might soon turn someone into a complete root beer fan. And even if you don’t, you’ll still have a good reason why you aren’t drinking when everyone around you seems to be heading toward a hangover.

7. ‘I am taking a break from alcohol.’

Ever since drinking has become such a socially-acceptable activity, many people have been abusing alcohol and drinking every other day. After a while, so much alcohol is going to start reflecting on you. Even if you don’t end up with a full-blown addiction, you could end up with declining health. Besides, alcohol has quite a few calories, so you could find yourself facing weight gain for the first time in your life. And don’t even get us started with missed deadlines and skipped activities. That’s why it’s completely understandable for a person to decide to take a break from alcohol from time to time.

A woman waking up with neck pain.
A few uncomfortable hangovers are enough to put a person on a break from alcohol.

In a way, you wouldn’t really be lying by saying that you are taking a break from alcohol. Of course, this is a half-truth, as the complete truth would be to say that you are taking a break from alcohol on a permanent basis. Saying that you will never drink alcohol again might sound too overwhelming to some people. However, saying that you are just taking a break for a few weeks or months isn’t going to raise any alarms. Unfortunately, that’s important if you don’t want to be asked a plethora of uncomfortable questions.

8. ‘Sober me and drunk me are two different people.’

It’s no secret that alcohol alters our minds and, with it, our behavior. People who have just come out of alcohol, heroin, or meth rehab in Boynton Beach are probably happy to have their old personalities back. Thankfully, you want to remain true to yourself, and the only way to do that is by staying sober. However, you don’t have to tell the other person that you don’t want to welcome back the version of yourself that pops up when you are under the influence. More precisely, you don’t have to elaborate. You can simply say that you are a different person when you drink, and you like yourself more when you are sober.

There’s a good chance that you are talking to someone who also experiences a character shift when they are drinking. Thus, you are probably going to run into understanding and compassion. Hey, you might even happen to be talking to someone who is attending AA meetings at the same time as you. However, you could also stumble upon a person who is going to ask subsequent questions. Know that whether you decide to use this line or any of the other lines we have mentioned, you are under no obligation to share your personal information. And you shouldn’t be afraid to say that out loud. If the person next to you is reasonable, then they are going to understand that.

9. ‘I’m trying to avoid a hangover.’

We all know what happens when one drink turns into three drinks and a couple of shots. In fact, some don’t know what happens, as they tend to have memory gaps and blackouts. And that might not even be the worst part, as the absolute horror comes the morning after. Waking up with a horrible hangover is a feeling like no other. At that moment, we all think that we will never drink again. As a recovering alcoholic, you hopefully won’t go anywhere near alcohol ever again. However, if you don’t want to say that when being asked ‘why aren’t you drinking,’ you can always say that you are trying to avoid a bad hangover.

Friends having a get together.
If you are supposed to spend a day with friends, you can say that’s why you are trying to remain sober.

We are 100% sure that this is going to be met with a compassionate nod of the head. That’s because most people have experienced at least one of these, and those who haven’t probably won’t be surprised by your decision to stay away from drinks for the night. You can even spice it up by saying that you have some important errands the day after or that you need to spend the day with your friends, family, or significant other. It’s going to be even better for you if they have experienced a particularly bad hangover lately. Then you will get away without having to answer any additional questions.

10. ‘I don’t need alcohol to have fun.’

Now, we are big fans of this answer because we truly believe in what it propagates. You really don’t need alcohol to have fun. In fact, we would go as far as to say that you can have more fun by deciding not to drink. You will have complete control over yourself and your actions, and you won’t have to suffer terribly the next day. What is there not to love? Besides, with all the non-alcoholic versions of the most popular cocktails, you don’t even have to miss out on the great taste of some of these drinks. Thus, when someone asks you ‘why aren’t you drinking,’ don’t be afraid to hit them with the ‘because I don’t need alcohol to have fun.’

Most often, when a person sees that you don’t have a drink in your hand during a party, they are going to assume that you are boring. We know – it makes no sense. That’s why most often, they are going to ask this question without even considering the fact that you might be going through rehab. If you don’t want to share your personal details, you just have to say that you can have fun without a single drop of alcohol. And you know what would be even better? If you were to show it to them by being the life of the party – while being sober.

A person holding a sparkler.
Be the life of the party and show everyone how much fun awaits when being sober.

You don’t have to respond when someone asks ‘why aren’t you drinking.’

If you have just come out of an alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs rehab facility in Palm Beach, then you are most likely still very sensitive. The days ahead of you are likely going to be difficult, and you will try to integrate back into society. Getting used to the real world is difficult enough without other people meddling in your life. Of course, most of them don’t actually want to meddle and they are approaching you with a good intention. However, just because someone is doing something that they think is good doesn’t automatically make it right. As someone who is going through a sensitive period in life, you are under no obligation to respond to their inquiries.

Make no mistake – we aren’t suggesting that you simply turn your back and walk away. Although, if that’s what you want to do, then feel free to indulge yourself. What we are suggesting you do is simply say that you don’t feel like answering their questions as you are having personal issues. If the person who is having a conversation with you is a reasonable one, they won’t have a problem understanding what’s going on. And if they aren’t, well, then it’s not going to be your loss. When going through rehab and withdrawal, one should focus on themselves and not try so hard to please other people.

Two women talking, one asking why aren't you drinking.
If you are not up for responding to alcohol-related questions, know that you don’t have to.

There’s not a wrong thing that you can say when people ask this question

The only wrong answer would be to start getting aggressive and defensive. This kind of behavior can damage your relationships, which is why you should be careful. If you are talking to someone who you appreciate or want to keep in your life, you shouldn’t get angry. However, that doesn’t mean that you should overshare if you are not feeling comfortable. Instead, feel free to use any of these lines when someone asks you ‘why aren’t you drinking.’ It would be great if you could gauge who is asking you this question with a pure heart, and who is simply being nosey. That could give you a clue as to what’s the best way to respond to this question.


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